Get Online Transit E-Pass in Bhopal during Covid-19 Lockdown


Online transit e-passes are being issued in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal for citizens who have become compulsory to move out of the city for some work. This lock down transit e pass can be get at your nearet tehsil or police station as well.

Corona continues to wreak havoc across the country, including Madhya Pradesh. A 21-day lockdown is in force in the country to prevent the epidemic. During this time, the administration is ready in every way so that people do not have inconvenience so that necessary facilities can be operated.

Here, the Bhopal district administration has prepared a portal to move from one district to another. Through this portal (, applications for transit e pass can be made at home. This portal is made only for the citizens of Bhopal. Personal information has to be given through this portal and valid reasons have to be given.

If officials are satisfied with your reasons, then passes will be issued immediately. Can contact on these numbers During the lockdown in view of the corona infection, passes are being made in all the police stations concerned to make passes for moving from Bhopal district to other districts.

If there is any problem in getting a pass, then you can contact this helpline number.

Helpline numbers

  • 9301269459
  • 9301266113
  • 9301269841
  • 7049106300

How to apply To apply, for BHOPAL Epass

first you have to login to . After this, you have to tell where you want to go and how much time you need to pass. Name, address and reason for movement, photo ID, photo and area information will have to be provided. Apart from this, the number of the train you are going to leave will also have to be given. After this, the officer will approve your application and send it directly to e-mail or mobile.

Update as on -0-04-2020 11:10 the Epass Bhopal website is down

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  1. I am here in indore since 25 days. I dont have house to live here. Please help me out no one is responding here SDM , ADM. Please help. Please reply back as soon as possible. I want to go my hometown that is Katni.

    • Hello Please do a favour visit and tweet this including your ordeal to DM SDM on twitter. tag @pronewszone and pmo, CM.

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