7 Health Benefits of Banana You Didn’t Know

By Arnab Ghosh Jan 11, 2022 #food
7 Health Benefits of Banana You Didn't Know

When it comes to the health benefits of fruits, the popularity of bananas is difficult to beat. India produces about 14.2 million tonnes of bananas every year, higher than the rest of the world. Banana is delicious, cheap and easily available throughout the year. And it is loved by everyone.

When we talk about the health benefits of banana we also take the nutritional value, since, Banana is rich in carbs, vitamin B6, fibres, and minerals. Forget about the nutritional value of apples as Banana has more vitamins and minerals than an apple.


Nutritional value of Banana:

Vitamin B6 – .43mg
Vitamin C – 10.27 mg
Manganese – .32 mg
Fiber – 3.07 g
Copper –.09 mg
Vitamin B7 – 3.07 mcg
Potassium – 422.44 mg

Here is a list of the 7 health benefits of this divine fruit Banana.

1. Banana A Powerhouse of Carbs.

A medium-sized banana contains around 105 calories. It is a very good source of instant energy if one needs a quick boost. This is why banana is the go-to food for gym people. After intense exercise, our body’s glucose level drops. A banana after a workout gives an instant boost in energy levels.

2. Packed with Potassium

Potassium is essential to maintain a healthy blood pressure level and keep the heart in check. A mid-sized banana contains around 400mg of potassium.more than enough for your daily needs. Potassium in banana can prevent blockage formation and minimize the chance of hardening and narrowing of arteries. It also Helps your bone stay strong and healthy.

2. Fibre feast

A mid-sized banana contains approximately 3.1gm fibre. Fibre helps to control blood sugar levels and keeps cholesterol in check. Fibre also helps in digesting the food better, thus making it easy for regular bowel movements.

3. Banana as a Source of vitamin C

An average-sized banana has approx 10.4 mg of vitamin C, which provides around 10% of daily needs. Vitamin C protects from cell and tissue damage, Banana contains a high level of tryptophan, which increases serotonin level in the brain, thus giving a soothing effect and reduces stress. Vitamin C helps to produce collagen, which helps to hold skin, muscle & bone together.

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4. Benefits of Banana on Skin to give a gorgeous glow.

Banana contains an ample amount of Manganese. Manganese helps to maintain and protect skin cells from damage. also, Banana is rich in Vitamin A, B, and E, which gives an anti-aging effect to the skin.

5. Fights Anemia

Banana is an Iron packed fruit. Iron helps and increases the production of haemoglobin in the blood. Also banana is a good source of folic acid which is required to make red blood cells.

6. Banana for Keeping gut happy

Banana has fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which helps to grow probiotics And friendly bacterias in the gut. These bacterias protect us from gastric disturbances. FOS helps to reduce the pH level in the gut which helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. Ripe banana contains starch, which does not digest in the small intestine, thus keeping the stomach full for longer and help maintain weight.

7. Banana Help to Prevent Menstrual Cramp

Lack of potassium can cause muscle cramp which is the last thing you want during menstruations. Banana contains potassium, which stops retaining water and reduces bloating and also help reduce menstrual cramps.

These are some power containing health benefits of banana when it comes to its consumption. Feel free to ask any question or doubt as we will be coming up with more informational content only at Pro News Zone so don’t forget to bookmark our site.

FAQ Banana Fruit

Is banana a good fruit to eat every day?

One to two bananas per day is considered a moderate intake for most healthy people

Fun Fact: Did you know that rubbing of a banana peel on the swollen skin can help ease the itch of a mosquito bite.

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