5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide)

By Apoorv Agrawal May 26, 2022
Best Floor Cleaning Mop in India 2022

Are you looking to buy a floor cleaning mop? Well this Pro News Zone Buying Guide will help you select the best floor cleaning spin mop. A floor mop is one of the most important daily use’s products in every Indian home nowadays. Because it is more comfortable and makes your work easy with minimal effort you can clean the hardwood floor, tile floor, simple floor and each and every floor.

Cleaning the floor is one strenuous task but using the right equipment such as the spinning mop can make things easy. The spin mop help to dry and clean the floor in minimal effort and time.

If you’re still using traditional clothes to clean your home, it’s high time to adopt the change, because it’s time-consuming and it’s not comfortable for your back. Use spin mop because this will not only save your time during the cleaning process but would also deliver better results with full of comfort.

Selecting the best mop to clean floors India is a tough task because of lots of brand, features & specifications. So to make it simple we have selected the top 10 best floor mops in Indian with a proper table & buying guide and types of mop that will help you make an apt choice.


Best Floor Cleaning MOP in India

Nowadays We all like clean sparkling spaces, But Mopping is seriously very boring, messy & very time-consuming work. and also very difficult to choose the best floor cleaning mop In India, but You Don’t worry about it. Here we research 15 Brands & 49 products and we decided to select the 10 Best Floor Cleaning spin Mop In India

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10 Best Spin Mop in India

Below is the table and detailed reviews of the best spin mop

Duverra Plastic 360 Magic Spin Mop OUR BEST PICK Duverra Plastic 360 Magic Spin MopYou get High water absorbent capacityCHECK PRICE
5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 1 “>OUR BEST PICK Gala E-quick spin mop quickThe bucket came with wheels for easy movingCHECK PRICE
5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 2 “>OUR BEST PICK Mop ‘N’ me 360 Spin Mop BucketAdjustable mop handleCHECK PRICE
5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 3 “>OUR BEST PICK Cello Kleeno Easy Clean 360-degree PlasticYou get high-quality plastic materialCHECK PRICE
5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 4 Spotzero By Milton Classic Mop with Wheels”>OUR BEST PICK Spotzero By Milton Classic Mop with WheelsYou get 1 year warranty on productCHECK PRICE
 Greenchef spin mop set 360 degree stainless steel mop setOUR BEST PICK Greenchef spin mop set 360 degree stainless steel mop setYou get you get 6 month warrantyCHECK PRICE
5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 5 “>OUR BEST PICK Eco Alpin 360 degree Magic Spin MopYou get High absorbent microfiberCHECK PRICE
Scotch brite 2 in 1 bucket spin mopOUR BEST PICK Scotch brite 2 in 1 bucket spin mopYou get twin bucket spin mop for easy wringing and rinsingCHECK PRICE
5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 6 “>OUR BEST PICK Scotch Brite jumper spin mop with round refill headsYou get unique single bucket spin mopCHECK PRICE
5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 7 “>OUR BEST PICK Smile Spin Mop Floor CleanerYou get adjustable puller handleCHECK PRICE

1. Duverra Plastic 360 Magic Spin Mop

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 8

Important Features & Specifications

  1. The handle is  made up of stainless steel materials
  2. Detachable twin bucket 
  3. The product weight is 3.25 kg 
  4. You get 2 replaceable microfiber head 
  5. Convenient drains sprout system 
  6. High water absorbent capacity 
  7. The great lock system on the handle 

Check out one of the best spin mops you can use to clean your home with its detachable bucket. You can keep this cleaning equipment safe and secure as you detach the part of each and every use.

This spin mop has high water absorbent capacity and it’s perfect for both wet and dry cleaning. And you get stainless steel made handles and it is adjustable which makes it easy to use for cleaning.

The stainless steel is durable and easy to maintain as you keep it in good condition.

You enjoy his great feature while using this spiking mop and one year of warranty on the product.


  •  Easy to maintain and the twin bucket is detachable
  •  Durable material both for the bucket and handle
  •  It is lightweight and move easily
  •  Handle both dry and wet cleaning easily


  •  Little bit expensive

2. Gala E-quick spin mop quick

Best Floor Cleaning Mop in India 2022

Important Features & Specifications

  1. The bucket came with a handle for easy moving 
  2. The bucket came with wheels for easy moving
  3. The handle is expandable  to ensure comfort when mopping 
  4. It has a built-in wheel and puller for easy transportation 
  5. You get washable spin mop pads 
  6. White microfiber spin mop refills
  7. Sturdy stainless handle 
  8. The product dimension is 2.5 kg

This high rating product is manufactured by one of the top companies for household & cleaning tools. The manufacturer has placed the latest features that will make your cleaning easier and more enjoyable.

You can move the bucket easily with the help of a moving wheel and adjustable handle. You don’t have to bend as you push the bucket from one room to the other.

The mope is made by the solid stainless steel handle with quick-lock and you don’t have to bend when you using the mop and the spin mop rotates 360 degrees and you can easily get reach to under the chair, cooler, and other corner-places in the house when you keep the floor cleaning.


  •  Cleaning easy and comfortable
  •  You can clean easily all types of the floor like wooden, tiles etc
  •  It easily able to Clean the place like under the chair, and so on
  •  Easy to move around you hole home with wheels of the bucket and comfortable handle
  •  The bucket comes with wringer for easy cleaning of mop
  •  The bucket has a spout shape which makes easy pouring of dirty water


  •  It is a little bit expensive
  •  Changing mope little difficult while the first time

3. Mop ‘N’ me 360 Spin Mop Bucket

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 9

Important Features & Specifications

  1. You get 360-degree cleaning feature 
  2. Come with wheels 
  3.  You get Long and strong puller handle 
  4. Adjustable mop handle 
  5. Absorbent material 
  6. No extra power consumptions 
  7. ECO: friendly 

Mop ‘n’ Me fully dedicated to creating a different type of mops this Eco-Friendly product is a perfect requirement for effective cleaning.

This mop is paired with a bucket that has wheels and a puller handle that makes it easier to move around the property.

Mop ‘N’ Me microfibre use in this product is made from high absorbent material resulting in fast and effective cleaning. You can easily adjust this mop 45 to 180 degrees, not only this but this mope also allows you to use it without bleeding too much. You can extend it up to 51 inches according to your needs and it’s ideal for youngsters.

This mop head is made of premium quality material that allows you to use rough and tough manners. The smart bucket allows you to drain the dirty water in no time, but it also ensures that mopping is not messy anymore.


  •  Comfortable and easy to use
  •  Separate buckets for drying and cleaning
  •  Eco: friendly
  •  Saves water
  •  Cost-effective


  •  Single colour

4. Cello Kleeno Easy Clean 360-degree Plastic 

Best Floor Cleaning SPin Mop

Important Features & Specifications

  1. You get 360 degrees rotating feature 
  2. Extendable handles 
  3. You get high-quality plastic material 
  4. 2 pieces refill 
  5. You get stainless steel road 
  6. Mop head made from super-absorbent braided strands 

The cello is another popular company that provides us with home improvement and cleaning related products and this brand is known for manufacturing affordable mops. 

This brand promises to deliver the best result not only when the floor is wet but also when the floor is dry. Its microfiber cleaning system would let you pick up the dry dirt and lint from the floor.

The handle offers a comfortable and efficient cleaning experience as it comes with multi-angle cleaning. The 360-degree rotation ensures a better cleaning experience in comparison to a normal mop.

The option of being able to use the dry mop to remove the dirt on the floor reduces the hustle that you may need to put in before mopping the floor with a damp mop.

The dry spin driver would allow you to drain the extra water from the mop without making your hands dirty, there is a handle lock present for height adjustment.


  •  You get Quick dryer bucket
  •  You get extendable handles
  •  Pivoting head
  •  You get a stainless steel rod
  •  Refill available


  •  Only two colours available

5. Eco Alpin 360 degree Magic Spin Mop 

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 10

Important Features & specifications

  1. You get a 360-degree rotation 
  2. You get refill included
  3. Long road length 
  4. Absorbs more water 
  5. Dries faster 
  6. 360-degree cleaning features 
  7. High absorbent microfiber 

Eco Alpin is known for a wide range of floor cleaning mops. All their products are well reputed for not only being affected but also for their high quality.

This spin mop comes with a bucket, a pole, two refills, and a mop plate. The installation of the mop head is very easy and can be done in no time.

It has an adjustable lock that helps in effectively and blunders free cleaning. The rod length can be pulled up to 4 feet due to this anyone can easily use it and the 360-degree cleaning features make the cleaning process simple.

The handle of the bucket makes it easy to move it from one place to another place during the cleaning process.

You get a high absorbent microfiber of the refill that absorbs more water and ensures better drying than other magic mops. 

Hand press telescopic dehydration mechanism would make it convenient for you to dry the mop heads without getting your hands dirty.


  •  You get hand press telescopic cleaning and drying
  •  Extended handle with a lock
  •  A great colour combination available
  •  The handle on the bucket makes it easy to move
  •  Its cost-efficient


  •  The lock little bit difficult to understand while first time

6. Spotzero by Milton Elite Spin Mop 

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 11

Important Features & specifications 

  1. You get microfiber refill  
  2. The spin mop is durable and absorbent 
  3. It covers the larger surface area
  4.  You get a bigger wheel for easy movement on an uneven surface 
  5. The mop handle can move 360 degree 
  6. You get bucket handle for easy movement 
  7. The primary material is plastic 

Spotzero is one of the top manufacturers of spinning mop and this product is one of the durable products you can find online one of the unique features of this spinning mop is that it has a big wheel on its bucket for easy movement.

With this big wheel, you can move the bucket on the uneven surface easily as you clean the floor.

The spinning hand is durable and can be adjusted so you can use it comfortably and it reduces stress in cleaning the floor. The mop can perform deep cleaning as it can move 360 degree which is one of the best features of the mop. 

The microfiber refill can absorb liquid three times more than normal refill which makes it easy to clean the floor water outlet that allows you to spill off the dirty water after each use to easily refill with clean water.


  •  You can move the bucket easily with its big wheel
  •  Durable and absorb more liquid than the most spinning wheel
  •  You can adjust the handle so cleaning can be less stressful


  •  No separation between the mop squeeze chamber and water

7. Scotch-Brite Twin Spin Plastic Mop 

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 12

Important features & Specification 

  1. It’s made up of the adjustable plastic handle 
  2. It weighs 2.19kg 
  3. You get a telescopic handle that can move 360 degrees
  4. It has a microfiber mop head

This mop is made by 3M Indian LTD which produces lots of house cleaning utensils. This scotch Brite twin bucket spinning mop is made up of plastic material that is durable and strong enough to perform for a long time.

The spinning mop is cleaning effectively with a microfiber mop head as it absorbs water readily and can pick up speak of dirty easily. You will be able to pick up that dirty trap in remote places in your house like under the chairs and refrigerators.

With this twic bucket, you can ensure you mix dirty water with clean water and you can wring the mop on any of the buckets while you rinse on the other bucket.


  •  It has a microfiber mop head
  •  Easily separate dirty water from the twin bucket
  •  You get solid water absorption for proper cleaning
  •  Durable and adjustable handle made up of solid material
  •  It comes with instruction on how to fix and use this mop


  •  It does not come with a warranty
  •  There is no wheel on the bucket so it cannot around easily

8. Smile Spin Mop Floor Cleaner 

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 13

Important Features & Specifications

  1. You get 360-degree cleaning with this spinning mop 
  2. You get adjustable puller handle
  3. Long and sturdy as it makes cleaning comfortable
  4. You get a refill mop 
  5. It is eco-friendly and keeps your hands cleaning 
  6. No spillage and drainage 
  7. Microfiber head for proper cleaning 

If you want a spinning mop that will make it easy for you to clean as well as keep your hands clean. This one is best for you, this spin mop handle made with quality materials and you can move them 45 to 180 degrees for easy cleaning according to your need in minimal time and effort.

The microfiber head is made of quality material, and they are easy to clean and maintain. You can be confident in reaching and cleaning the most remote place in the house such as under the chair and refrigerator.  

You get a long enough bucket handle so you don’t have to stretch your back while moving here and there. You get to clean effectively while the bucket does not damage the floor and does not spill water on the floor.


  •  Suitable for wet and dry cleaning
  •  Less energy spent on cleaning
  •  It is compact and does require much space to store
  •  It has a refill mop
  •  It is eco-friendly


  •  depending on price as such no cons

9. Primeway PW710MN Twin Bucket Rotating Spin Mop 

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 14

Important Features & Specifications

  1. You get twice bucket 
  2. Liquid dispenser
  3. Telescopic mop handing 
  4. You get 360-degree cleaning 
  5. High quality 

If you’re looking for a top brand mop in India then prime way spin mop is only for you, it provides you with the best solution to the customer cleaning problems.

This spin mop is made in India and has durable and long service life it comprises a mop handle, mop disc plate, two refill, and twice buckets.

The twice bucket set allows clean and dirty water to be kept in a separate 

compartment. because they can be separated as per need and as both these buckets have a separate handle, it is easy to carry them.

It has water out late present in the bucket that makes the drainage of dirty water very easy. There is a liquid dispenser that can be used for adding liquid cleaner in for good aromatic and extra effective cleaning.

The mop refill has premium quality material, it’s made from 100% microfiber that ensures to eliminate all the watermarks from the floor.

This mope base feature is a 360-degree swivel that makes cleaning effortless. High quality and durability is the best aspect of this product that is both easy and carry.


  •  Made in India
  •  You get Water outlet plug
  •  Bucket is separated
  •  You get a Spin basket
  •  You get Liquid dispenser


  •  There are no wheel

10. Spotzero by Milton Prime Mop

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 15

Important Features & Specification 

  1. You get the latest microfiber cleaning technology 
  2. 360-degree cleaning 
  3.  You get Extendable mop
  4. You get latest bucket handle 
  5. You can use this mope in multipurpose uses
  6. You get 1 year of warranty

This company is out there to solve all the cleaning problems of the customers with products that are durable, efficient, and high quality.

When you think about mop wheels, Spotzero stands for number one because his big wheels make carrying it around easier and fun. It is made of high-quality plastic and steel. It is very durable and long-lasting.

Microfiber cleaning technology is an advanced technology, it is durable and ensures superior water absorbency. And the product comes with two refills that are made of non-abrasive lint-free material. The refills help in covering a larger surface area.

It is easy to use and store and carry and it can be used on both wet and dry floors. The products include an oval bucket with drainage and have a separated cleaning and wringing operation section.

You get a bucket handle for easy movements and wheeling comfortably with one year of warranty.


  •  1-year warranty on the product
  •  You get a high-quality product
  •  Separate cleaning and wringing operation section
  •  You get handle for easy movements
  •  You get microfiber cleaning technology
  •  Long-lasting


  •  Little bit Expensive

11. Bathla ultra-clean 360-degree: Heavy-duty microfiber spin mop 

5 Best Floor Cleaning Mop In India 2022 (Spin Mop Reviews & Buying Guide) 16

 Important Features & specifications

  1. You get a single bucket with latest quick-drying technology 
  2. You get 360-degree rotating head features 
  3. Lightweight bucket for easy while working 
  4. Easy refill removal feature
  5. You get superior microfiber refill

Batla is a trusted brand that satisfies our customer. This mop is specially designed in a way that is meant to last really long, it is built with high-density polymer plastic and stainless steel parts that result in extended durability and increased life of the product.

This wonderful product comes with extra-large wheels that give the product a special look and also make it move easier while using. There is also an optimally placed drainage knob that makes drainage of dirty water easier and convenient at all. 

It results in extending product life, giving a smoother spin. The telescopic pole is adjustable according to our needs, it is also made of high quality stainless steel. 

You get two moulded plastic handles in a bucket, one of them is extra wide for lifting and carrying while the other one is concealed and is easy for pulling the bucket from one place to another.

It also has a liquid solution dispenser making it convenient to increase your cleaning experience.


  •  Built from high-density polymer plastic and stainless steel
  •  You get a liquid dispenser
  •  You get stainless steel wringer
  •  Separate handle for lifting and pulling
  •  Liquid dispenser


  •  No separate bucket for dirty water

The Benefit of Using a Spin Mop 

Comfortable while cleaning

You can easily use this mop while cleaning the floors without dealing with the unclean stuff. You can wring the mop in the bucket to collect all the dirty water and clean the floor at a distance. It is also cleaned up well to avoid all the dirt and affect the cleaning.

You get 360-degree swivel: 

Swivel movement is another great benefit of this mop. It provides a 360-degree swivel to clean rigorously and completely without having any mess or dite to be left. In addition, it also ensures that the mop is also cleaned up well.

Easy to wash after using: 

The whole equipment is easy to wash. You can easily detach it and wash each part with ease. Hence no dirt remains in the bucket mop and the equipment.

Water control: 

This spin mop enables users to control the water amount you want on the floor. The self-cleaning system of the mop can be controlled in a way that you can damp mop, dry mop or wet, in seconds.

Easy to replace heads: 

The spin mop also has easy to replace heads which you can replace or clean when you want. These heads can clip on easily on to the handle and can be removed for proper cleaning.

How to Select Mop Type Based on Flooring?

Selecting a Good Mop According to Based on Flooring is very difficult Because All mops are not Suitable For all types of floors. so we have mentioned a list of floor types and suitable for mop type for it.

Generally we have 5 types of floor for mopping / cleaning in India

  • Wooden & Laminated floor
  • Ceramic or Porcelain Flooring
  • Concrete floor
  • stone floor
  • Vinyl or Linoleum floor

Wooden & Laminated Flooring;- This type of floor suitable for dry cleaning. The best way to clean with help of a dry vacuum follows by a damp microfiber mop

Ceramic or Porcelain Flooring;- This type of floor easily cleaned with using both a sponge mop as well as a microfiber mop.

Concrete floor ;- Best solution for cleaning a concrete floor is clean with a broom flowed by stream by steam mopping with very little cleaning.

stone floor;- this type of flooring are suitable for all types of mop.Stone flooring easily cleaning with normal water.

Vinyl or Linoleum floor;-Microfiber mopping 7 Steam mopping followed by dry sponge mop is the best way to clean vinyl or Linoleum flooring.

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How to buy the best floor mop?

Before you are going to buy a perfect spin mop we need to look for some features in it that make it the perfect match for our needs for effortless cleaning. Having a perfect mop is a must. So before buying consider the following features.

  • Type of mop head: we need a product that is not only long-lasting but also a highly effective option for a mop that comes with a less durable mop head. It might be cheap but it would not last long.
  • Size of mop head: The bigger size of the head, the more effortless cleaning becomes. And the result is more absorbency.
  • Type of cleaning:  if you want to clean spills then a string mop is your best option. If you wanna daily use due to its effectiveness and durability a microfiber mop is a perfect option.
  • Mop handle: if the mop handle cannot be adjusted to your required height you are bound to get tired and have a backache because of a regular and unavoidable household chore.
  • Accessories: while some mops are accompanied by nothing there are many options, like the ones mentioned in this list that aid in cleaning, a bucket is the most common accessory: a bucket with a handle or wheels makes transport easier.

FAQs on Floor Cleaning MOPs

if you want to choose the right floor mop then you need to consider a few things while buying.

#1. Best  features under your budget 
#2. Type of mop head 
#3. Size of the mop head
#4. Type of cleaning 
#5. Accessories

Which Brand Magic mop is best?

Best Floor Cleaning MOP in India

If you’re looking for the best magic mop then you’re the right place we select top 3 magic mop:
#1.Bestseller magic mop:  Duverra Plastic 360 Magic Spin Mop
#2.Best in the budget: Scotch Brite 2 in 1 bucket spin mop
#3.Best for all: Mop ‘N’ me 360 Spin Mop Bucket

Which is the best spin mop to buy?

Best Floor Cleaning Mop in India 2022

#1.Best overall: Duverra Plastic 360 Magic Spin Mop
#2.Best in the budget: Bathula MOP
#3.Best for hardwood floor: Greenchef spin mop set 360 degree 
#4.Best for the laminate floor: Scotch Brite 2 in 1 bucket spin mop
#5.Best for tiles floor: Scotch Brite jumper spin mop

Which mop is best for tile floors?  

According to the customer review, we consider 3 best mops for tile floors. That can be used easily and it’s more comfortable.
#1. Best overall: floor tile mop 
#2.Best mid-range optionfloor tile mop  
#3.Best budget friendly-pick: Swiffer dry and wet mop (read more)

What is the best mop for wooden floors?

Microfiber flat mop is one of the best floor mops for hardwood floors. There are many reasons behind like, microfiber is better than conventional mops, micro, comfortable, easy to use and the microfiber is the best way to clean your floors.

What type of mop should I buy?

Dry mops are more effective for former and can be a good line of defence against dust and pet hair wet mop, on the other hand, are great for cleaning up bigger messes and keeping tile looking clean and sparkly. 

Does mopping actually clean?

The mop is a great product and comfortable home care tool for each and every home because moping is the best way to clean a hard floor however a  clean mop and good mopping technique will effectively remove grime and germs from the floor.

Which is the best floor cleaning mop?

If you’re looking for the best cleaning floor mop then I can say you can go with Greenchef spin mop set 360 degree because of his latest features high water absorbent capacity, the great lock system with high-quality cleaning in minimal time and effort.

These were the best spin mop with bucket in india, you can buy these mop in india online there are many brands like Milton, Prestige, Naysa. You can buy them online or offline.


Mopping is a really boring task for each and every housewife, and it is something that you cannot avoid to keep your home neat and clean. So you want to get your floor always clean without hurting your knees, hands and back while mopping the floor.

That’s why you need a simple cleaning tool mop right now. Without having your hands dirty and wet, nowadays most of the branded floor cleaning magic mop or a spin mop is designed well to make moping simple, quick & easy in minimal effort without stress, so we select top 9 spin mop in India below.

Hope you like this buying guide which will help you select the best floor cleaning mop. The mop we recommend you take a look at our best mops in India review and buying guide. we cover the 10 best spin mops in India and it makes your purchase easy & the best in your budget.

Our Recommendation 

While every mop is mentioned in this list is the best and affordable to buy if you ask us to choose the best out of them, then we will go with Spotzero by Milton Prime Spin Mop with Big Wheels and Stainless Steel Wringer, Bucket Floor Cleaning and Mopping System,2 Microfiber Refills,Aqua Green the reason behind selecting this particular mop is that it’s a wonderful review, perfect design for the long term,and lots of Important Features that come with this mop. Although this is our personal thought as per our experience with this mop. 

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