Best Helmets in India 2022 Review Buying Guide

Best Helmets in India 2022 Review Buying Guide

Are you looking forward to buying an helmet? We thought to share this Best helmet buying guide in India so that you can choose which helmets are good for you and which are not. Since Helmet helps you protect from accidents and any mishappening.


How Helmets are made?

“For safety for all, wear a helmet in case you fall.” But, why everyone recommends wearing a helmet while riding or seating on a two-wheeler. From what type of material helmets are made of for keeping us safe? How does the helmet work to protect us from any kind of injury?

Are these types of questions coming into your mind? Then do not worry, because this article will answer all of the queries. This informational write-up will serve you full-fledged knowledge regarding manufacturing, working, followed by important facts about the helmet. And, for gathering all the information you have to read this article till the end. So, let us start without wasting any minute.

How Bicycle Helmets are made?

Millions of trillions of bike helmets are produced in our country. The process of making a bicycle helmet is comparatively simple. But before starting the manufacturing process the sketches of the design of helmets has to be finalized with the help of CAD software and then foam prototypes have to be prepared for testing the looks and fitting.

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The following basic building method is commonly adopted by bike helmet companies and has three important components:

  • A hard outer layer or shell for holding it all intact.
  • A soluble inner layer for energy absorption during an accident or crash.
  • Assorted belts and padding for placing the helmet on your head firmly and safely.

The Outer Hard Layer 

There are many ways of making helmet frames, and selecting one depends on the end product’s material and production. A helmet frame made up of blank sheet on a vacuum coating unit of PC (Polycarbonate). For designing and forming the shells of helmets, a special vacuum forming machine is used. To obtain its final look, the blank layer of PC heated up and then firmly vacuumed over the instrument.

However, other times helmet frames, are constructed with the same quality of plastic shaping machines that are used for making phone cases or toothbrushes. Moreover, skate-style helmets are made up of thick ABS plastic shells.

Painting of Decals and Shells

The next step is to paint the manufactured shells. The painting method is a mixture of automated robots for spray painting and humans for loading/unloading and adding the final touches.

Some frames have more complex designs that are added until they are shaped on the raw material sheets. When they are plain, these designs appear distorted but become evenly correct after molded into a helmet frame.

Helmet Straps

The next components of a helmet are its straps. All the straps are mostly similar in appearance but different in terms of fabric, weave, subtle finish, and other such factors. Generally, these straps are made up of polypropylene or nylon. Instead of adding the straps before the molding process then glued up to the liner before fixing it to the inner frame. The molding process can damage the webbing of the straps.

After, assembling the straps as per the design of the helmet shell, the next step is to fix the buckles to the straps. Currently, buckles are of plastic or nylon with a side pinch. Although some high-quality BMX helmets used D-ring buckles that have to be fixed with the help of thread.

Interior and Assembly 

The interior depends on the type of helmets. If the helmets are manufactured with a ring fit system then it will be equipped with ring adjustments inside the helmet. Moreover, those that come with fitting pads get wire mounts affixed with the glue and then add the pads. Even some of the helmets have plastic or cloth liners or some of the BMX helmets have complicated liners that are easily detachable for cleaning.

The most important step is assembling all the components. This step requires hand labors for gluing or taping up the components. However, gluing or taping also depends on the design of the helmet.

Final Touches or Finishing

The brand logos are fixed by silk-screened or pad-printed on the newly manufactured helmets. Even, text stickers have to be affixed inside the helmet. Moreover, price and warranty tags need to be attached before boxing the helmet.

Extra accessories

Most of the helmets come with extra accessories and that depends on the brand and model of the helmet. Many of the helmets come with light mounts, detachable visors, light speakers for sound, earmuffs, etc.

How are motorcycle helmets made?

The variety of motorcycle or bike helmets like Full face, 3/4th, motocross, flip-up, half face, novelty face helmets are readily available in the markets. The process of manufacturing motorcycle helmets is quite similar to bicycle helmets. The following are the steps involved in the manufacturing process of BKS helmets. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  • With the help of a computer layout of helmets have to be designed.
  • After that Prototypes, are formed using foam made from polyurethane. Moreover, for mass manufacturing of helmet shells, metal moulds are constructed.
  • Polycarbonate granules are melted and then used to produce the helmet’s outer hard layer. outer hard layer.
  • The casing is polished by an automated robot and then it has to be painted. However, an unpainted helmet must have stickers meant to apply.
  • On either side of the helmet, pivot systems are fitted and shock absorbing helmet liners, together with padding, are manufactured and incorporated.
  • A clear face shield and chin guard are fitted to the helmet.
  • The last important step is testing of the helmet and approval after manufacturing. And, now your helmet is ready to protect you from any kind of crash or road injury.

Some Interesting Facts about Helmets

A helmet is essential for every rider. But, do we know the facts about the motorcycle helmet we use? Let’s have a look at the below-listed facts for your reference.

  • Do you know almost 98 countries in the world have a comprehensive helmet law that covers users, roads, engine types and apply helmet standards as well.
  • However, 155 countries around the world have comprehensive motorcycle helmet laws that cover passengers and drivers for all types of roads and types of engines.
  • Even, 98 countries follow national or international standards of motorcycle helmet.
  • If you wear a helmet then you can reduce the risk of severe injuries can be reduced by 60%.
  • In an unfortunate accident, a rider who is not wearing a helmet is 40 percent more likely to be killed.
  • Average hospital treatment expenses would be 3-4 times higher following an accident if you are not wearing an accident.

Final Words 

There is no denial in the fact, that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of severe injuries and death in a road crash. However, while selecting an appropriate helmet for your safety, you should be aware of the facts about the helmet and the steps involved in the manufacturing of helmets.

I hope after reading this article, you will get an idea about the facts and production process of bicycle and bike helmets. So, in the end, we are wishing you a safe ride towards your destination.

Importance and Various Benefits of Helmet

“Riding without a helmet is not safe at all. You have to think what if you slip and fall“. And, if you are unable to think why you should wear a helmet while riding a bicycle or bike or any kind of two-wheelers then this essay on importance of wearing a helmet will supply you every bit of required information for your convenience.

According to a survey in 2014, more than 2 lakhs of kids and teens under the age of 19 were seen in emergency wards due to road crashes. Even around 1.4 lakhs of adults were seen fighting for their lives after having serious injuries.

A helmet can effectively be a life-saver for your loved ones. It significantly reduces the danger of a bicycle, bike, scooter, or any kind of two-wheeler causing a brain or head injury. But, it’s very important to find out the appropriate helmet of perfect fitting for performing its job.

Still, if you need reasons for wearing a helmet? Then, the latter part of the article will tell you about the importance of the helmet and its benefits. So, let’s start reading till the finish line arrives.

Benefits of Wearing Helmets

  • Gearing up with a well-fitted helmet can significantly increase the rider’s sense of hearing. As streamlining of ear and head with helmet results in minimal wind noise that will help the rider to detect the other sounds.
  • Helmets prove safeguards the rider from eye injuries, a distraction from dust, dirt, and debris thrown up by many other vehicles on the path.
  • Wearing helmets prevents the chances of traumatic brain injuries caused to bike accidents or road crashes.
  • Be visible in low light

Many of the two-wheeler accidents happen due to the carelessness of the riders as they do not notice other vehicles on the road. However, if you are geared up with a light-colored helmet that makes you more visible to other vehicle drivers and reduces the risk of accidents. Even for extreme safety, you can add reflective tape on your helmet that will be visible in low lighting too.

Protect yourself from different weather

The ultimate benefit of wearing a helmet having an attached visor is it keeps you safe from the sun by providing shade. Even, it will wipe off the water of rainfall from your eyes so that you can have better vision in a storm also. In short, a handy visor will keep away dangerous elements away from your face while driving.

Increase your lifeline

Major brain injuries can have a disastrous impact on the longevity and quality of a rider’s life. These injuries can also be the main cause of the deaths of the riders of the two-wheelers. But, these can be prevented if you wear a good quality helmet. Even, studies have shown that if you are accompanied by helmets then the risk of brain injury can be reduced up to 88%.

And, I believe those numbers can alone be a great reason to make you realize the benefit of wearing a helmet.

Save your money 

Moreover, the most promising benefit of wearing a helmet is you can save money. As two-wheeler riders who do not believe in wearing a helmet may have to pay heavy amounts on challans. As well as if they faced any road accident then they also have to bear higher health care and hospital bills.

Top Reasons to Wear a helmet

We are enlisting some of the most promising reasons that will force you to wear a helmet while driving or sitting on a two-wheeler. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Be a law-abiding citizen

Rules are intended to be obeyed. However, our legislature requires two-wheeler riders to wear their safety gadget i.e. helmet while riding. However, there is no denial in the fact that the helmet keeps you safe from mishappening and makes you a responsible citizen of the country.

Create an example for your kids

Undoubtedly, kids learn from their elders, especially what their elders do in front of their eyes. So, if you wear a helmet then it will be a two-fold advantage. Firstly it will safeguard you and your kids will learn to wear a helmet for their safety also. Even, you can also be a motivational character for others.

Comfort Level

Wearing a well-fitted helmet serves you the utmost level of comfort. Even, it will protect body parts like the chin, neck, and head from any kind of injury.

Style Statement

You don’t need to wear a boring and bland helmet. However, you can choose a fancy helmet that suits your personality. You can select the best one based on helmet type, designs, colors, and accessories.

Power of Absorption

The high-quality based helmet can absorb the force of a crash or fall due to road accidents. Even wearing a helmet results in the protection of the brain, head, and face from traumatic injuries.

Protection of Legal Rights

If you do not wear a helmet while riding and in case you face an accident, then the insurance company can claim that the rider was not wearing a helmet, thus the claim against the hospital and medical bills should be rejected.

Save yourself from penal offenses

Recently many helmet laws were amended for the riders for protecting them from injuries and accidents. So, if you follow amended rules properly then you can save yourself from penal offenses and penalties.

Final Words – Importance of Helmet

Driving a two-wheeler gives a rider a taste of independence on an open road. But, there are inherited significant risks involved while driving without wearing a helmet.

But most of the riders kept nagging for wearing a helmet. However, the above-mentioned benefits and reasons will surely convince you to wear a helmet while riding. It will assist you right from protecting you from severe injuries, saving your finances, making you an example for others, and most important a responsible citizen of India.

Do not forget to wear a helmet for securing you and your loved one’s future free from danger. So, with this, we wish you a Happy and Safe Journey.

Below is the best helmets guide in India you can choose from.

Top 10 List of Best Helmet in India

We have created this exclusive list of best halemts available in India. We have also added some of the best helmets which you can buy if you have a budget of under 2000 INR.

Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet (Black, L)

Best Helmet in India under 1500

Features of Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet:

  • Leather Finish Touch
  • Off-road Look

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Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet

Best Helmet in India under 1000

Features of Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet (Matt Black, L):

  • ISI approved helmet
  • Chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety

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Studds Premium Vent Professional

Best Helmet in India under 2000

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Steelbird Adonis Dashing Full Face Helmet

Best Helmet in India under 2500

Features of Steelbird Adonis Dashing Full Face Helmet:

  • Chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation and safety
  • Dynamic ventilation System

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Vega Off Road Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet

Best Helmet in India under 3000

Features of Vega Off Road Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet:

  • This helmet is ISI approved
  • Vents with high capacity intakes
  • UV clear finish

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Speedwav 198411 Steelbird Helmet

Best Helmet in India under 3500

Features of Speedwav 198411 Steelbird Helmet:

  • It has High Impact Composite Material Sell

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Vega Boolean Flip-up Helmet with Double Visor

Best Helmet in India under 1500

Features of Vega Boolean Flip-up Helmet with Double Visor:

  • It’s lightweight helmet with ABS Shell
  • Very Comfortable and Superior fit
  • Single-button Release of the Face Shield

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Studds Chrome Economy Full Face Helmet

Best Helmet in India under 1500

Features of Studds Chrome Economy Full Face Helmet:

  • It’s ISI approved Helmet
  • Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of “engineering termoplastic”

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Studds Cub 07 Open Face Helmet

Best Helmet in India under 2500

Features of Studds Cub 07 Open Face Helmet:

  • It has ISI Approved
  • Quick Release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation

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Studds Track Open Face Helmet

Best Helmet in India under 1000

Features of Studds Track Open Face Helmet:

  • It has ISI Approved
  • Multiposition articulating optically true injected polycarbonate

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Hope you liked our post the Best Helmet in India Under 200 Rs 5000 Rs 10000 in India.

Best Helmets under 2000 INR

If you are here on this post and are looking for a helmet, then I suppose you already know how important it is for any bike rider to wear a helmet irrespective of whether they are going for a short distance ride or a long-distance ride. A helmet doesn’t only protect you from serious injuries if you meet an accident but also prevents accidents due to distractions like specks of dust or dirt or any debris in the air or even sun.

Helmets now come in a variety of stylish and spectacular designs yet they take care of your safety as well, unlike the old conventional helmets which often spoiled your look.

But does that mean that your helmet has to be expensive? No, not at all. Your helmet can comprise all of these qualities yet be pocket-friendly. Moreover, nowadays there are several options available in the market that come at affordable prices, but safety is also an important aspect to check for when buying a helmet.

So, to help you choose wisely something that is associated with your safety we have come up with a list of the 7 best helmets under 2000 INR and under 3000 INR available online.

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Top Helmets under 2000 INR

1) Steelbird SBA-2 Matt Full Face Helmet with Iridium Blue Visor

Steelbird is one of the top brands when it comes to helmets and ensures strong safety and a comfortable biking experience. This Steelbird helmet has an ABS material shell, enhancing its quality. Its inner part has got multi-density EPS liner with air channels which makes it more safe and comfortable to use.

The helmet comes with an innovative ventilation system which is equipped with an air intake in the chin guard, frontal, and top area and hence resolves the ventilation problem.

Its micro-metric buckle is another point adding to the convenience of wearing this helmet. The helmet is ISI approved and weighs around 1.3 kg which means it is a pretty lightweight helmet and you can wear it even for long rides, unlike the other heavy and sweaty helmets available in the market.

Overall, this one is the perfect option if you are looking for a stylish yet reliable helmet under 2000 INR.

Key Features

  • ISI approved
  • Innovative ventilation system
  • Quick-release buckle

2) Vega - OR-D/V-DK_M Off-Road D/V Black Helmet-M

Vega is another top brand when talking about helmets. Vega is known for its good quality helmets with stylish looks.  This vega helmet’s body is also made up of ABS which is considered to be the best quality material used for making helmets. ABS is a thermoplastic that is shock-resistant as well.

It is ISI certified and weighs around 1.2 kg therefore, carrying it would be very easy. Its interior is washable and removable and is odor-resistant. This keeps the helmet fresh in between the cleanings.

The interior has also got optional pads of different thicknesses and this helps the helmet fit you properly.

This Vega helmet comes with a removable noseguard and a wind protector. The helmet has a metallic quick-release buckle which makes it easy to wear and remove the helmet.

The Visor of this helmet is scratch and UV resistant. The helmet’s visor is made up of optical polycarbonate and equipped with another sun visor made up of tinted polycarbonate.

Ventilation won’t be a problem for you as this helmet has got 2 side vents, 1 mouth vent, and 4 back exhaust vent.

Key features

  • Robust quality
  • Scratch and UV resistant visor
  • lightweight

3) Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet (Matt Black, L)

Studds is also among the most popular helmet brands in the market and has a variety of quality products to offer. This is an open face helmet that comes with ISI certification and is made up of regulated density EPS. The helmet has a high-impact outer shell which ensures your safety.

What makes this helmet special is its hypoallergenic liner and UV-resistant paint. The hypoallergenic liner protects you from any kind of allergies that one might get due to continuous contact with moist helmet liners during hot summer days or rainy days.

The UV-resistant paint is also an important feature that prevents fading of the color of your helmet.

Replaceable liners and quick-release visors(which helps to switch between the two visors quickly)are some more useful features of this helmet. Altogether, this is a perfectly comfortable open-face helmet under 2000 INR.

Key features

  • UV resistant paint
  • Hypoallergenic liner
  • quick release visor

4) Steelbird SB-27 MATT Battle Green helmet with plain visor

This is another great option from Steelbird. Steelbird is once again on our list for helmets under 2000 INR as it offers durable and quality products at such affordable prices.

The outer shell of this SB-27 matt battle green helmet is also constructed using ABS and comes with ISI certification. High-density EPS is also used to ensure your safety.

It has got an anti-odor liner that keeps your helmet fresh and doesn’t let it stink.

One thing to note about helmets is that some helmets might feel tight at first as it takes time to adjust the rider’s head shape but would gradually become comfortable. Also, it is safer to wear helmets that are a little tight so that it doesn’t detach from your head in case of an accident.

Key features

  • Durable and robust build

5) Vega Off Road D/V helmet Secret Dull Green Black

This is another stylish-looking helmet from Vega. The helmet is available in different sizes and you can choose the perfect one for yourself. It has got an aerodynamic design that prevents air drifts.

Its outer material is ABS that provides proper safety and its inner material is cotton. The helmet is ISI approved and weighs around 1.4 kg and comes with a metallic quick-release silent buckle. So, it is a good option with a decent price.

Key Features

  • Stylish looking
  • ISI approved
  • Aerodynamic design

Now that we have seen the best helmets under 2000 INR available online let us see the best helmets under 3000 INR available.

Helmets under 3000 INR

1) Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmet in Glossy Finish

How can you not have Steelbird on your list when talking about helmets be it of any price range. Steelbird is known for its quality products available under all price ranges. This helmet ranks first on our list of helmets under 3000 INR because of its graphic design which makes it one of the most stylish helmets.

This helmet is also available in different colors so you can choose the one that attracts you the most. Another highlight of this helmet is its super lightweight. It weighs just 950 gms and we guess this is probably the lightest a helmet could weigh. So, wearing this helmet you won’t feel any burden on your head and you can go for long safe rides.

Talking about the material, the helmet’s outer body is made up of ABS which assures the best safety. To make it more comfortable it is also got a neck protector.

Italian design with hygienic interior and multi-pore breathable padding make it one of the best full-face helmets available under 3000 INR.

Key features

  • Anti-scratch Visor(polycarbonate)
  • Innovative ventilation system
  • Quick-release visor

2) Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Graphic Helmet

Clearly, Steelbird is leading our list and you already know the reasons. This helmet too is made up of
great material which makes it unbreakable and renders you strong safety.
This Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator is one of the best seller full-face helmets. It is one of the good-looking
helmets available online. Apart from its good looks, it has got all the important features that a helmet
should own.

It has got a clear visor with an extra tinted visor. The visors come with an anti-scratch coating and quick-
release visor mechanism.

If you are someone who feels suffocated wearing a helmet then this helmet is going to help you as it has
got great ventilation. The upper part of the helmet uses an air booster system for ventilation.

It also features a micrometric buckle meeting the European standard. A comfortable neck protector and a
hygienic interior are some of the more important features of this helmet
So, if you are looking for a helmet that compiles good looks and security then this helmet is made for

Key Features

  • ISI approved
  • good ventilation
  • Lightweight

This was the list of best helmets available in India under 2000 INR.

Below we have shared Helmet Rules and Guidelines in India

Helmet Rules and Guidelines in India

“A helmet on your head will keep you far away from a hospital bed.” This is not just a quote or saying but actually, reality has to be followed by every rider. A rider feels immense pleasure and freedom while riding motorcycles on the open and traffic-free roads.

But, no rider can deny the fact that while riding a motorcycle wearing a helmet is also important. As per the government sources, the death ratio of two-wheeler motor vehicle riders has doubled over a decade. Even, as per the reports of the transport ministry in every single hour in India, 4 people die in a road accident. As these people do not wear helmets for their safety.

However, you will be shocked to know that Tamilnadu is the state that has the maximum number of two-wheeler road crash cases. We must our near and dear ones aware of the motorcycle helmet laws in India to protect them from any kind of road injury.

Even, for your reference, we are listing some of the changes introduced by the government in the helmet guidelines in India. And, for learning the new helmet rules in India you have to keep reading this article till its finish line.

Helmet Laws in India

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has notified some of the important changes in the helmet rules in India. Let us have a look at the following changes.

Old Helmet Law In IndiaNew Helmet Law in India
The maximum weight of the helmet was 1.2kgs.Now, this maximum weight limit has been removed.
Foreign Brands cannot sell their products in Indian markets.Foreign Brands can sell their products in the Indian market if they are meeting ISI standards.
Earlier for the first offense penalty was INR 100/- and for the subsequent offense, it is INR 300/-Now, the penalty for the offense is INR 1000 with the provision of suspension of License for the subsequent offense.

The above-drafted table is listing some of the changes between the Old helmet laws and new helmet laws. Let us understand the same in brief.

  1. Change in Weight – Earlier as per the BIS the organization formulates and regulates the helmet standards in India restricts the maximum weight of the helmet up to 1.2kgs.

Whereas as per the amendment in the standards from September 4, 2020, such restriction has been removed. However, it is still recommended to the company that they can sell helmet of a maximum of up to 1.5kgs. But it has to ensure that the helmet should be as per the standards of BIS and carry an ISI mark.

  1. Permission granted –  Earlier some of the foreign helmet brands are restricted or proposed to be restricted for selling their helmets in India. As they are not complying with the standards of BIS.

Whereas currently after September 4, 2020 permission has been granted to the foreign companies for selling their helmets in Indian markets even if they follow standards of ECE, DOT, Snell, etc. But, they have to ensure compliance with the BIS standards. Moreover, these companies have a time limit of 6 months from the date of notification to complete all the compliances.

  1. Penalty Provisions – Earlier in Old traffic rules provision if the rider is not wearing a helmet while riding his/ her two-wheeler vehicle then he/she has to pay a penalty of INR 100/- for the first offense. And, for the subsequent offense, this penalty will be increased up to INR 300/-.

However, as per the amended rules, the penalty has been revised and increased up to INR 1000/- for every offense. Also, the license can be suspended for 3 months.

Even, if you are wearing a non-ISI marked helmet while riding your two-wheeler then it can cost you a challan of a heavy amount.

The aim of amending helmet certification standards in India is to control sales of cheap and low quality. So, the riders can use the best quality helmets for protecting themselves. To aware and make people use helmets while riding the Government of Maharashtra taking a good initiative.

They are planning to provide two helmets at the time of buying a new two-wheeler vehicle instead of one. By this step, the rider and its riding companion will be safe from any kind of mishappening.

Final Words – Helmet Standards in India 

Even the slowest animal (Turtle) on the planet knows how to protect himself from an accident. So, why we humans can’t? The Government of India introducing and amending many safety measures and standards just ensure the safety of the public from any kind of road accidents especially two-wheeler riders.

I hope after reading this article you have clarity about the new rules, penalties, and factors that need to be considered while buying the helmet for yourself or your loved ones.

So, buy an ISI marked helmet, and save your life from road crash and penalties too.

Have a safe Riding…

Picking the right helmet – Helmet Buying Guide

No matter if you are the toughest guy in the world, considering the protection of your skull is important because you must avoid the injuries due to collisions. Helmets are a great option to consider, when it comes to the safety of your head, while riding a two wheeler. Of course, there are a few people, who do not understand the need of a helmet and might suffer from injuries. In fact, the youngsters do not want to lose their fashion statement. This is why they avoid wearing a helmet. It is good to wear a helmet to stay protected, when you are driving a motorcycle, scooter or any other 2 wheeler.

How To Choose The Best Helmet For Yourself?

When you want to buy a helmet, how to choose a right one? This question will strike in your mind and comes with much confusion. Understand the below mentioned list that reveals important factors to consider, while purchasing the Best Helmet in India:

High vision clarity

It is a major consideration to buy a perfect helmet. A helmet must have a scratch resistant face shield or a visor because if they are full of scratches, they might hinder the vision. These days, you can get a helmet with inbuilt sun visor option, which offers perfect brightness according to the time you are riding, either day or night.

Ventilation and safety standards

A helmet is properly ventilated so that you cannot run out of the air. At the same time, it must meet the safety standards. You will have to take care of the safety standards as well, while seeing the look of a helmet. You can check out the ISI mark on the helmet, which shows that it is a standardized product.


Buy a helmet, which can be easily cleaned and maintained to remove the dust and dirt particles. It helps you avoiding the skin infections. Make sure to wash the lining regularly, it is possible only if the lining has a removable feature.


The most important purpose of wearing a helmet is one’s safety. To save you from any serious injury or even prevent accidents. But often people choose any helmet from their local markets without making sure that is going to protect them and is often worn to avoid the traffic police.

So, it is important to check whether the helmet you pay for ensures your safety or not. And the best way to do so is to check whether it is ISI approved or not. If it is ISI approved that means it is safe and reliable. All the helmets that we have on our list are ISI-approved. So that’s not a thing to worry about.


Another important point to check for is the comfort level of your helmet. If you are not comfortable wearing the helmet you probably won’t wear it and all the money you invest buying the helmet will be in vain. So, it is important to check whether it is comfortable for you or not.

Proper fit must be there

Check whether or not a helmet you are going to choose, fits around the cheeks. A helmet should not bend up and down. It must be fitted to you properly, meaning that there must not be tightness or looseness in the size. To ensure the right size, check your finger, whether it is going in and out of the helmet, while wearing it. If you need any support, a dealer or a shopkeeper will help you. Otherwise, the internet also gives you a right sized helmet.

So, check whether you can breathe wearing it or not. Also, the weight of the helmet can be an issue. Normally a helmet should weigh around 1.2–1.3 kg. If the helmet is too heavy then you won’t be able to carry it for long-distance rides.

All the helmets mentioned on our list do not weigh more than1.3 kg in fact the Steelbird SBA-1 R2K Full Face Graphics Helmets in matt black with red and matt black with grey weigh around 950 grams and are super lightweight.


As said before, helmets are something associated with your safety. So, it is important to make sure that you buy them from a trusted and reputable brand. Your helmet should be made up of great material like ABS which does not break easily and is shock resistant. So, even if you meet an accident it won’t cause any damage to your head.

Presently, Steelbird, Vega, and Studds are some of the leading brands available in the market. These brands are known for the durable and quality products they offer. In addition to that, the products from these brands are ISI approved.


You should check the size of your helmet before buying it. Helmets now are available in different sizes like small, medium, and large so choose accordingly. But it’s good if the helmet is a little tight for a safer side.

Type of helmets 

If you are a beginner and are looking for a helmet then different types of the helmet might confuse you. The most common types of helmets are open face helmets, full-face helmets, and off-road helmets.

Full face helmets are the most secured ones as they provide complete coverage and protect your head and neck. It also has a chin bar which is usually not found in all the helmets this protects your chin and jaw. This type of helmet is suitable for everyone regardless of which bike they ride or where they ride it.

Open face helmets cover the back and sides of your head but do not cover your face. They are a little lighter in weight due to the absence of the chin bar.

Off-road helmets are best suited for you if you ride your bike on a dirt road away from streets and highways. They do not protect the eyes so the rider might have to buy separate glasses.

So, considering these factors will help you in buying the Best Helmet in India either offline or online.

Are you still having lots of questions in your mind? So not to worry as for your reference we are going to address some of the questions frequently asking by the public. Let us have a look at the following FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Motorcycle Helmet laws in India

Which helmets are allowed in India?

Helmets weighing not more than 1.5kgs and having ISI mark on it are allowed to use in India for the riders of two-wheelers.

Are half helmets are allowed to use in India?

Yes, half helmets are legally allowed to use in India. But you need to ensure that the helmet you are using has an ISI mark. In short, you should opt for the product of the brans that comply with the helmet certification standards in India.

Are dot approved helmets are legal to us in India?

Before 4th September 2020 using DOT approved helmets in India was illegal. However, after the above-mentioned date, either the stakeholder or manufacturer in the country has to certify as per the helmet standards of BIS before making them available for sale.
Moreover, the MoRTH has stated to ban all the manufacturers of helmets that are not certified by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).

Which types of helmets are banned in India?

All non-ISI marked are banned in India. Non-standardized helmets can create a huge risk of injuries at the time of a road crash.

Is it a mandate to wear a helmet at the time of riding a vehicle?

Yes, it is a mandate to wear a helmet at the time of riding a two wheeler vehicle. However, the only exception is available to Sikhs wearing a turban. In some of the states in India pillion riders have to wear a helmet.

Is there any penalty if two-wheeler riders are not wearing a helmet? What is the amount of penalty?

Yes, a penalty of INR 1000 is chargeable on the rider if he or she is not wearing a helmet at the time of riding two-wheeler vehicles. Moreover, a subsequent offense can result in disqualification of the driving license for 3months.

What are the important factors that have to be kept in mind while buying a helmet?

A helmet is a must important riding gear every rider needs at the time of riding. However, while buying the best one for yourself, you must consider the following factors:
Weight – It should not be heavy to carry while a ride.
ISI Certification
Compliance with BIS Standards.
Padding – The padding of a helmet should be soft and spongy. So, that rider can experience a high-level comfort.
Retention i.e for how long you can wear a helmet?
Type of helmet

Name some of the helmet brands available in India?

Many helmet manufacturing brands are ruling the Indian market. Some of them are Steelbird, Studds, Vega, Aerostar, Fastrack, etc. But, before buying any helmet make sure that it complies with all the helmet standards implemented by BIS with an ISI mark.

What are the benefits of wearing a helmet?

There are multiple benefits of wearing a helmet. And, among all, it is foremost important for you and your loved ones from any kind of injury at the time of a road crash while enjoying a ride. Moreover, it will provide safety to your eyes from any kind of object that results in obstruction of vision while riding.


Everyday many people lose their lives in motorbike accidents in India just because they do not wear helmets. Some don’t wear it because they don’t find it comfortable and some cannot afford a good quality helmet.

Considering both these factors we made this list of helmets under 2000 and 3000 INR where we have chosen the best quality helmets that come at very budget-friendly prices.

Hope this article will help you get the best helmet that is stylish, comfortable, and one that ensures your safety.

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