Best Smart TV in India (2022)

Best Smart TV in India (2022)

Finding the best smart TV in India can be very confusing as there is so many options out there. So here we have listed all the top smart TV in India in every price range.

In this list we have mentioned all the Best smart TVs starting from 10000 rupees to 50000 rupees. This list can be your one stop destination for find the best affordable smart TV for yourself.

While buying the best smart TV in India you have to look for certain features like resolution, screen size, compatibility for apps like NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME and many more different apps.

During the time of choosing you may end up having many questions in your mind like:

  • which is the best and cheapest smart tv?
  • which smart tv is best in india?
  • which brand of smart tv is the best?
  • which is the best 42-inch smart tv to buy?
  • which is the best 49-inch smart tv in india?

So here we have answered all of them in detail and we are pretty much sure that you will get your favorite smart TV for yourself without any issue.

Buying guide for a TV

Decide the price range

Fortunately, TV is no more a luxury in the Indian market, rather it’s a necessity. Acknowledging the chemistry of the existing market, brands have lowered the price to a whole new level. If your budget is below 20k, you can get a gorgeous 32 to 40 inch TV.

Prices start from 10k and go up to 30k for a 40 inch TV. If you are ready to spend a little more, you can get even get a 55 inch TV with every feature available in the market. More money buys you better contrast and colour spectrum.

Choose the TV size

You might get a small TV due to budget constraints, but in the end, you might regret it. The size of a TV is always determined by where it’s placed, whether you are putting it in the living room or the bedroom. If you are placing it in the living room, you need a bigger option. Whereas if it’s a decent-sized bedroom, even 40 inch TV will be sufficient.

Curved or Flat

The curved TV might tempt you at first glance, but it may not be the best option. It’s just a passing trend that can make you regret your decision later. Go for flat TVs as they always offer the best picture quality.

Choose OLED or LED

Very first, we want to make it clear that by far OLED is the best option you will get in the Indian market. However, it’s expensive, so you can go for 4K LED TV and if you haven’t experienced OLED TVs, you won’t notice any difference.

Both OLED and LED TVs work well in all lighting conditions. But, LEDs especially work well in well-lit conditions. As for the viewing angle, to get the best picture, you get to sit right in front of the LED TV.

If you are sitting at a side angle the picture might get blurry. With OLED, this is not a problem, so even if you are sitting on the very corner, you get a pretty good visual.

 One of the visual differences that you will notice between them is the thickness. While OLED is no thick than a couple of credit cards combined, LED TV is thicker in comparison.

TV Resolution

One of the confusing terms you will come across while buying a TV is 4k and Ultra HD. Let’s clear it first, both 4K and Ultra HD TV are the same things. The only difference you need to see is whether you want just HD TV or 4K TV. As the name suggests, 4K TV is four times better than a traditional HD TV. With normal HD TVs, you will miss half of the interesting content, so better get ultra HD TV.

Smart options

Smart TVs are pretty standard choices these days and if you are into Amazon Prime and Netflix, it’s a must. It’s also a great way to get rid of the unnecessary wires and tangling. These TVs will show almost all sorts of content, including videos, music, and photos from other gadgets like computers and phones.

TV Warranty

Most of the recognized TV brands have authorized service centres across the country. So, if you got any problem, you can easily visit your nearby store. Consider buying a TV with at least two years of warranty.

Top best smart TV in India under 15000 – 50000 List

Best Smart TV in India under 50000

NameResolutionScreen SizeBuy
OnePlus Android QLED Smart TV4K55 inchBuy on Amazon
TCL AI Certified Android Smart LED TV 4K55 inchBuy on Amazon
LG Ultra HD LED Smart TV4K50 inchBuy on Amazon
Samsung Ultra HD LED Smart TV4K43 InchBuy on Amazon
TCL AI Smart Certified Android LED TV4k55 InchBuy on Amazon

Best Smart TV under 30000 in India

NameResolutionScreen SizeBuy
Sanyo UHD Android LED Smart TV4K50 inchBuy on Amazon
TCL AI UHD Android LED Smart TV4K43 inchBuy on Amazon
Kevin UHD LED Smart TV4K49 inchBuy on Amazon

Best Smart TV under 25000 in India

OnePlus Y Series Full HD LED Smart Android TV1920×108043 inchBuy on Amazon
Panasonic Full HD Smart LED TV1920×108032 inchBuy on Amazon
Vu Full HD LED Smart TV1920×108043 inchBuy on Amazon

Best Smart TV under 20000 in India

Sanyo Full HD IPS LED Smart TV1920×108043 InchBuy on Amazon
Kevin Full HD LED Smart TV1920×108040 InchBuy on Amazon
LG HD Ready LED Smart TV1366×76832 InchBuy on Amazon

Best Smart TV under 15000 in India

Kodak HD Ready LED Smart TV1366 x 76832 inchBuy on Amazon
Sanyo HD Android IPS LED Smart TV1366 x 76832 inchBuy on Amazon

How to buy the best smart TV in India? – what to look for while buying (Buying Guide)

  • You should Look for compatibility of all major Streaming platforms.
  • You should not be any country restrictions
  • You should make sure that you have access to native Playstore like google playstore.
  • If possible, look for compatibility for other IoT devices like smart robot vacuum etc
  • There should be enough sound output options available.

Where to buy from, offline or Online?

Nowadays most of the new releases are available online only. Also, most of the popular brands now opting for online sale only model.

TV brands have a policy called unilateral pricing policy in which if a brand gives a discount in any of their TV model then they put that discount sale in all the online stores. In that case buying from Amazon is the best thing you can do because for electronic purpose amazon is the best place.

Buying online is the best thing to do to be honest. As you have the space to look for as many branded smart TV from many popular brands.

FAQs Best Smart TV in India

What kind of sound system you should look for in a smart TV?

It is recommended to buy a smart LED TV which has at least Dolby Atmos sound system. If you budget is less then at least you can look or Dolby digital system they are mostly available in many budget mart TV as well.

What kind of Display quality you should look for?

While buying a smart TV try to look for a 4k display with minimum 60FPS refresh rate display. This will help you to watch movies and videos is sharp, crisp and vibrant quality.

Do you need to buy a Sound bar for Smart TV?

We highly recommend you to buy a sound bar for your best smart TV. As we know that smart TVs are really slim and day by day they are shrinking in Size and most of them compromises on the sound.
While buying make sure that there is enough audio output available so that you can connect your smart TV with any speaker or sound bar.

Do i need a 4K resolution TV?

Yes, you do in today’s modern day of entertainment every video and movies are getting produced in high quality 4k setup so why would you miss that theatre like in your home. Also See Best 4k TV in India 2022

What is the minimum Screen size required for a Smart TV?

Try to get at least a 32-inch Smart TV because watch HD quality or even 4k in a big screen is not fun at all.

What are the popular Smart TV brands?

The popular smart TV brands are LG, Sony, Samsung, TCL, Oneplus, Kotak and Sanyo. These brands are leading in the market and competing with each other. They equally make some really good Smart TVs.

How does 1080p look on 4k TV?

To be honest it really depends on the quality of the video and also the power of that particular Smart TV. If that smart TV has upscaler then that 1080p video will look really good. But in general, a normal 1080p will not look bad in 4k Display.

Do smart TVs support every video app?

No, they might not support every existing app. On a common note, most of the smart TVs will support Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and Hot star. Confirm once if you want any other app to work.

How to know if my TV supports the Amazon Firestick?

Most of the TVs these days are supporting the Amazon fire stick. If there is an HDMI port on your TV, it can play Amazon Fire Stick.

What is wireless mirroring?

Wireless mirroring is a term used to denote a feature through which, you can mirror your phone’s data to the TV. You don’t need any cables and wires to do so and all your media files, including images, and videos will be displayed right on the TV. You just have to download a mirroring app and things will be easier.

What’s the benefit of Smart TVs?

Having a smart TV will eliminate the need for the ugly wires and cables. Plus, you get access to the whole internet and video apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Hot Star, and Amazon Prime Video

How much internet speed is necessary for an obstacle-free TV experience?

The requirement may vary depending on the resolution of your TV, but if you are trying a trouble-free TV experience go for a minimum 3 Mbps speed. The more it is the better. Most of the metro cities in India are offering speed up to 12 MBPS, which is pretty good for any smart TV.


A decent choice of television with all the modern features is the Samsung TV, but if you are ready to spend and want the best of the market, go for Sony Bravia. For a budget option, there can’t be a better TV than Mi.