Best 65 Inch TV in India (2022)

Best 65 Inch TV in India (2022)

Entertainment is one of the most important things in the hectic schedule to relax your mind but finding something best in without having knowledge of anything is quite tough so we are going to provide you the best 65 inch TV in India to entertain yourself with all the required information so you can easily enjoy the stuff whatever you want to see as this BEST OLED provides the prime, Netflix and many other multimedia those you can directly connect to entertain yourself to the utmost.

We have searched the best OLED in India with all features to give you the best services so just go through this article if you are searching for the best television of 65 inches. Relax your mind and trust us as we spend our time making you comfortable, so first, let see the thing which we have to see before buying the television in order to find the perfect one for yourself.


Best 65 Inch TV in India: Buyer’s Guide

There are many things that you have to consider before buying an LED TV. The 65 Inch TVs are one of the most expensive ones. You need to know all the terms and conditions. As markets are flooded with millions of TV.

It is vital to review the keen factors that will help to make the ideal choice. By understanding all these essentials, you will never get muddled about which one is to buy. After reading the entire guide, you will suggest the people which TV is the finest to buy.


There are different types of backlighting used in OLED and QLED TVs. There each category is different. You may always get confused in LED or LCDs. In OLED TVs, the prime source of the backlight is small LEDs, whereas, in LCD, they use CCFLs.

In the 65 inch TVs, each pixel of the screen lightens up with the backlight used in behind. Whereas, in QLED it uses Quantum Dots. 

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution refers to the number of Pixels that will make the picture on display. The more pixel will translate the sharp image. A few times ago, 1920x 1080 is said to be the ultimate HD resolution and was standard across the globe.

But these days, the TV manufacturers are shifting to the Ultra HD sets like 4K. They are four times the number of HD screens. So, it will be okay if you select a TV with the 4K resolution.


HDR refers to the High Dynamic Range. It provides the ability to provide more contrast and brightness. After the 4K inventions, TV monitors are also set for the HDR 10.

They have come up with the Dolby visions that will reduce the wrong vibrations and surround them with the sound. All you just have to select a TV set with HDR support that is compatible with the Dolby visions. Don’t settle for the straightforward HDR content.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate refers to how many times a picture is refreshed on the screen. The standard refresh rate is 60 per second with the moving object. It is okay if the TV is just for pure home entertainment.

But if you are a gamer or loved thrilling movies, then do not buy a TV less than 120 Hz. The TV with the best refresh rate ranges from 120 Hz to 240 Hz.


They should come up with enough ports. The manufactures just save the cost of making by only offer fewer ports. At least they should offer 4 HDMI Ports, one for the Roku, Soundbar, Chromecast, and for Gaming.

Your TV should provide at least 4 HDMI and the 3 USB ports. You can even opt for the latest formats like HDMI 2.1 formats.

Contrast Ratio

It usually refers to the range of brightness levels that any TV can display. The Contrast ratio differs from one brand to another. You should ignore their specifications. Instead of this, read the TV that provides the deep blacks and pure whites with the higher contrast objects.

Audio Out

It is seen that the most expensive TVs also come up with poor sound. They do not provide the humongous speakers that the buyer will be lack of cinematic experience.

But the latest trends come up with the Dolby Atoms. You should look for a TV that provides both with the excellent sound output.

Best 65 Inch TV in India Reviews (2022)

1. Sony 163 cm 4K UHD Certified Android OLED TV

Sony 163 cm 4K UHD Certified Android OLED TV - BEsst 65 Inch LED TV

Sony Bravia’s model is known for its resolution and output sound. It is the fully Android OLED TV and comes the 8 million pixels for the best visual experience with the pure blacks, no blur images, and a full view angle.

The television has the best speakers with the actuators behind the TV. It will vibrate the screen to create the sound that will be engaging with the subwoofers. It provides the deep bass with the picture and sound in harmony.

This television comes with the one slate concept to life under the prices. It is the approach that will condense the given product into a single slate. The users will feel a remarkable experience in the work of art from all angles.

It has the TRILUMINOS display that brings the colors across the different gamut. You will be able to review the vivid images that will be evoked in every scene.

These Smart TVs comes with a 4K HDR clarity, it will combine the 4K ultra HD resolution with the HDR video. The content will deliver a wide range of brightness. You will be able to explore the new world with this Android TV.

Everything you will be doing on the smartphone will be on the big screen. It will let you access any content from apps to films and between the different android devices in the simplest way.

This TV comes up with a world of apps from the Google Play Store. You can download, store, and play games even offline. It allows us to search the content and brings the Google search. You will be able to find the content across the different services.

And you will be able to cast your favorite entertainment like Youtube and Netflix from your device to the screen.

With the Notify BRAVIA app, it will keep in the loop of notifications, text messages, and social apps. It is a Netflix recommended TV for the high performance and with the list of smart features.

The content bar will quickly allow you to find the movies. You can call up the content, and you can keep on watching while you scan through the TV. This TV comes with the PlayStation4 consoles.

You will funfilled with the games and with vivid textures. The television has the IR Blaster that will control the DTH and the TV with the one remote.


  • OLED with Acoustic Surface Technology
  • One Slate Design with IR Blaster
  • 4K HDR with the X1 Extreme Processor
  • 4K X-Reality Pro Model
  • Clear Audio+ with the Google Play


  • No NFC port

Best 65 Inch TV in India (FAQ)

Is It Necessary To Upgrade To 65 Inch LED TV?

Yes, it is helpful to upgrade from small screen TV to the large screen TV. It brings out the best of broadcast content and takes your image to the top level with HDR. You never get bored with this TV, as it has a fantastic quality of 4K content. It offers you thousands of movies with an action-packed thrill.

What Should I Look In Before Buying An LED TV?

There are a lot of things that need to be considered before purchasing an LED TV. The display resolution should be of 3840X2160 pixels, it should have 10-bit of color depth with 1024 shades. The TV should enable HDR. It should meet all the brightness and contrast levels.

What Are SMD LEDs?

Most of the LEDs use a cluster of red, green, and blue that will create each pixel with space evenly. It uses SMD technology that is enabled to generate higher resolutions. Whereas, SMD LED screen uses small red, blue, and green diodes. The SMD uses a small distance than discreet screens and has a compact size that brings a higher resolution.

Is there Any Reason For LEDs Fail?

Heat is the first enemy of any electrical appliances. That hotter the device is, the shorter the life it would get. But, all the TVs that have an excellent design will help to create a light or the fixture that will be standing on the high heat environments. Mostly, the installation with the external will last longer than any of the integrated fixtures.


Entertain yourself with the best 65-inch tv in India as we have searched and gave you the best information from our end in the hope that you have got all that you want but still if you have any doubt or query kindly comment in the comment box we will get you soon.