TOP 9 Best Mic for Youtube in India 2022

TOP 9 Best Microphones for Youtube in India 2022

We use mics for different occasions and different work. You can use a microphone for recording videos for youtube or for any recording studio. Also if you are finding the types of microphones from which you can choose or finding the best mic for youtube or another purpose that can suit your recording purpose, this article will help you out solving your issues.

Before proceeding to see the best microphones in India let us first look at the types of microphones that you can use be it for recording voice or creating youtube videos.

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What is a Microphone?

A microphone is called a mic or a mile in general and it acts as an absorber that will absorb the sound waves and will create audio signals in the output.

The use of microphones is increasing day by day since it is used excessively for gaming purposes, concert halls, in studios.

In the article below you will be seeing the different categories of microphones that you can use, how the microphones are used and also how to use them perfectly.

Let us first look into the process of working of microphones. There are lot of mics like gaming mic, computer mic etc available..

Guide for users to buy new microphone

Sound Picking Patterns

The patterns are a very essential part when you are purchasing a microphone. Every microphone that exists is for a different purpose and it has a number of polar patterns.

The patterns that we see on the microphone are omnidirectional, or bi-directional or they may be unidirectional too. The unidirectional mics are the ones that are considered to be the most common mics that we use. Now you need to choose a microphone that will fit your requirements.

Size of Mic

In this section, we won’t be discussing the mic size but the size of the capsule.

The mics that we use usually would have a large mic or the smaller one or it would in between of the medium range.

The mic with a smaller diaphragm would be suited well for a small or short recording. Whereas the larger mic would be for the large performances.

If you are a beginner and have not experienced much in the recording studios then a smaller diaphragm would suit you the best.


Each mic we use will catch up frequencies at different levels. The frequency for the bass drum should be about 50 Hz and for vocals, it should be around 8Kz to 15 Hz.

The frequency would carry from a range that is from extremely high to low. So if you want that you get a higher frequency then you should go for a vocal mic.

Purpose of Using a Mic

Before buying a microphone you need to know for what purpose you are going to buy it. There are a number of microphones and there is a different one for a different purpose. So you should be first clear with the purpose and then you should go for buying one.

The condenser mics are the best mics that you can use for recordings.

If you want a mic for a live performance then go for the dynamic mics, if you want the best mic for news for youtube or live channel then you should go for a shotgun mic and always see that you are buying according to your need.


The sensitivity will be measured in terms of the ability of the mic to detect sound. There is some microphones that will detect even the lowest of sounds and there will be mics that will only detect large sounds. There is SPL in every microphone. That is it comes with the sound pressure level. The microphones which have a lower SPL level would have sensitivity.

Wireless or a wired microphone

There are a number of mics each for a different purpose. There are mics that are wireless, there are mics that are wired too.

A wireless one would be helpful in giving more movement. In case a singer needs to cover up the whole state moving a wireless mic would be the best suited at that point in time.

For sure we will find that wireless would be a better option than a wired one. So we will go for this.


There are a number of these microphones which are available with a different number of features and these are really great.

Now you need to choose the microphones according to your choice and convenience. The microphones should have a good battery so that you are able to use them while travelling.


There are a number of factors that are to be considered when you buy a microphone. Now durability is also an essential factor. If you drop them from z certain height they might also get damaged. Also, high temperatures can affect the quality of the mic and if you are searching for mics that can give you a higher range of durability then you should surely you for the heavy-duty ones.


This effect will give you the phenomenon where if you get close to the mic and start speaking you will hear your voice louder. People usually prefer those mics which have the capacity to give a better, clear and loud output.

Best Microphones for Youtube in India 2022

Now let us get into the list of the best microphones that we use today.

Blue microphone ( Condenser microphone)

This microphone is from our production company. This product has a very creative and innovative design and it comes along with microphones, headphones and also recording tools and accessories for musicians.

The company also produces the microphones like ribbon microphones, USB microphone condensers and dynamic types too.

The snowball microphone is very suitable if you want to improve the quality of your recording. You can easily use this microphone to connect it to your pc or your Mac device. The microphone is very capable and can also record the instruments, audios, narrations and also will record the disturbances if there are any.

With this particular microphone, you are capable of attending any of your online calls like Skype calls. The setup for this type is also quite easy and if you are searching for one which can be compatible with your computer this is surely the best one.


  • This microphone helps you to attend your online video chats and Skype calls with a good quality.
  • It has a tripod along with it.
  • It helps you record your vocals and also helps in adding narrations to it.
  • This microphone comes along with a desktop stand and also provides you the USB.
  • You can add recordings to sites like you tube by using it.
  • You won’t require any of the drivers.


  • The microphone is easy in use.
  • The recordings that are done have good quality with good sound.
  • There is an option of plug and play that is easy too.


  • The height that is of the stand that cannot be adjusted.

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MXL condenser microphone

This microphone that is MXL 770 is produced by the MXL company. It is one of the leading companies that produce microphones. The microphones that are produced can be used to make recordings, for the live performances, and also for the home recordings.

The mic will provide you with a great quality sound that has a great quality.

This particular microphone has a small diaphragm and can be used for multiple purposes. Many singers choose this particular microphone and recording artists to give it preference.

This microphone is being used by beginners and also by professionals.


  • This particular microphone comes up with the small diaphragm.
  • The microphones also has a shock mount.
  • To give a dynamic range the mic will give you a high quality FET.
  • The singers use the microphone so that they get a good bass.
  • The microphone can be used well with the pianos, the guitars and also the strings.


  • The microphone gives you very great and clear recordings.
  • The mic is best if you want to record videos for your Instagram or you tube.
  • It is an ideal choice for recording vocals.


  • The mic cannot work well with a XLR cable.

Blue microphone Yeti

This particular microphone that is the Yeti USB microphone is one of the products created by the blue microphone company.

The products that are being created by the company are according to the requirements and the products that are developed have a wide variety.

The company has been awarded a number of awards for the development of good products.

Thus USB microphone comes up with three condensers. The recording process is quite easy with the microphone since it uses multiple selections.


  • The microphones makes use of multiple patterns. These are the stereo mode, the cardioid mode, the omnidirectional mode and also the bidirectional mode.
  • The microphones will also come along with mute button, the volume button and also headphones.
  • If you wish to stop your recording at a point then you need to press the mute button.
  • The microphone is very easy to use and the setup also can be done easily.
  • Now if you want to adjust your microphone as per the sound source then you are able to do it too since it is being mounted on the hinge.


  • The microphone comes under your budget Bf has a lot of good features.
  • The microphone is quite easy in use.
  • It also has a mute button.
  • You can do recording easily and with a good quality.
  • The multiple pattern effect help you in recording different sounds only via a single mic.


  • The buttons are not of so good quality and can be improved.
  • The quality of the stand should also be worked upon.

Boys MM1 cardioid shotgun microphone

This particular microphone is created by the Boya company.

This company is renowned for producing electro-acoustic products.

The microphones are designed in such a way that the quality of your sound will improve and it will come out with the output cables. The size of the microphone is also compact and light.

You can use these microphones on your cameras, on smartphones, on PC’s and also on recorders.

It can also be suitably used for outdoor recordings.


  • The microphone comes up with a shock mount that is very necessary and also with audio cables that you can use while connecting with digital devices.
  • You do not require any of the additional batteries with it and you can also connect it directly to your DSLR or your smartphones.
  • The mic has reduced vibrations since it makes use of the anti shock mount.
  • You can use this microphone along with the camcorder or the DSLR and even smartphones.


  • The quality of sound is quite good.
  • You can use this for recording videos for you tube.
  • The sound is clear and awesome.


  • While recording it will also capture the noises.

Maono lavalier microphone

This particular microphone can be connected to any of your devices and is compatible too. Since it uses long cords you can connect it easily.

The product is user friendly and you can use it easily and it does not record houses also.


  • It has a jack of four poles and it is compatible with a number of devices such as the iPhone, the smartphones and laptops too.
  • The pin of the microphone is thin and so you can plug it easily to your mobile jack.
  • It has a long cord of 78 inches which helps you to podcasting from a distance


  • The microphone is user friendly.
  • It will give you good quality if sound and will not record the disturbances.
  • The microphone has a long cord and is of good quality.


  • The durability of the microphone is not that good.

Power-packed studio microphone

This company was established many years ago and if comes up with the musical instruments and accessories. The products that this company will manufacture includes guitars and the microphones and also other accessories.

The user ratings are quite good and is used by a number of customers.

The microphone has a large diaphragm and it can work well with many devices.


  • It has a shock mount, a power cord and also the anti wind foam.
  • The microphone will not record the noises and will use a cardioid pattern.
  • To reduce the vibrations and the noises the shock mount can be used.
  • You can connect your computer with it directly but in case you connect your laptop you would require extra power.
  • If you want better sound quality you can also use card.


  • It works very well if you do not use phantom power.
  • The recording quality of this microphone is quite good.
  • It does not record disturbances as well.


  • The volume of the microphone can be enhanced.

Aeoss condenser microphone

This microphone is of the aeoss company. It includes CCTV cameras, wireless connectivity and many more things.

The microphone uses the pickup patterns it minimises the noise. The microphone is quite suitable for the recording and the broadcasting.


  • The microphone is quite suitable of use it for recording and for broadcasting.
  • The shock mount will help on reducing the sound and the noise levels.
  • The microphone will help you record without noises and give a good performance.


  • The microphone has a shock proof mount which will prevent the vibrations.
  • It makes use of the pickup pattern.


  • For this particular microphone you would require phantom power.
  • It has low compatibility and you cannot use it with the laptop.

Techlicious clip microphone

This microphone makes use of a clip which is 3.5 mm and is of the amputuve.

The microphone can be used with a number of devices and you can also reduce the noise.

The microphone is suitable for video recording and you can connect it to your mobile or your camera or the pc.

If you feel that your microphone is not compatible then you need to connect it with your phone.


  • You can use it with the androids, the pc and also the Mac devices.
  • It has a clip of 3.5 mm�? which is used for reducing the noise.
  • There is a long wire which helps in giving a good durability.
  • The mic itself possesses the noise reduction mechanism which helps you to record good quality audios without noise.
  • You can use this for recording any of the lecture videos or for a screen casting videos.


  • You can use this mic with your phone also.
  • You can use it with your pc of your computer but it should have a jack for this.
  • You do not require any extra application for this.


  • When you shoot outdoors it might record sounds too.
  • Also it has a poor connector.

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Skyse wireless microphone

The wireless microphones are created by the skyse company. It is handheld and is compatible with your smartphones too.

It has a volume button along with it and the other adjusting buttons.


  • It has a charging Cable which can use and also a user manual which will help you out.
  • It is compatible with a number of devices which are computer, pc or iPad.
  • It helps you to sing and record your recordings by using smartphones or Bluetooth.
  • You can adjust the volume by using the buttons.


  • You have control over the volume since it comes with the volume buttons.
  • It does not record sounds along.


The quality of the buttons is not too good.

Working of microphones

The microphones are transducers in general. They revised for converting energy from one type to the other type. The mic of the microphone receives the sound waves and then it is taken to the diaphragm. The diaphragm of the microphone is a small material that is quite thin and may be created of plastic, paper or aluminium.

When the sound waves collide or strike the diaphragm then it will vibrate. Due to this, the other components are also left to vibrate. These vibrations are then used to produce audio signals with the current.

Let us see some tips which you should follow while you are using the microphone.

  • If you are making of this microphone in a big auditorium then you ought to check the sounds as you need to match the level of sound to the size of the room.
  • You need to make adjustments with the mic and see that the Mike is at a distance of about 10-14 inches from your chin. Also you need to ensure that the buttons and the jewellery should not be in any kind of contact with the mic.
  • You should also make sure that when you are singing or doing any other activity like speaking on the Mike you should not hold it too close to yourself.
  • Also when you take breaths you need to turn your face and bit face the Mike.
  • Also when you are recording audios you need to see that he room should not be occupied with hard of flat surfaces.
  • You also avoid keeping the Mike just in front of your mouth and you should try holding it in a position which is either below or at the side of your mouth.

Let us look at some categories of microphones that are currently available in the market.

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Types of microphones

Condenser mics

This type of microphone is a type of electrostatic mic or we can say it is a capacitor mic. For this type of microphone, you need a battery that is small so that it can supply the voltage to the capacitor.

The diaphragm that we use in this type of microphone will be acting as the plate of the capacitor. The vibrations which are thus produced can be amplified ad signals.

Large-diaphragm mics

As the name, the diaphragm of this type of microphone is quite large and will be acting as the capacitor plate. These mics are used generally for recording purposes in the studios.

These mics are able to record even the smallest of differences in the pressure levels of your sound. And if the pressure of sound increases further the audios can even distort.

Small diaphragm mics

The diaphragm for this category of the mic is smaller than those large mics. These are used to record sounds for the acoustic guitar and are also helpful for the singers. These mics are generally referred to as pencil mics. They give a wider range and are also capable of handling high pressures of sound.

These mics have a stiff shape.

Dynamic mics

These mics will help you to record sounds and capture them even if you are willing to record at a higher pressure.

It is not that they will record only high pressures of sound they can also record the low-pressure sounds. If you want to record sounds of the brass instruments or of the drums you can use this type of mic. This mic can be referred to as a moving-coil mic. These mics resist temp and moisture are not so expensive and will be available to you easily.

You can use these mics for stage shows.

Bass mics

These mics are used to get or record sounds which is produced by the guitar or the drums or instruments similar to these. They can also be used for live performances. Since they are able to capture the low boosts.

Ribbon mics

This mic is referred to as the ribbon velocity microphone. In this type of mic aluminium or the nanofilm is being used so that it can record the sound easily. These can also be used with electric guitars and drums.

Multi-pattern mic

This mic can record multiple polar patterns.

USB mics

These mics are considered to have a simple plugin d simple play. These are connected to the laptops easily and can also be connected to the tablets. The demand for mics is increasing since it is easily compatible with laptops and also shows a low budget range. You also do not require any additional devices to connect it.

You can use these mics widely for your home’s, studios for recording purposes.

Boundary mics

These types of mics are generally used in conference halls or special meeting rooms. These mics are helpful in recording the sounds which are present in the room. There are placed on flat tables in the rooms.

Shotgun mics

These are not very useful for recordings whereas they are used in events likes speeches or news readings or for conferences.

If you want to record a good sound then you need to maintain the position of the mic pointed towards the source. You can also make use of these mics in crowded areas.

Now let us see the things you need to see when you are buying a new microphone.

FAQ on Best Mic for Youtube in India

Below are frequently asked questions on Best Mic for Youtube in India.

Which is the best mic for youtube in India?

Buying the best mic depends on your budget. However, you can buy Maono Mic or Blue Yeti Mic these are the few best options for youtube in India in your budget.

Which is the best mic for youtube under 500 Rs in India?

The best mic for youtube you can get under 500 Rs is maono au 400

Which is the best mic for youtube under 1000 Rs in India?

There are two three options for the best mic for youtube under a budget of 1k you can buy boya mic and maono au 100

Which is the best mic for youtube under 2000 Rs in India?

The best mic for youtube under 2000 Rs in India you can get is Boya MM1 Pro which has noise cancellation options as well.


These are following best options you can check while looking for the best mic for youtube in India.