Top 10 Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 INR in India 2022

Top 10 Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 INR in India 2022

Life is nothing without music for getting a better music experience you must need a pair of the best wireless earphones or best bluetooth earphones. Earphone plays a big role in getting a better music experience. Isn’t it..?

Well, we all listen to music but don’t get a better experience only for choosing the wrong earphone while buying it from the market. Are you finding the best Pairs of wireless earphones, but buying the best earphones from the market or online shop is too difficult. need to do lots of research, So Here we have shared the features and specifications of the 10 best wireless earphones that are less expensive but provide you with great sound clarity.

Before jump into the list, you have to know some basic ideas about wireless earphones. First of all, you have to set a budget to buy a wireless earphone. Here we have shared the best wireless earphones under 2000. if you are looking for the best wireless earphones with cool features then this article is perfect for you.

We have divided the best wireless earphone list into three segments as if you want to buy it only for getting better music experience, if you want only for answering phone calls or if you want both.

Wireless earphones are considered the best choice for listening to music, watching videos, or answering calls. Buying a good wireless earphone does not require to invest lots of money. Today we have shared the best and smartest wireless earphones within the budget.


Best of our picks – Best Wireless Earphones Under Rs. 2000

After all, aspects discussed we got these 4 wireless earphones are our top picks-

Best wireless earphoneStatusBuy Now from Amazon
Realme BudsWinnerCheck Latest Price on Amazon
JBL T205BTRunner UpCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Boat Rockerz 255For sportsmenCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Sony WI-C200In all way ExcellentCheck Latest Price on Amazon

List of Best Wireless Earphones Under ₹2000

1. Realme Buds – Best Bluetooth Earphone

We keep this amazing wireless earphone in the first position on the list because these Realme Buds are amazing with its specification and design-wise. For the kind information Realme launched their Realme Buds wireless earphones in the year of 2019 in September. It comes with a premium look with this price segment. It also comes with a large 110 mAh battery which will provide you up to 12hr playback time with a single charge.

Design and Build Quality:

You will never compromise with the design of Realme Buds’ wireless earphones. The weight of this Realme Buds is 31.8g this is too lightweight and comfortable.

The Realme Buds Wireless earphones are ergonomic and made of high-quality skin-friendly silica gel for your ultimate comfort.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

It is also a powerful and deep bass with an ultra-large 11.2mm bass boost will give you a better experience whenever you listen to crazy music DJ music.

The sound and Bass give you the best experience. For the Magnetic feature, During use, you can simply separate the Realme buds and power-off together by snaps. It’s that simple.

Sometimes it disconnects over the call very frequently and there is a very irritating sound of the driver in the earphones. Vocals have become good not best especially on call.

A premium neckband design made from premium skin-friendly silica gel and memory nickel-titanium ensures a great experience.

Battery Life:

It gives you 100 minutes of music time of 10 minutes of charging. Realme Buds comes with a Large 110mAh takes 1.5 hours to charges completely and giving a playback time of up to 12 hours.

But We were able to get around 9 to 10 hours of use in our testing, while it takes around 3 hours to charge the earphone fully.

Best Features:

The best features of these wireless earphones are auto on and off feature for seamless audio connection.

It also has three buttons on the right side of the Realme Buds to Control your music, handle phone calls, and even control  Google Assistant with three tactile inline buttons.


It will turn on the earphones and automatically connect to our paired smartphone even if we didn’t want to, which is annoying.

If you are a music listener and want the best music experience then this is one of the best choices with this budget. But if you want to but it only for receiving calls then you shouldn’t buy this you can choose another one. For normal uses, this is the better uses

Positive Point:

  • Awesome Battery Backup
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • So comfort in Ear
  • Value for Money

Negative Point:

  • Between control, buttons should have some space

2. JBL T205BT

I think I don’t need to explain about JBL company’s product because this is one of the best speaker company in the world. JBL adopts the authentic sound quality it is known for in its home audio speakers and reproduces it in these JBL T205BT in-ear wireless earphones.

The earphones’ 12mm drivers stand out above their weight class, offering impressive sound reproduction and deep bass rhythm. The three-button remote and microphone are easy to manipulate, so you can answer a call at the touch of a button.

Recharge the headphones within two hours for a full charge giving you six hours of music/talk time. Comfortable earrings are ergonomically designed and soft, so they won’t pinch or hurt your ears.

Design and Build Quality:

JBL 205BT comes with a decent color compact which gives you premium feeling.

It is made of Aluminium Finish also this is too light-weight, The earbuds are designed ergonomically, It has  Tangle-free flat cable So you can move here and there freely and comfortably while listening to music.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

JBL has been pumping great sound into the car and home audio for decades.

Now they’ve been putting that mastery to the test in these JBL T205BT in-ear wireless headphones with a three-button remote and microphone. With 12mm drivers, these little in-ear headphones are amazing.

The 12.5mm drivers are housed in a premium casing and bring serious bass to your music.

Covering a range of frequencies, these headphones can reach the high and mid ranges that are difficult to reproduce, as well as the low bass, offering you a full and authentic sound when traveling or sitting at your desk.

Battery Life:

JBL 205BT  comes with a Large 120mAh takes around 2 hours to charges completely and giving a playback time of up to 6 hours.

But We were able to get around 4 to 5 hours of use in our testing, while it takes around 3 hours to charge the earphone fully.

Best Features:

You can easily control your sound and manage calls from your earphone with the responsive three-button remote with microphone, which is the really cool features.


If you are a normal user and want to experience high-level audio quality then this is the right choice for you.

Positive Point:

  • Budget-friendly wireless earphones
  • No noise Canceling
  • Sound Quality is Superb

Negative Point:

  • Take two hours to full charge
  • Not comfortable under Helmet

3. Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth wireless earphone

Forgot the 3.5mm headphone jack and are now looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headsets to connect wirelessly? Well, look no further.

You might be wondering where we put it, but here it is: the new Rokerz 255 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1-CSR8635 chipset and 10mm driver.

Together they ensure crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound.  Redefine your style with a sparkling mix of rockerz 255 green and black neon.

With 6 hours of play, you’re sure to spend a quarter of your day wearing these headphones.

Listen to music, take calls, or activate voice-controlled smartphone assistants because touching your phone to control it is too common. Magnetic earphones prevent the earphones from falling off and keep them secure when not in use.

Design and Build Quality:

The built quality is pretty good, It comes with a very thick cable neckband tile of earphones it has also led is very lightweight so that you feel comfortable while listening to music.

But The Bluetooth range not more than 10m which is not enough
and if you listen to music for a long time then you will feel ear pain due the conical buds

Speakers and Sound Quality:

We can blindly believe it has a powerful HD sound and deep boosted bass, extent noise cancellation, and decent sound clarity and mind-blowing battery. Just listen to your favorite music with this cool wireless earphone

Boat Rockerz 255 wireless earphone provides inline button controls so that you can easily change the volume, skip tracks, make voice calls, and activate Siri, Google Now, or Cortana voice-controlled smartphone assistants. It helps trainings and athletes smoothly during practice. The wizard helps to access various functions of the smartphone.

Battery Life:

Boat Rockerz 255 says 10 mins charge, 45 mins play: The boAt Rockerz 255 is equipped with a 110 mAH battery that’ll surely allow you to spend your time with these earphones a quarter of your day

But We were able to get around 4 to 5 hours of use in our testing, while it takes around 3 hours to charge the earphone fully.

Best Features:

The sound and bass quality is loud and mind-blowing.


Overall this Bluetooth wireless earphone is really good you can go with this.

Positive Point:

  • 8-9 hours battery backup
  • Build quality is awesome
  • Light Weight

Negative Point:

  • I try to use it while riding a bike but’s it not comfortable for me
  • Range around 10m

Best wireless earphones under 2k:

4. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The new OnePlus wireless headphones are priced at Rs. 1,999. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is offered in three colors. Wireless earphones are a cheaper version of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2, released last year. In April, the Chinese tech company unveiled the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z alongside the OnePlus 8 series. OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

Design and Build Quality:

The new OnePlus wireless earphones with a three-color all the colors look premium. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z comes with an IP55 rating for sweat and water resistance. it also has a 9.2mm dynamic driver in addition to the super bass tone.

The weight of this earphone is 28 grams and is said to have an improved wireless range of 10 meters. In terms of connectivity, it has Bluetooth v5.0 and is charged via a USB Type-C port. Three silicone earbuds come in the package.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

The drivers have taken a slight hit as 9.2mm drivers are now available instead of 10mm on Bullets Wireless 2. There are some changes to the previous generation audio codec support, with aptX HD as a Missing featured codec, though there is support for high-quality AAC audio files.

I haven’t noticed an immediate drop in overall quality, but it shows there’s a lot less “bump” on certain tracks that rely on heavy bass. It is not very detrimental to the overall experience, but it is something to keep in mind. The sound stage is still nice and wide, and the separation of the instrument is good enough,

Battery Life:

The Bullets Wireless Z battery lasts approximately 20 hours. but I have changed once a week. I estimate that the battery lasted about 18 hours, which is still impressive and actually substantially longer than the Bullets Wireless 2.

I’m glad OnePlus has included support for Warp Charging with the cheapest buds. Just 10 minutes plugged in will give you around 10 hours or so of extra life. This is great for a quick recharge if you forget, and using a cord for your phone and headphones is something I wholeheartedly support.

Best Features:

It comes with a magnetic control means you have to Simply separate the earbuds to start listening, and when you’re ready to pause, just clip the earbuds together, this is amazing with all these types of wireless earphones

It also comes with an IP55 rating for sweat and water resistance.

Positive Point:

  • Charge just for 10 minutes, and you can listen to music for a long time.
  • Worth for 2000INR
  • Quality and the design is really excellent

Negative Point:

  • Bass is Avg

5. Sony WI-C200

The Sony WI-C200 wireless earphones are comfortable, versatile, and practical in-ear headphones that will fit in your ear seamlessly. Whether you’re listening to pop hits, classic concerts, or tapping your feet with a jazz single, the headphones deliver dynamic audio performance with deep bass and exceptional clarity.

It’s time to stop unrolling long strings and start enjoying music on the go. Enjoy music non-stop now on the go. Listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts throughout the day with an excellent battery life of up to 15 hours of playback. To top it off, the upgraded headphones come with a quick charge feature. Just 10 minutes of charging gives you 60 full minutes of play if the battery lasts less.

Design and Build Quality:

The Sony WI-C200 are simple in-ear headphones with a simple wireless design. The headphones are connected by a thin cable that runs behind his neck; It can be connected to facilitate cable management since they are magnetic.

They feel quite stable once they are in your ears, but their cable is quite long and the slack tends to create large dangling loops that could catch on something.

They don’t feel very durable, either: The headphones and control modules are housed in thin, inexpensive plastic, and the cables are quite thin. They should survive if you let them go once in a while, but they could break if they were ripped from your ears.

On the upside, its online remote is easy to use and features all the basic commands you would need in your everyday life, such as call/music and volume controls, as well as it has google voice assistant features.

It comes with a slim headphone design, which is quite comfortable and its flexible cable makes them super portable as you can easily wrap them up and put them in your pockets.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

The C200s are closed headphones with decent sound. They have great bass, a great mid-range response, and great highs.

Their bass is very deep and spread out, which means they can deliver the punch and rumble you find in dubstep, hip-hop, or house music.

They have a little bump on the bass, which brings an extra bump but also makes them a little booming and muddy. Fortunately, this over-emphasis doesn’t continue much in the mid-range, so vocals and main instruments sound accurately reproduced without too much clutter.

There’s a little mid-range drop, which pushes the vocals a bit, but it’s not very noticeable. Its treble response is very well balanced for the midrange, where things get a little bumpy. While their treble sounds adequately present and detailed, some frequencies lack detail and brightness, while others sound too loud and penetrating.over all the sound quality is good

Battery Life:

The Sony C200 has a surprisingly decent battery for wireless headphones. it is providing about 16 hours of constant playback on a charge, so they will run throughout the day in your post-work session from office to office.

The gym at night. They don’t have an automatic shutdown timer, so you should remember to turn them off when not in use so they don’t keep draining the battery, but since their lifespan is so good, it’s no big deal.

Positive Point:

  • The company gives promise to battery backup around 15 Hours but as I experienced it’s around 12 hours
  • Sound Quality is awesome
  • Light Weighted

Negative Point:

  • Not as much color variety

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6. Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

The Mi Neckband Wireless Bluetooth earphone is one of the best choices under his price segment. These affordable hearing aids try to do the basics right, making things simple in an effort to deliver the best value for money. Is this pair of headphones successful? Read on to find out.

Design and Build Quality:

The design is quite simple. Get a standard neck design with flexible chord earphones. Volume controls and on/off buttons are on the main body, and there is a micro USB port for charging. This port has a dust cover. To be honest, I think the design needs improvement.

The tip of the collar is stiff and does not sit as comfortably as, for example, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 set, and the buttons are a little sticky and do not respond correctly. Headphone magnets are also very weak and not very good at holding buttons together.

While connectivity is fine, note that the set doesn’t directly control the volume on your Android phone and that the tracks don’t stop automatically when you turn on the magnets on the headphones. You have to press a separate button to do this.

This is a little annoying on an iPhone because play/pause does not respond via the button.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

To control the volume, it is best to set the volume on your phone to the maximum and then control the gain with the headphones. But again, this is a set that costs Rs 1,999 and I am happy to live with these compromises given the sound quality.

the sound quality of this speaker is amazing. The music is well-rounded with a rumbling bass touch, and I think the sound is a bit flat overall as well. But that’s an opinion from someone listening in a dedicated home audio setup that includes a studio-quality DAC and headphones.

Passive isolation eliminates much of the ambient noise and there is nothing egregious about the sound signature. Demanding listeners will have complaints, but they won’t spend money on inexpensive wireless equipment, to begin with.

Battery Life:

Mi neckband earphones are equipped with a 110 mAH battery that’ll surely allow you to spend your time with these earphones a quarter of your day

Mi Neckband to get around 6 to 7 hours of use in our testing, while it takes around 3 hours to charge the earphone fully.

Best Features:

The sound quality is amazing. The is one of the best value for money

Positive Point:

  • You will get the awesome bass effect
  • worth for this price

Negative Point:

  • Sound is not much loud
  • If you have a little low budget then go for it otherwise choose from our best picks.

7. Mivi Thunder Beat

Easy connection and wide range. With the CSR 8645 chip paired with Bluetooth 4.1, enjoy a connectivity range of 30 feet.

7 hours of playtime. The lithium-ion battery allows you to enjoy up to seven hours of playback, rechargeable with USB power supplies. Super bass and HD sound.

With crisp high-definition sound, deep bass, clear mids, and clear highs. Elegant finish Strong metal outer body made from premium materials that will surely withstand most conditions. Magnetic lock. The magnetic lock helps keep headphones in place by preventing them from falling off when not in use. Free hands.

Design and Build Quality:

The design is such that the ear hooks and tips are not attached, so you can search for bigger tips while using smaller hooks if it is more comfortable for you.

Competitor Altec-Lansing MZW-100 has cast ear hooks and tips, which may not be suitable for everyone

The cameras that house the controllers are made of plastic, while the larger metal caps house the battery and circuits.

These metal caps also have magnets so you can put them on to prevent the earpiece from hanging or falling off your neck when the earphones are not in your ears.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

Thunder beats also boast of Qualcomm’s cVc noise cancellation technology, which helps clarify audio during phone calls. We had no complaints from people we called, and we were also able to clearly hear the other parties

Battery Life:

The headphones ran for just over 7 hours in our battery life test, which is on par with what Mivi claims. Charging does not take long and can be done with any smartphone charger.

Best Features:

The Mivi Thunderbeats adapt well to the ears, and the hooks ensure that they fall off easily.

The ear tips fit snugly and block noise to some degree, so you won’t have to turn the volume up too high. Also, the volume can go up a lot and we had to keep it at 80 percent or less most of the time.


If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset to use while running, this would be a good option.

Positive Point:

  • Awesome Bass
  • Mic quality is excellent
  • It looks awesome in-ear

Negative Point:

  • Little bit weighted(not too much)

8. Noise Tune Sport Bluetooth

Noise Tune Sport Bluetoothearphones are  Comfortable, secure fit, in-ear Bluetooth headphones that are great for sports. With up to 4 hours of battery life and Google Assistant / Siri support with a dedicated button. Tune Sport is the perfect upgrade for your wired headphones without breaking the bank.

Design and Build Quality:

The built quality is pretty cool, It comes with a very thick cable neckband tile of earphones it has also led is very lightweight so that you feel comfortable while listening to music.

It comes with three color options all the color is very premium with will give you rich fill.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

Audio quality is saving grace. The headphones offer high output with above-average bass output. During our use, we think the bass output was good enough for Bollywood and Punjabi music, but if you like bass music then these headphones will not meet your requirements.

For watching videos and playing, the headphones worked great with clear voices. While we never feel the need to cross the 70% volume level, if you exceed 80% volume, audio tends to be confused with the treble.

Battery Life:

The noise claims a battery life of 4 hours and the headphones lasted us for four hours with around 5% spare battery.

At the time of writing, the Tune Duo is available for 1,399 rupees, and while we like its audio output, the iffy fit is a shutdown. At the same price, you can consider the Boat Rockerz 255, which offers you a better design with magnetic headphones, quick charge support, and similar bass output.

Best Features:

This is affordable and budget-friendly and the sound quality amazing.

Positive Point:

  • Value for money(for the low budget)
  • Get the excellent sound quality

Negative Point:

  • Can feel bad sound quality during calls but it’s ok
  • Weight 95gm(which is too much)

9. Sound One X50

Design and Build Quality:

The Sound One X50 comes with a neckband design, which is really comfortable. Both shoots are physically connected to a cable. Along the cable is in-line controls that also house the microphone and the USB charging port. This is rather odd since most similar wireless headphones have this casing towards the right earbud, which is ergonomically the best location to have it.

Controls here include volume controls on either side of a multi-function button. The plastic on the controller feels sturdy, but the LEDs inside make it look a bit ‘cheap’. The flashing red and blue light makes it unattractive. Lights to indicate power aren’t really necessary nowadays, and this is what makes it look tacky.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

The X50 performed decently well. We could barely hear any ambient sounds, even at lower volumes. The pair comes with 10mm drivers each and is also quite loud. The frequency range of these headphones is from 20Hz to 20KHz, this means that the bass and treble should be decent enough.

We tested the X50 with Android and iPhone and we stream music from Apple Music and Amazon Music respectively. Different genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, Western Classical, EDM, and a little Rock music were our tests. We noted that the bass was quite loud and this could appeal to those who love heavy bass music.

It looks like the bass has been updated to give it that punch. At high volumes, the bass is distorted but not noticeable if you are not paying attention. The mids and highs are quite audible and we had no problems.

Battery Life:

The battery life of these headphones is appreciable. The built-in 80 mAh battery has a 240-hour standby time, while music playback peaks at 6 hours, according to the company’s rating.

During our test, the headphones hardly needed to be charged daily. Plus, the headphones support fast charging and can be recharged up to 100 percent in about two hours. Lastly, the X50 has a transmission distance of 10 meters, which is on par with most BT devices.

Best Features:

The headphones support fast charging and can be recharged up to 100 percent in about two hours.

The built-in 80 mAh battery has a 240-hour standby time.

Positive Point:

  • Sound Quality is loud and clear.
  • The sound quality during call or music is too good
  • This is Waterproof so you can listen to music during taking a bath
  • Noise cancellation features
  • Excellent battery backup

Negative Point:

  • Build quality can be disappointed you but if you will care then this is best one under this budget

Buy Now – Amazon

10. Infinity Glide N120

Endless sound with the new Glide 120, a high-quality wireless neckband from the house of HARMAN. It is loaded with features and designed for high performance. Glide 120 is suitable for people who enjoy listening to music longer. It comes with 7 hours of playtime, so listen to your favorite song in a loop or browse new playlists with ease and comfort.

Design and Build Quality:

Judging from the design with the frame, it looks just like the average Bluetooth wireless headphone, but it comes with premium metal headphones and a metal case. It’s a classy pair of headphones that looks as good as it sounds and offers additional flexibility and portability. It is made with a neckband that ensures a perfect fit around the neck. So, no matter what you are doing; jogging, running, exercising, or listening to music while driving, you can enjoy the buzz for longer hours without discomfort. For easy storage, the headphones are magnetic that connect to each other when not in use. Save the stress of adjusting the cable all the time.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

The headphones offer high output with above-average bass output. During our use, we think the bass output was good enough for Bollywood and Punjabi music, but if you like bass music then these headphones will not meet your requirements.

For watching videos and playing, the headphones worked great with clear voices. It also has Inbuilt mice.

Battery Life:

Coming with 7-hour battery life, you can listen to your favorite music on a full charge. The Infinity Glide 120 after a full charge dropped to 80% with about 60 minutes of playtime, at this rate I guess it can last for only 6 to 7 hours maximum.

Charging is reasonably fast. Although the backup battery may be less than what other wireless Bluetooth headsets offer, we believe that at this same price range, it’s good enough.

Best Features:

Watching videos and playing, the headphones worked great with clear voices. It also has Inbuilt mice.

Positive Point:

  • Looks awesome by the look build quality
  • Sound quality much better
  • Good battery life

Negative Point:

  • Comes with this wire

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FAQs on Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphones under 2000 INR

What is the best Bluetooth Earphone under Rs.2000 for sports activities?

For Sports Activities, We highly recommend going with Xoami Sports. These Mi earphones are specially launched for physical activities with its tight and comfortable fittings.

How long does the battery of a Bluetooth earphone last?

Each wireless headphone has its own specified battery backup. For example, Mivi thunder beats claim for 11 hours of unstoppable music listening whereas the Xoami sports facilitates just 9 hours of battery life.

Which Bluetooth earphone is better: Boat Rockerz 255 or MI sports Bluetooth earphone?

It may be a bit tough to pick the best one among two heart winners. But going with boat-rockers 255 will be more beneficial. The reason I have explained earlier.

Final Words

So finally, This was the list of best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 Rupees that was ever demanded in the market and still getting more popular day by day in 2022.

Now you are completely able to buy the best wireless earphone under rs. 2000, if you are still confused and don’t know which one will be perfect for you you can go with our best picks of wireless earphones, for any question regarding buying earphone please comment down below we are always here to help you.