Best Fitness Band In India? Mi Band 5 -Review

By Apoorv Agrawal Oct 13, 2022
Best Fitness Bands in India - Mi5 Fitness Band Review Guide

Are you planning to buy the best Fitness Band In India that suits your budget and keeps track of all your activities and calories burned? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Since the launch of mi-band 5 on Sept 29, 2020, this fitness band has become the most dominant player in the market compared to all fitness-band right from design, quality, and features you get everything in mi-band-5.


Is Mi band 5 the best Fitness Band In India?

let’s find out! with the detailed review, we will try to answer every question you have.

mi band 5


Let’s jump right into the display as it will the first thing you will see in any fitness band. With a 2.79cm Full touch AMOLED display, you will get the perfect color combination with better color saturation. This will provide you with an immersive bright display, which will be very stunning to look at even in bright sunlight. On a display you will be able to see step count, calories burned, heart-rate, battery, weather, and of course time and date.


Now, the 2nd most important thing you should always look for in a fitness band is battery backup. With 2 weeks of battery backup, which will save you the trouble of daily charging, just as we do with our smartphone. 2 weeks are enough of any fitness band, What’s special about Mi-band 5 is its magnetic charger. Which is very easy to plug and comes very handy and it will charge your mi band within 1 hour from 0 to 100%.

11 Sports mode

  • yoga
  • power walking
  • treadmill
  • outdoor running
  • outdoor cycling
  • Indoor cycling
  • pool swimming
  • jump rope
  • freestyle workout
  • Rowing machine
  • Elliptical

Which is basically everything you will be tracking in your daily fitness goal. With daily goal setting, you can achieve your desired weight or body structure. Mostly used in the gym or free running.

Personal Activity Intel.

This is by far the most advanced feature. You will not find this feature in any other fitness band under this price segment other than mi band 5. What is personal activity intel? Personal Activity Intelligence will measure your fitness bases on your age, gender, and existing fitness level on weekly basis and give you an accurate result.

“It is the first scientifically validate weekly score that prescribes personalized activity levels for optimal health.”

Heart & Sleep Monitoring

If you are a fitness enthusiast you know how important your heart rate is when you are doing exercises like HIIT workout or speedrunning. And also the quality of sleep you need so that you can rest properly to reduce stress and pain caused by the training exercise. This fitness-band handle’s it all well. With its active heart rate monitoring and deep sleep monitoring, you will get an accurate result on a daily basis.

Women Health Tracking

If you are a woman or a girl It’s awesome. I am not an expert on this topic, My Apologize. So I will keep it short. This feature records the menstrual cycle and ovulation phase and gives a useful reminder beforehand. So it will be a very useful feature for every woman. Best Fitness Band In India for women.

MI-Fit App

What’s the best way to look at your daily activities and to get proper feedback. You get App support called Mi-fit App, which is available in both android and AppStore. Mi-fit App is highly customized and gives you a graphical representation of your daily calories burn or the amount of exercise and deep sleep. It is very easy to read and gives you accurate results. You can also set the weekly goals on your Mi-fit App.

Water Resistance

While swimming you don’t want to spoil your band if it’s not water-resistant. So MI-band is 5ATM water resistance, which will track your swim record and the distance covered, calories burned while swimming. So this is overall a great choice.

Notification & Watch Faces

This mi band5 lets you see a notification like emails or text messages on your screen. You can also customize the notification setting over a specific app. With over 100 watch faces available on the mi-fit app you get to choose as much as you like. Plus it also supports Bluetooth -5 so you will get a good range and a strong paired connection over a longer distance.


One of the coolest features about this mi band 5 is its widget. You get music control, Alarm control, notification management, and many more widget. You can also customize the widget through app support. Plus you also get a Breathing level feature which will help you to monitor your breath pattern. It will be beneficial for your heart rate.

This mi band -5 lets you answer and reject call’s whenever you are busy and away from the phone. This the Best Fitness Band In India right now. For more advanced features go for Smartwatches.

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