8 Amazing Healthy Skin Care Tips

By Apoorv Agrawal Jan 21, 2020 #Skin Care

Before using your regular skin care cream or applying a homemade face mask, you need to remember one main thing: Skin is a living tissue. It should be fed with vitamins and water; it reacts to junk food, harmful chemicals and an unbalanced life.
So here is the list of things to do and not to do when it comes for caring your skin :

8 Amazing Skin Care Tips for You

Tip-1 Drink 4 cups of water a day. When the body is even slightly dehydrated, not only will the general feeling be bad (such as being tired and dizzy), but also the skin will appear less attractive.

Tip-2 Bad habits as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol consumption will harm your skin like the whole body. Several times an unbalanced life will be shown to your skin – it becomes more exposed to free radicals, which improve the ageing of the skin. If you harm your body, no skin care advice can be effective for you.

Tip-3 Exercise. It benefits your metabolism, and therefore – the appearance of the skin of the face. From yoga to kickboxing, anything that keeps your muscles at work is a huge plus for your health and beauty!

Tip-4 If you have dry skin, don’t use too many oily creams for your face and body treatment – twice a week might be enough. The skin may look good at first, but then it will become much drier and older.
This is because the skin needs a very small amount of fatty acids, and sometimes too much of something can do more harm than good.

Tip-5 Have a balanced diet. Our bodies need protein, unsaturated fats, carbons, vitamins and minerals to survive. So even if you’re trying to lose weight – don’t go overboard and give the body the food it needs. Professional advice is a must, especially when we feel like a fit figure.

Tip-6 Have your body tested for allergies and vitamin deficiencies.
For example- you might be allergic to dairy products, which can cause you a very worrying rash, or your blood may lack vitamin A, which can cause you dry skin. Consult your nutritionist anyway.
As part of this site, you can find here the list of antioxidants that can help you with better skin care nutrition.

Tip-7 Use products with fewer chemicals in your daily diet and skin care. The chemicals in our food and cosmetics cause long-term damage to our system.
That’s why it’s good to eat organic food and make your own face masks at home!

Tip-8 Wear sunscreen. Exessive sun exposure can lead to dry skin, pigmentation and premature ageing in the best case, or skin cancer to a worse scenario.

Hope these Amazing 8 Skin Tips will prove bliss for you. Also please note that these tips are in general and doesn’t intend for giving you in prescription. You can use some of them or any of them which give you results. For More Upates, Stay Tuned to ProNewsZone.

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