Yoga Therapy for Curing Cervical spondylosis


Before we jump to Yoga therapy for Cervical spondylosis we should better know a little about it. Cervical spondylosis is age-related wears and tear that affects the spinal disks in one’s neck. Signs of osteoarthritis develop as the disks dehydrate and shrink. Also, including bony projections along the edges of bones (bone spurs). Cervical spondylosis is a very common phenomenon that worsens with age. People may not have any symptoms but may experience pain or muscle spasms.

Facts on Cervical spondylosis

  • Near about 85 per cent of people who are over the age of 55 years live with cervical spondylosis, but not all of them experience pain.
  • Some Neck-stretching exercises can help to relieve stiffness and pain.
  • To help Muscle relaxants, steroid injections, and physical therapy can help ease symptoms. In severe cases, surgical options are also available.
  • Symptoms can include weakness and pain. In severe cases, the disc can press on a nerve and cause loss of consciousness and mobility issues.

Yoga Therapy on Cervical spondylosis

Ramdev babas yoga for Merudand and Cervical Spondylosis that will help you to give relief.

Here are nine yoga poses that may help Therapy on Cervical spondylosis :

1. Child’s pose

The child’s pose stretches your lower back and hips. The Art of Living offers video instructions on how to do it properly.

2. Bridge pose

The bridge pose stretches the spine, neck and chest. View step-by-step instructions from Yoga Journal.

3. Downward facing dog

Downward facing dog stretches your back and promotes flexibility. The Art of Living offers tips for getting this beginner pose right.

4. Cobra pose

The snake (cobra) pose stretches your back, lungs, and chest by lifting your chest off the floor while straightening your arms. Yoga Journal provides instructions on how to do it properly.

5. Locust pose

The locust pose strengthens lower back muscles. Yoga Basics provides directions and variations for beginners.

6. Mountain pose

The mountain pose is a simple stretch with a big impact. Gaia explains how to do this pose correctly to improve posture.

7. Cat pose

The cat pose strengthens and elongates your spine and neck. Yoga Learning Center shows you how.

8. Cow pose

The cow pose warms the spine and releases spine tension. Yoga Journal tells you how to do the pose and how to transition between cow and cat poses.

9. Staff pose

The staff pose strengthens your core, improves posture, and stretches your neck and shoulders. Yoga International offers instructions and breathing tips to help you get the most out of this stretch.

There are some of the yoga for curing Cervical spondylosis, stay tuned for more.

Hope this post has brought all the power pack Yoga therapy for Cervical spondylosis stay tuned for more health benefits coming up.