06 Ways to Boost Women’s Health


A healthy lifestyle is the best way to lead a disease-free, long happy life. But in the mountain of responsibilities of a woman’s life, staying healthy becomes very difficult to maintain.

Here are 06 tips to boost women’s health to lead a better life.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy eating the chocolate you love so much. Eating a healthy diet means to cut down on eating processed food as much as possible and eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits. Focus on eating whole food and high fiber foods and lean proteins like fish, Chicken Breasts, etc.

Eating healthy will help you control your weight and also prevent diseases like obesity,heart attack, osteoporosis, etc.

2. Move your Body.

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death for women. To prevent this from happening, add some form of exercise in your daily routine.

It doesn’t have to be an intense hardcore exercise. For optimal result combine cardio and some form of strength training. Cardio helps to maintain a healthy heart and strength training will build muscle and prevent osteoporosis.

3. Learn to manage stress.

No matter what stage of life she is in, a woman has to deal with a lot of stress and pressure in her everyday life. Stress can be the root cause of various problems like anxiety, depression, heart attack, etc.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Exercise can be a great outlet to release stress. Also, ‘Meditation’ is a good way to manage stress.

4. Avoid Bad Habits.

Avoid Smoking. This advice is universal to all, irrespective of gender. But for women, smoking can increase the risk for infertility, preterm delivery, stillbirth, low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Also, a study has found that women who smoke have lower bone density compared to women who don’t.

Also, make sure to keep alcohol consumption to a bare minimum.

5. Safety from Sun

Excessive exposure to the UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. To avoid this, wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor of minimum 15. if you are going outside for a while.

Even if you wear sunscreen, you should check for any sign of skin cancer periodically. These sighs are redness in the skin, an unusual feeling of size, shape, color of any birthmark or mole or freckles.

If you found any unusual change, you should immediately consult with a doctor.

6. Check for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in India. one woman dies in every 13 minutes in India due to breast cancer. The high mortality rate is because of the lack of awareness of breast cancer in India.

There is no way to prevent Breast Cancer, but there are sure ways to treat it if diagnosed in time.

It is very important for a woman to learn self-test and regular-examine of your breast on her own. And if any abnormality found, Immediately consult an oncologist. The earlier breast cancer is detected the easier to treat it.

In conclusion, a woman’s body undergoes immense change during the course of her life. But if you can follow these fundamental tips, you can improve your lifestyle with great success, and lead a happy & healthy life.