India to Lockdown for 3 Weeks Against Corona Virus


Today Prime minster Narendra Modi addressed at 8 PM to India about his decision to Take a bold step to cope with the situation India to Lockdown for 3 Weeks Against Corona Virus to being from today night at 12 to April 14 2020.

PM also stated that the country will face economic loss but the loss of lives is much more than that. He asked for 21 days so that India can be averted from the loss which would otherwise take is 21 years back. These were some words of PM today while he was sharing the messages.

He also mentioned that he is saying all this not as a PM but your own Family member and urged the people to abide by so together we can fight against this corona virus.

Seeing the impact of corona all over the world many measures are being taken by the government of countries all over the world. Prime Minister of India took 21 days of lock down as a measure to avoid social interaction thereby reducing the chances of getting the highly communicable virus to transmit.

It is noted that Itlay is seeing a large number of Corona Casualty because of the Pandemic. So all possible measures are taken to cope with this grim situation.

It is requested to the citizen to please support and cooperate with the government and all administrative staff which are there to help you in this struggling phase.