The Pride of Pride month : LGBTQ

By Amisha Sharma Jun 22, 2022
The Pride of Pride month : LGBTQ

JUNE a month dedicated to the gender that is often ignored i.e. LQBTQ, who are fighting for their rights and for their identity in the society since a long time now and to celebrate their identity Pride month is celebrated in USA and around the world with lot of feelings and emotions.

As we say love is in the air and also segregate that love for different gender and have that mind set that a man can be attracted towards a woman and a woman can be attracted towards a man ONLY but what if someone is different I am different You are different why don’t we think differently and not judge people on the basis of their definition of love.

LQBTQ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning these terms are used to define a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity

The Pride of Pride month : LGBTQ 1

Lesbians – A woman who is sexually attracted towards a woman.

Gay – Gay refers to homosexual people in other words people who are attracted towards people of same sex.

Bisexual – Bisexual people have their sexual orientation towards more than one gender they are attracted towards both man and woman.

Transgender – Transgender is a term that is for people whose gender identity does not match with the gender assigned them at birth.

Queer – A person who is not heterosexual.

And the last one Questioning this is the recent addition as they are always questioned regarding their existence. They are treated as inhumane impure and what not they are not allowed to breathe properly coming out in open and saying that I am a part of LGBTQ community is a courageous thing to do because what happens after that is a harsh reality of our society.

They have their name addressing them as chakka or meetha is not appropriate. It’s not their choice they are made like that and we all have heard that every creature of God is amazing so why not them they are not allowed to adopt they are not allowed to get married in short they are not allowed to live the life they want to why cannot we just take moment and appreciate all the member of LQBTQ community and stop judging them on the basis their previous stereotypes.

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