How UBEREATS & Faasos are dangerous to One’s Beliefs?

By PNZ Staff Jun 30, 2019 #UBER Eats

This story is of a victim of Carelessness done by UberEats & Faasos and such online food delivery company, whose mistake can hamper your religion sentiments

Since these Apps Being from very popular among the youngters and people living away from their homes . Food delivery services are emerging rapidly providing easy services at doorsteps.

But last night Samarth Dubey working in a private firm in Noida sector 70 ordered a Wrap from Faasos via UberEats and reported something which shook him.

The Victim Told us – ” Being a brahmin guy having high religious beliefs. I have never had any sort of non vegetarian in my life. I ordered Cheese melt paneer roll via ubereats from faasos on 30 june 2019 12:01 am and recieved it around 12:40 am . Ate it almost half then thought this paneer is a little bit different, inspected it and checked the bill. And earth rotated backwards for some seconds for me when i found out that it was mentioned there as ‘cheese melt chicken roll ‘.

UBEREATS & Faasos order
How UBEREATS & Faasos are dangerous to One's Beliefs? 1
UBEREATS & Faasos sending different

I have always believed on not to eat non vegetarian and being a brahmin, i have never imagined it in near future too. This was very easily shattered by ubereats and faasos. “

Advice to user, please beware of bill and food, if you are high with religious sentiments.

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