Best Video Sharing App in India Remush

Best Video Sharing App in India

As we know the Government of India on it’s latest notification has banned over 118 Apps amongst which include PUBG as well. Prior to this ban there in an earlier ban, the government has banned famous short video content creating Chinese app Tik Tok which help people with short content to get popular in no time.

Owing to security reasons these apps were banned since these were of Chinese origin which was found breaching the privacy of people. 

To this many people may be disheartened as they would not be able to create content anymore. But no longer. Since we have some homemade apps, yes apps yes! Of Indian origin amongst which Remush is one of the best in this segment. Let’s find out what all features this app and video creating platform has for people. Lets dig out about this wonderful and best video sharing editing app in India

Best video sharing app in India

There are many apps like Kawi, Smack Video, but if you want a different yet unique video sharing app which does all your work from video editing to sharing your content and gets followers then Remush is the one you should download. Remush App is one of the best alternatives to Tik Tok. It is one of the trending video sharing and video status editing app for short contents in India made in India.

Why Video Sharing Apps are popular in India?

Video sharing apps don’t require much brainstorming for content like you would do on Youtube or Instagram. Also, you have to create content which is no more than 15seconds, doing it on youtube will be futile since youtube prefer long content more.

Since people don’t have to think much they can endlessly create content which you entertain themselves or others and also get popular.

Remus Video Sharing Platform V/s Smack & Tik Tok

Let’s find out why Remush Video Sharing App is so cool and can be a gamechanger in India. First of all the good thing is that it is indigenous that is Made in India without any doubt.

Best Video Sharing App in India Remush 1

Remush is an Ultimate Video Editing & Social Platform for mobile videos. Moreover, as it is powered by AI, you can, in fact, create amazing original content. This app is simple to use, but it’s simplicity don’t compromise with the powerful video editing quality. Also, you can share your content with people all over the world.

Features of Remush when Compared with Tik Tok and Smack Video

Templates, it has a wide range of video templates of all moods. You can start exploring your artistic realms with pro-editing features and make quality content.

Since it is a very naive yet growing platform if you start using it, there are chances you would get popular as well. Apart from this one of the best thing, you would love about this app is you can make videos on Dance with the latest Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood tunes. You have also got Lip-sync to the trending dialogues in which you can express your joyous moments. 

You can connect with like-minded content creators and influence each other. Hence you can try to put yourself in this infinite playlist of engaging videos.

Moreover, in Remus video-sharing app you can follow trending topics like news, comedy, funny memes, dance, quotes, entertainment, educations, food recipes, gossips and many more.

Features of Remush Video Sharing App that made us to Love it :
Best Video Sharing App in India Remush 2

First of all, when it comes to the sleekness of the App this app deserves a thumbs up. The simple layout is one thing that you would love about this app. The app is specifically made to give you content based on your interests. You will be presented as an endless stream. You can follow trending tags which you like with easy access directly on the home screen and can fall into the stream of endless entertainment.

Easy and Handy when it comes to shooting video, yes now create your desired content with an easy to use camera feature, lip-sync or enact with a wide range of sounds available in their library.

Power Pack Video Edition with Tons of other features.

Video Editior Feature

Adding Background Music is very simple just add video content and the next icon would be to add. You can choose audio from a wide range of free top music and background scores. And When it comes to Video Editing it turns into a Powerful Video Editor so you would ask yourself if you really need any other video editing apps? You don’t as Remush does it all. There are a lot of features like stickers, single-shot effects, swipe effects, frames, transitions, filters, slow motion, split effects and many more which you can use and make your video more appealing.

Material is one thing which you would always need. So it comes with readymade templates which you can use straightforwardly. You will find some of the most common videos or photos into a high-quality for video status for various occasions like birthday wishes, wedding invites, good morning and good night wishes, festival wishes, photo shows, fun Bollywood, Tollywood skits, cool lyrical and dialogue videos, etc. These templates create are easy to use and even a newbie would feel pro.

Apart from this split and merge features which you download different apps. So Remush has solved this problem. Now you can freely create an amazing video by trimming and cutting or, merging multiple clips into one for YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp status. Also, it helps to split, trim & cut video, combine and compress video without losing video quality.

Faceswap Feature:

This is something new, yes you can now also have fun with AI-based face swap! Remush brings you to face swap feature as well by which you can start creating personalised video memes and also share on various other social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. 

There was one more feature of Earning credits and badges You will earn credits by posting new videos and unlockingunlock new materials which include effects, templates which helps you to create even more engaging videos. Hence you can increase your audience engagement and earn badges. Now get ready to be a mobile screen celebrity!!!

One important thing was Data privacy and security. This is one of the most important aspects nowadays and one of the reasons why TikTok was banned. Remush takes data privacy very seriously and makes sure there are right guards in place to protect our user’s data and their privacy. 

You can visit Remus Video Sharing App or Download via play store. As of now, it is only available on play store but soon coming to ios as well. This is Indian Made short Video sharing and status video making app.