Top Indian Video Conferencing Platforms & Apps

By Riya Maurya Jan 1, 2022
Top Indian Video Conferencing Platforms & Apps

India is all set to have it’s own Video Conferencing Apps and Platforms ready for going Vocal for Local. Since a huge drawback of foreign apps and Chinese apps which did the security breach and were capturing data silently, a wake-up call was given by banning some of the famous apps like Tiktok, etc.

This gave a call for India’s aim to go Atamnirbhar. Thus Boycotting Chinese applications and coming with MADE IN INDIA product, amidst COVID 19.

In this pandemic virtual meetings has been hipped, with this use of video conferencing apps also heightened. The government of India has launched a new ‘Innovative Challenge’ urging startups to participate and build the country’s own video-conferencing application. It will reward whoever builds the app keeping the security of the users in mind. 

Indian Entrepreneur came with an innovative video conferencing platform. Proving itself to best alternative of Chinese App ZOOM.

Keeping the criteria in mind innovators has come with something which is the demand of time.

Security first, Low cost with unique features and the most importantly easy to access is key features of MADE IN INDIA video conferencing app.


Top Video Conferencing Apps & Platforms Made in India.

Here you will get all the best video conferencing Application for Android Ios devices as well as for your laptop and PC. What are their features and how you can get their benefit for free?

Jio Meet by Reliance

Best Indian Video Conferencing Apps 2022

Top features for Jio Meet:

  • Free of charge
  • Duration of the call can be last up to 24 hours not limited
  • User can  do One to one call or a conference call
  • up to 100 participants with enterprise-grade host control

Beginning with JioMeet, Jio again came with unique features and proving to be the best one-stop solution for video conferencing app. JioMeet is India’s take on Zoom. Easy to access and is quite similar to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

The ‘enterprise-grade host controls’ offered in JioMeets include password protection for meetings, multi-device, login support, ability to share screen, a waiting room, ability to schedule meetings, and more. One can also access the platform through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on computers.

Say Namaste , by Incripts

Best Indian Video Conferencing Apps 2022

Top features for Say Namaste:

  • Screensharing option
  • Around 50 Users Can connect
  • available on Desktop/Laptop using the Google Chrome browser and on Android Phones and
  • iOS Phones users can use the app

Say Namaste
video conferencing app has been developed by Inscripts India Private Limited. Its beta version launch was done on 17th April 2020.

It is currently available on Desktop/Laptop using the Google Chrome browser and on Android Phones and iOS Phones using the app. You can download the Android app here: and the iOS app here:

It is also equipped with the vital feature of video conferencing i.e Screensharing. One can access via desktop/laptop on your Google Chrome browser. Mobile users can currently view the screen share but they cannot initiate it. Almost up to 50 users can join the meeting and will be adding more said the makers.

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How to use Say Namaster App on phone, PC ?

–After heading over to the you will be able to see two options: create a new meeting and join an existing meeting.

–With the create new meeting option you will be able to create a meeting ID and send it to people have to have the meeting with.

–To join a meeting you will be required to enter your name, the meeting ID and the meeting code sent by the host of the meeting in the space given.

Floor, by 10Times

Best Indian Video Conferencing Apps 2022

Top features of Floor are

  • audience polls,
  • live question-answers
  • social forum,
  • user matching for networking,
  • content sharing, etc.

Floor is an Indian video conferencing platform built by Noida-based events discovery platform 10Times. Target to provide the best alternative to users and capture the untapped market of video conferencing for carrying out seminars, summits, or even facilitating tradeshows or market selling, the application offers video conferencing of varying types.

It lets you conduct one-on-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many interactions with much ease. thus, attempting to establish itself as a one-stop solution for both personal and professional video-based communications.

KL Meet, by Knowledge Lens

Best Indian Video Conferencing Apps 2022

Key Features of KL Meet:

Basic features of the KL Meet app include Audio/Video Calls, Chat, Screen Sharing & Recording. The app also functions as a Personal Calendar/ Organizer with Calendar, Meetings and Contacts as handy features. It is available for Web, iOS & Android devices. Users can schedule meetings and invite participants within the app.

Knowledge Lens based in Bangalore was inspired by the ‘Made in India, made for the world’ principle. Their team has already came up with video conferencing app with chat and mobile capabilities for the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) as a part of project

KL meet is used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and small businesses across the globe. Aiming to meet the need of every user in this pandemic and provide the best alternative of Zoom.

FAQ regarding Video Conferencing Apps in India

Which is the Best Indian video conferencing app in India ?

Jio Meet, SayNamste is the best Indian video conferencing app in India.

Which is the Best Video Conferencing Apps in India?

Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Meet are some of the best video conferencing apps in India 2022.

This was all in this Pro-Tech post by Pro news Zone. We aim to deliver you quality informational content. As a citizen of India, it’s our responsibility to support Indian young entrepreneur and boost India made product, through using it fullest. These were some of the best Indian Video Conferencing apps you can use for free. Give it a try and comment below your views.

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