PM Modi Addressing Live in Ramlila Maidan

By Apoorv Agrawal Dec 22, 2019

PM Modi speaks on opposition to citizenship law- I hate, hit my effigies with shoes, but don’t burn the hut of the poor Modi said the benefits of central government schemes were given to every religion. Modi said the benefits of central government schemes were given to every religion. Modi announces legalisation of illegal colonies in Delhi.

Modi says, after the bill was passed, some political parties are spreading rumours, fuelling sentiments
“If we legalized illegal colonies in Delhi, did anyone ask what your religion is?”
‘The snags were stuck in my work; Happy to their VIPs, my VIP you guys’
“No one asked for religion in implementing the schemes, tell the country if I smell edifying my actions.”
New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on Sunday. Modi targets opposition over opposition to citizenship law. He said that we never asked for any religion in implementing the schemes, if i have the smell of discrimination in my activities, tell the country. I don’t like to hit my effigies shoes, but don’t burn the hut of the poor.

‘Some parties are involved in spreading rumours’

“Recently, Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill. The Parliament of India helped the Lok Sabha to pass the bill for your bright future. You stand up and respect the Parliament of the country. Respect with full strength. I also join you and salute both the Houses and the representatives of the country, thank you. ”

“After the bill is passed, some political parties are spreading rumours of sorts. They are misleading the people. Are provoking emotions. I would like to know from him that when we worked to legalize hundreds of colonies in Delhi, did anyone ask what your religion is, what is your faith, which party you vote for, which party supporters are. Did we ask you for any evidence? 70, 8090 evidence was sought. Every religion got the benefit of this scheme of the central government. Why did we do it? Because we live because of attachment to the country. We are dedicated to the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Faith. Two bills have been passed in the same session. One, I am giving powers to the people of Delhi and alleging that I am making a law to snatch the rights. Look into my work, challenging those who are going to spread lies. If there is a smell of discrimination, bring it before the countrymen. ”

‘Opposition is spreading lies’

“Whether it is a Hindu or a Muslim, the CAA is not for him,” Modi said. It has been spoken in Parliament. Those who are living in the country have nothing to do with it. Lies are also being spread about the NRC. The Congress made it. We have not brought it, but the bogey is being erected. We are giving you your rights. So, will you remove the people? Things like children are happening. The Congress and the parties like him shouted-look at the crow’s ears and flew. Some people began to flee behind the crow. First, see if the crow has been cut off or not. First, see what has happened in the NRC. When the Supreme Court said, we had to nrc for Assam. ”

“Some educated naxalites and urban naxals living in the Congress and its fellow cities are spreading rumours that all Muslims will be put in the detention centre. Good educated people are also asking about the detention centre. Saw a media report in which media people were asking where the detention centre was, but nobody knows. Read what is the NRC? Even now, those who are in confusion will say that there are rumours of the detention centre. They are all full of nefarious intentions. It is a lie, a lie, a lie. To what extent are these people going to lie? Most of our refugees have come from Pakistan, they are from dalit families. These are the people who were kept bonded labourers in Pak. ”

‘Refugees don’t hide their identities’
“When somebody crosses the border and comes to India, he first goes to the government office and says, “Help me.” Even today, these people are interviewing that we have had to come. But the intruder does not interview, nor tells the police to help me. He comes and hides and gives the agents a share of wages. The intruder never allows his identity and the refugee does not hide his identity. ”

Respect Gandhiji’
“The uproar on the road is like sprinkling salt on the pain of refugees. The CAA is to give, not to snatch anyone’s citizenship. This is not my thinking of Mahatma Gandhi. Even today, they try to exploit the name Gandhi, listen to it. Believe Modi or not as if Gandhiji. He said that the Hindu and Sikh companions living in Pakistan are welcome to come when they feel that they should come to India. This concession is in accordance with the promise of India which was made at the time of independence. Today, when the BJP-led NDA government is fulfilling the decades-old promise, why oppose it?”

‘No evidence sought from anyone for the scheme’
“Look at our one plan. When 8 crore families were given connections under the Ujjwala Yojana under the free gas scheme, did we ask anybody to religion, did we ask anybody for proof. I would like to ask the Congress and its colleagues why people are instigating. ”

“In the last five years, our government has built more than 1.5 crore houses for the poor. We did not ask anyone for his caste and religion. Then, why are lies being spoken on falsehood? The country is being misled. But the opposition papers are misleading Muslims in the name of paper. We never put up papers for any scheme. Earlier, the beneficiaries had to be circling here for the scheme. We decided that every scheme would benefit everyone. Caste, religion will not be seen. For free electricity connections, for Ujjwala Yojana, for housing scheme we ourselves reached the hut of the poor. We never asked if you go to the temple to go to the mosque or go to the Gurudwara. The world’s largest health scheme is being run in India today. More than 50 crore poor in the country have been planned for free treatment of Rs. 5 lakh. But because of politics, this scheme is not applicable in Delhi. 70 lakh patients have been treated where the scheme has come into force. ”

‘The police don’t see religion while helping’
“The police personnel who are being subjected to violence while doing their duty,” Modi said. They are being killed. Policemen are not enemies of anyone. The country does not know that after independence, 33 thousand police brothers in the country gave martyrdom for peace and security. The policemen were martyred to protect the common citizen and you are killing them today. When there is a crisis, it is difficult, the policeman sees neither religion nor caste, he comes and stands up to help you. Now, the market in Delhi itself started to fire. So many people lost their lives. The police did not ask for their religion. The number of survivors survived was removed. This 100-year-old parties are not ready to speak two words of peace. That means, violence is your silent consent. The police should be respected. ”

“I have understood the politics of the opposition”
According to Modi, “he has made a nefarious effort to push the country into anarchy. Attacks were carried out on children’s schools, passenger buses and trains. People’s shops, bicycles and motorcycles were burnt. The money of Indian textiles was buried in the fire, which was damaged. This country has understood very well how their politics and intentions are. I know that for the first time, those who did not want to understand how it went. For the second time, it was tried to be confirmed. Lies were spread. But the people of the country gave more blessings. These people are no longer able to tolerate shock. It came first, but how it came again. From the day it came, it has been spreading falsehood. ”

“The people who have seated Modi, if you don’t like it, get angry with Modi. Burn Modi’s effigy by planting Modi’s effigy and hitting the shoes. But don’t burn the poor hut, his auto rickshaw. Don’t harm government property. ”

‘It’s not our tendency to hang up problems’
“With the help of technology, the work of identifying the boundary of more than 1700 colonies in Delhi has been done. The decision to regularize colonies is related to the right of the house. It is also going to speed up the business here. It is not our tendency to hang up problems. It is not our sanskars, nor is it the way to our politics. ”

“What were the people you trusted in themselves? It should be known to the people of Delhi. These people had illegally given more than 2000 bungalows to their businessmen in the most luxurious and most expensive areas of Delhi. I don’t want to go to the story of what happened, why it happened, how it happened in lieu of these bungalows. Earlier, those governments who were running the government gave full exemption to the occupants of these bungalows, but did not do anything for irregular colonies themselves. When I was doing it, I left no stone unturned to stop the snags, but they did not know that modi was in front. He vacated the government bungalow. At the same time, more than 40 lakh delhiites were also entitled to their homes. Happy vip to them, my VIP is you guys. ”

116 km new metro lines launched in Delhi in 5 years’
“In the last five years, we have made an unprecedented development of the Delhi Metro amidst all political barriers,” Modi said. The network of Delhi Metro before 2014 was expanding by an average of about 14 kms per annum. Then there was his government in Delhi and there were the same people in the Government of India, yet it was recent. What is the attitude of the State Government after our arrival-all obstacles arise. But our government has now built the Metro route with an average of 25 kms per annum. In the last 5 years, 116 km of new lines were started in Delhi. Work is being done on the new route of 70 kms. If the government does not do politics on phase-IV of the Metro, the work would have started much earlier. So, I say that in the name of you, it is their intention not to understand your sufferings. ”

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