Delicious Japanese Ramen Noodle Recipe

By Gaurav Christian Nov 26, 2021 #Recipes
Delicious Japanese Ramen Noodle Recipe

We all are packed in our homes amid this COVID-19 pandemic. But we should be more than happy about it as we have this time to find who we are, what we can do and most importantly is to get inside our home and follow lockdown orders, rules and regulation.

So, now coming with real foodie job, yes, I have come up with this amazing totally new food experiment cum easy noodles recipe which you can try in your homes with few or little available ingredients at home. This ramen noodles in this lockdown phase will surely make a place in your heart.

Since we all foodies are missing the luscious outdoor meal to quench our thirst for good food. Let’s head on to this Japanese Ramen Noodle recipe.


Ramen Noodle Recipe

Want a complimentary mouthwatering dish while you Watch Japanese anime, try out this delicious ramen. This one is dressed with egg, but you can skip egg part if you prefer healthy veg noodles at home.

The Ramen Recipe For the broth : –

  • Boil water in a pot and add some cauliflower leaves and stalks along with peas, ginger, garlic, crushed pepper, oregano, Ajinomoto, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, a green chilli (sliced), coriander stalks, chicken bones & fat (optional if you’re a vegetarian) and a dash of lemon juice.
  • Let it boil for at least 30 mins or till the broth absorbs all the flavours from the vegetables.

Once done.. strain the noodles using a kitchen seive.. you don’t need the vegetables.

For the chicken marinade: –

  • Marinate boneless chicken in soy sauce, salt, pepper powder for minimum of 15- 20 mins

For the Toppings: –

  • Boil eggs and cool when ready.
  • In a pan, add some oil and shallow fry some spinach leaves after drying off as much water. Make sure you don’t burn it. You just need to make sure they’re coated in oil and harden a bit. Strain of excess oil and remove in a bowl.
  • In the oil panned saute some garlic and ginger juliennes for the toppings.
  • In the same oiled pan, add the marinated chicken and saute on low flame till it’s cooked and crisp on the outside. Remove and let it cool for a while.

For the noodles: –

  • Boil you’re noodles (maggi noodles) in boiling water with a dash of salt.

Plating: – Dressing Delicious Ramen for You!

  • In a bowl, add a good amount of broth and add the noodles into the broth.
  • Place the eggs, fried spinach, and chicken on the sides.
  • On top add the fried ginger and garlic for texture and finish it off with a drizzle of soy sauce.

And voila. Ita daki masu.

Enjoy your healthy and super tasty Japanese Ramen noodles which you cooked in minutes. Enjoy with your friend or partner or even alone.

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