Why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond its beaches ??


Goa beyond its beaches

Even when I was going for a vacations on 6th of June , I too would think Goa for beaches , pristine blue with golden sand and perhaps a bottle of Goa’s favorite chilled beer Kings .

However , this was my first trip in the Western part of India and it was the Best ♥️

Firstly , I stayed near Colva beach . I would recommend the best place to stay in Colva is a resort CASA ROIZ of a grand lady who had treated me like her daughter.

Colva Beach Goa Sun Set
when sun is going to set

I did visit the Colva Beach daily at night after dinner. I did so much more things that can easily get overlooked if you spend all your time at the beach.

Then I visited the South Goa , the amazing thing to do in south Goa was Boating Cruise it was a very nice experience there were many performances and activities planned for us in the Cruise. I enjoyed the time with my Family .

Why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond its beaches ?? 1
Baga Beach

Heritage of Old Goa

Then the most famous Old Goa Church which was built 40 years ago , the environment was very mesmerizing.

Once you walk around a little in Old Goa , it’s easy to get addicted to its houses especially the ones from Portuguese era. The houses have the most beautiful colours and textures , and are very inviting as photography subject.
The best parts for house walks and house watching are –
• Panjim
• Old Goa
• Numerous smaller towns across the state.

Why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond its beaches ?? 2
Old Goa Church

If you are an architecture enthusiast , I would also recommend going to the museum houses of Goa. The museum beautifully Chronicles the history of these houses, their cultural and religious significance, the design elements and materials used and so on.

PS: The museum has a fee of Rs 200 .

I also visited in Shantdurga Temple where the rituals are strictly followed. I was not welldresed for the prayer/Temple, the priest at the door stopped the ones and gave them one duppata to cover themselves and then enter to the temple. The temple is very beautiful, and when you exit the temple premises there is a street for shopping.

Shopping Spot

Whenever I go, I always seek out the Best South Indian Bada in town.

The Market in Goa is huge and so is the parking behind it . The market offers something for everyone. You can find the kind of stuff you usually find in flea markets across Goa Beaches, especially Anjuna and can also find more high and designer stuff.

Most of the designer type shops are run by Foreigners and they sell stuff like clothes , shoes , bags , Jewellery etc. It’s all quite beautiful but also expensive. I bought a bag from them .🛍

Bar and Pub Culture

Why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond its beaches ?? 3

Apart from this you can also party in a pretty cool bar with cool people who come drink and dance in Tito’s. It’s a great place to chill , though only limited conversation’s can take place.

Why is it so difficult to think of Goa beyond its beaches ?? 4

There is still so much more than can be added to the list and it would still be incomplete . But if you do love water , I can recommend a waterfall in Goa which will simply take your breath away Dhudhsagar Falls !!🌊


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