Cheap & Best Digital Writing Pad for Laptop Android (Online Teaching in India) (September 2021)


Hello Friends, Are you looking for some cheap and best digital writing pad for a laptop so that using drawing or writing pad you can teach online. You have no doubt come to the right place as we are going to reveal some great deals to help you in buying the best digital writing pad for Laptop in India for Online Teaching which can also be used in your android smartphone.

Best Digital Writing Pad for Laptop

If you are finding which is the best digital writing pad for laptop for beginner, intermediate or advance in India then you have following options. You can get this writing pen pad online from amazon or Flipkart. So if you are someone who just want a basic writing pad for a laptop or phone under 3000 INR for online teaching then below are some writing pads that will be the best option under your budget.

Best Budget Writing Pad for Beginners for Online Teaching in India

If you are having a tight budget or you are a beginner who is thinking to buy a writing pad for making educational videos or for teaching your students online as in this pandemic most of the physical classes are shut down. You can get these budget-writing pad for laptop or mobile.

HUION HS64 Graphics Drawing Tablet & Android Writing Pad for Laptop and Android Phone

HUION HS64 Graphics Drawing Tablet best writing pad under 3000

This HUION HS64 Graphics Drawing Tablet or Pen Pad which is having Battery-Free Stylus. It is the cheapest writing tablet available which is compatible with Android along with Windows macOS. Huion HS64 is having a working area of 6.3 x 4in which is decent. You can get this online for under 3000 INR.

You will also get Micro USB connector as well as C-tye OTG connector since it is compatible with android. You will also get some extra nibs so it lasts your writing longer without any issue.

VEIKK VK640 Digital Graphic Tablet & Writing board for Laptop

Looking for a premium writing board pen pad connected to mobile & Laptop then Veikk will be a good option to buy. You can get this digital writing pad for online teaching at the best price on Amazon.

VEIKK VK640 Digital Graphic Tablet

VEIKK is a good brand. We liked the quality of Veikk product it gives you are premium feel. So if you are looking for a budget pen pad for laptop online for teaching as a beginner you can go for Veikk VK640 Digital Graphic Tablet (6″x4″ Size, 8192 Pressure, Battery-Free Pen, 28 Nibs,Win,Mac & Android Supported) Drawing Pen Tablet for Graphic Design & Online Education, Black Grey, Small


  • The 8192 levels sensitivity battery-free pen providing you smooth experience.
  • Support tilt pressure(±60)Line is fine, delicate and natural with no delay and broken line.
  • Comes with 28 Replace Nib and one pen clipper.


  • No As such

VEIKK S640 V2 Graphic Tablet for Online Teaching


VEIKK S640 V2 is another writing tablet that also Support Android. This Graphic Tablet or Pen Tablet is having a Drawing area of 6 * 4 Inch along with a Battery-Free Passive Pen which as 8192 Levels Pressure giving you more writing feasibility. It is cheaper than huion so you can choose this one as well.

XP-Pen StarG640 Graphics Drawing Tablet

You can buy this Digital Writing pad for online teaching under 3000 Rs in India.

XP-Pen StarG640 Graphics Drawing Tablet

XP-Pen StarG640 is another entry-level Graphics Drawing Tablet. This Pen Tablet is having a working area of 6×4 inches. This Laptop pad for writing is having 8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity for easing writing drawing. Like the above two, it also has Battery-Free Stylus and 20 Replacement nibs.

You can go for this tab as well.

These were some of the best digital writing pads for laptop pc mac which you can get around 3000 in India online. These writing pads are best for newbies, beginners and decent for teaching online in India. You can rely on these for sure. I have been using Huion HS64 for over a year and it works flawlessly so you can buy it. Huion HS64 writing pad connected to mobile. You can check the Huion HS64 review online on youtube at ProNewsZone

Update: We have recently brought Veikk VK1060 which is similar to VK 1060pro. Stay tuned for our review of Veikk VK 1060 digital writing pad review.

FAQ Digital Writing Pad for Online Teaching

What is a digital writing pad?

A digital writing pad is a device that is used to create graphics or write on your computer, laptop screen. Some digital writing pad are compatible with the mobile android os as well.

How do I connect my digital writing pad to my laptop?

You can simply connect the usb cable in the usb port of your laptop. Windows 10 support plug and play.

Can writing pad be connected to phone?

Yes! if your writing pad support android or your phone. Huion HS 64 supports android device so you can connect it with android phones as well.

How much does a writing pad cost in India?

Writing pad in India starts from as low as 2400₹ to as high as some two digit thousands. However you can get a decent writing pad around 3000INR cost in India.