GANG RAPE, BRUTAL MURDER AND ANOTHER LIFE LOST……these are the headlines of our newspaper every next day and in retaliation people protest,file petition,do candle marches and want the culprit to be hanged….All of this is justified but while doing all this when did we talk about the “VICTIM” can death penalty reduce the pain that a girl went through when she get raped? can the crime be undone? CAN death penalty eliminate rape from our country? The ans of all these questions is “NO” there is much more to think about We live in a society where whenever a crime happens we always try to find faults in the victim how the victim could have prevented herself from getting raped or molested lets take the example of NIRBHAYA CASE in that case people said that “ladki ka itni raat ko bahar jaane ka kya matlab tha” and some were like “why girls wear that kind of clothes that are exposing”, “why the girl was accompanied by boys” and the list is endless in this way in spite of supporting a girl we end up blaming her for breaking social norms and for jeopardizing her own safety.

Having said that people doesn’t realize that rape is not happening with those who are working outside wearing short dresses and all rape is happening from an 8-year-old girl to a 65-year-old lady that infers quiet clearly that there is a problem but not with what a women wear or because of her male companionship. Human are not violent by innate it is the society that shapes their thoughts and give rise to these kinds of aspirations.

The decades of patriarchy witnessed superiority of men which allows them to look upon women as an inferior being. There is an alarming need to give our child sex education and let them know that their is nothing like superiority and inferiority among three gender that we have Despite having laws related to rape cases according to a 2018 NCRB report 1 rape case is reported every fifteen minutes this is stats for reporting there are many cases which remains in the bush only.

This is discernible that having law is not the solution. We need a system or a commission or panel that ensure that no culprit can run away from the hand of law that ensure speedy trial and gives a message loud and clear that ”NO ONE IN OUR COUNTRY IS ABOVE THE LAW


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