Light Fashion tips for this Summer

By Saloni Sharma Jun 3, 2021 #Fashion Tips #Tips

The summer is quite hot this time, don’t you think so? And this scorching heat makes you uncomfortable. What gets you more annoying is the clothing in summers, like what to wear and what not to, and also about what to take care-of.

Nevertheless, all these questions are going to be answered today. Yes! you heard it right. Read these light and fashionable summer tips and you are sorted.

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10 Fashion tips for Summer

1. Wear light weighted and flowy clothes in summer.

Light Fashion tips for this Summer 1

2. Apart from weight, light coloured clothes are must haves for the season. 

3. Embrace wearing patterned clothes during summers and the good thing is that they never go out of style.

Light Fashion tips for this Summer 2

4. Choose natural fibers to beat the heat like cotton, linen and rayon.

5. White sneakers are so happening this summer (also, they go with dresses, mini skirts and jeans).

6. Pick a great to loose fit pair of shorts and flaunt in them. 

7. Summer season means the season of slide sandals, like flip flops. They are known for their comfort and ease. 

8. White denim seems to save lives when we don’t find anything else because as temperature rises, white colour gives cool fresh feels.

9. Hats are better than anything else and prevents you to get that unwanted tan.

10. Go for light makeup looks in summer which glorifies your face. Apply light coloured eyeshadows like Pink, blue, and white. Avoid using foundation and prefer using tinted moisturisers. To add that summery glow, take a pinch of highlighter and dab it on your cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of your nose.

We hope you will follow these tips and will surely notice the change. Also will notice the increase in comfort that you are having. Stay tune to @ProNewsZone for more such updates.

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