Top 5 Best UPS for PC in India (August 2022)

Top 5 Best UPS for PC in India (August 2022)

There are annoying times when you are pleasantly grossed into your work or task on your laptops, PCs or desktops and the next moment, the power cuts off!

We have all been there at these frustrating moments especially when you were so close to that last win or drafting a long article (thank god for autosave feature) for official work and last but not the least, having an important official meeting on Zoom due to the work from the home scenario and you go offline due to the power cut in your locality. This can be an embarrassing moment for sure.

Therefore, to avoid all the frets during sudden power cuts a good UPS for your PC or desktop is highly recommended. Looking for something specific like a Gaming PC? We recommend checking out our articles on Best UPS for Gaming PC in India.

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How Does a UPS Exactly Work?

As the name itself suggests – Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electronic device that provides seamless power to the electronic device (in this case PCs and desktops) in case the main power fails. This power supply from the UPS is temporary and would last for a certain period of time only till the main power supply is back on and running.

Basically, UPS is a life-saver for your desktops or laptops when the voltage level from the main power supply is extremely low to uncertain levels or spikes or completely fails, it provides a battery backup. Best UPS for PCs and laptops at your home provide uninterruptible power so that you can carry on with your tasks be it drafting an email, popping some headshots in games, or any task which requires you to use your PCs, desktops, and laptops or even TVs and LCDs for that matter.

Definitely, the size and design of a particular UPS can determine how long it can last and provide temporary supply backup to the electronic device or appliance.

Now there are several USPs for various purposes. One should know all the types of UPS for desktops & PCs and decide accordingly which is best for them and fulfills the purpose.

All in all, the crucial aspect of choosing the right USP depends on the area of devices or electronic appliances it covers, in this case, desktops, laptops, and PCs.

Different Types of UPS for Desktops, PCs and Laptops

Basically there are 3 types of UPS for electronic devices such as desktops, PCs and laptops and knowing each can help you decide better which fits best for your needs.

1. Standby UPS

The most common UPS around is the one which most people use at their homes for personal computers. In case of a power cut or when voltage fluctuates, the machine stays safe and keeps running until the main power supply is back on.

As these are generally used in households for personal purpose and dedicated to only a single device, these are small in size and may not last as long as others during a power cut.

But certainly the most cost effective and best UPS for home PCs and desktops.

If you are in the lookout for a UPS to go with your personal PC, standby UPS is the way to go.

One can generally get a Standby UPS starting around at just Rs.2,000 which can go up to Rs. 6,000 or approx. which may vary upon the capacities of the UPS.

2. Line-Interactive UPS

This makes things a level up as line-interactive UPS is more advanced than your typical standby UPS as it includes additional components such as a special Transformer which makes it better in handling power surges and downfalls.

Line-interactive UPS for desktops is recommended if you live in areas or localities where the power supply often falls and isn’t consistent (for example, dimming of lights regularly). This puts a continuous load on electronic devices therefore line-interactive UPS with the transformer ensures continuous and consistent required power supply to your devices such as desktops and PCs.

Line-Interactive UPS can be purchased in the range of Rs.5,000 to Rs.12,000 depending upon the additional features and capacities.

3. Online UPS

Finally, as assumed coming at the last type of UPS available, Online UPS is the most expensive UPS of the bunch primarily due to the ability to last longer than any other type of UPS and more importantly creates an ‘electric firewall’ for your devices.

Electric firewall in the sense that no matter how much the voltage fluctuations are from the main power supply, the UPS continuously monitors it and the batteries keep the steady flow of power from the UPS. This happens even faster than line-interactive UPS and Standby UPS as there’s always a steady power supply from the UPS that doesn’t require any switch (internally) to be turned on.

Definitely, an online UPS costs a handful of premium but to protect certain important IT devices such as servers and obviously computer systems, it’s worth the price you pay for.

Online UPS prices in India start from around Rs.18,000 to Rs.19,000 and beyond depending upon the features and capabilities. But the main purpose of an online UPS remains the same i.e. intelligently supplying backup power to the connected devices like desktops and PCs in this case.

How to Decide Which Type of UPS to Go for?

Now you know all the different types of UPS available in the market, let’s have a look at which of the mentioned types fits best for your use:


Some UPS are meant for household usage, some for business infrastructure, and some for keeping and running the servers during long power cuts. Depending upon that, a UPS can be chosen. Standby UPS supplying 500W or less is more than enough for a home desktop or PC. Meanwhile, an Online UPS can be recommended for IT devices that require a seamless flow of power supply into them and as mentioned in the above section, creates an ‘electric firewall’ for devices connected to it.

Battery Capacity

Depending upon your idea or analysis of the power supply cuts, you should pick the UPS which provides maximum capacity according to your needs. In this case, if voltage issues and power cuts are often, Line-Interactive UPS for desktops or PCs would be the best option. As it can provide better endurance and seamless switch over to the UPS battery thanks to the transform inbuilt.


Fluctuations can certainly be a pain to witness when lights dim, fan speeds are slow and your computer screen starts to flicker. This can be harmful to the electric components at your homes or business which intake huge voltage of current to run. In this case, an Online UPS could be the best option.

Though may cost a bit premium price but worth it for the longevity of your electronic devices such as Desktops, Gaming Consoles, PCs, and Laptops.


If budget is no constraint then take your time and choose the best possible UPS available to you at a given point in time. These devices are to last for years to come, meaning a good investment initially can go in the long run without hassles considering its quality-oriented from a renowned brand. Depending on your battery capacity required for a UPS, choose the one which fits best in your budget.

Downtime Losses

Downtime financial losses can be extremely annoying for any business or an organization. Power cuts can certainly disrupt the whole flow of business in the era where the Internet is at every business’ core from sending & receiving emails, file transfers to and fro and especially in these tough times where everything happens on the internet, UPS can definitely save the day and obviously a lot of money to businesses.

A large organization should always plan ahead to keep in place a power supply backup so that the operations do not suffer and also maintain the computer system at the workplace.

Best UPS for PC in India 2022

Below we will be listing down our top recommendations of Best UPS in India 2022.

1. APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA, 360W, 230V UPS

APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA, 360W, 230V UPS Best UPS for PC in India 2022

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A quality-oriented Line-Interactive and inexpensive UPS perfect for desktop computers and PC with an output capacity of 600VA and can generate backup power for up to 20 to 70 minutes.

This APC UPS comes with a smart battery management system where it can allocate the battery when and wherever required. Apart from at, this UPS also comes with cold start capability which allows the load to power on just one battery. The sound hindrance is also pretty low in this UPS for your desktop needs.

A small LCD display in place helps users to visualize the indicators such as the power status of the UPS.


  • Cold-start feature: Doesn’t require an input source to boot the UPS
  • AVR mechanism: Automatic Voltage Regulator mechanism maintains the consistent voltage from the mains
  • 2 Years warranty: No worries about faulty devices within 2 years
  • LCD Display: Small indicators to display readily information such as power status and charge


  • Not suitable for connecting multiple computer systems. It tends to overheat and backup capacity is quite less with several devices connected.

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2. iBall Nirantar UPS 622 UPS

iBall Nirantar UPS 622 UPS Best UPS for PC in India 2022

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This cost-effective UPS is another example that you do not require to spend a ton to get a decent and best UPS for desktop in India. The iBall Nirantar UPS 622 packs a bunch of great specifications for the price.

This UPS has the ability of an output capacity of 600AV or 360W which is also equipped with Boost and Buck AVR functionality which protects from uncertain high voltages.

The iBall Nirantar can provide a battery backup of up to 40 minutes at standard PC loads to make sure your work or game is not compromised and disrupted due to the power cuts.


  • Line-interactive UPS meaning better performance than standard UPS
  • Budget-friendly: One of the best budget UPS in the market while maintaining the quality
  • AVR mechanism: Automatic Voltage Regulator mechanism maintains the consistent voltage from the mains
  • Audible alarms: Makes sound in case of bootup, when comes into action
  • Auto-restart: Restarts on its own while AC recovery


  • Long recharge: The recharge can take quite a lot of time like 5 to 6 hours. So for a place where there are constant power cuts, the UPS won’t be able to hold much charge during the intervals.
  • LED Display: Has crucial indicators but not a full-fledged backlit LED
  • 1-year Warranty: The 1 year of warranty may seem less to some people

3. Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA UPS

Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA UPS Best UPS for PC in India 2022

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An absolute heavy-duty UPS to fulfill your big energy-demanding equipment and electronics such as Gaming desktops and PCs. This UPS is able to provide seamless power backup for custom-made gaming desktops as the output capacity is high at 1000 VA and also has an AVR mechanism integrated.

The Microtek UPS Legend is able to draw backup power for 50 minutes for a powerful gaming PC, desktop. Which is sort of enough and sufficient to get that last kill or save all your existing work or task.


  • Long Backup Power: Thanks to a massive battery, this UPS can provide long hours of backup seamlessly.
  • Best UPS for Gaming PC: One of the best UPS for gaming PC and desktop which doesn’t cost much.
  • Auto-restart: Restarts on its own while AC recovery
  • AVR mechanism: Automatic Voltage Regulator mechanism maintains the consistent voltage from the mains


  • Loud Alarm: Makes very loud beeps for certain actions such as booting up, switching to backup power which may cause disturbance to some especially during constant power cuts.
  • Extremely Heavy: Weighing at about 8KG, this UPS is definitely not the one that is portable. Recommended for home use only.
  • Noisy: At times the Microtek Legend UPS can get loud which is expected considering its size and power it draws out for backup

4. APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G-IN, 1000VA, 600W, 230V UPS

APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G-IN, 1000VA, 600W, 230V UPS Best UPS for PC in India 2022

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Another absolute beast of a UPS on this list is the APC Pro BR1000G-IN UPS which can fulfill all your heavy-duty power backup requirements when in need of the hour.

The first striking feature of the UPS is the intuitive display on the front. Loaded with several visuals and indicators provide you with information at a simple glance. Regarding the output capacity, it is at 1000VA or 600W which is more than sufficient for major equipment such as desktops and PCs.

Also, it is quite an energy-efficient UPS system thanks to the internal optimization and latest components which draw out less power but deliver backup seamlessly.

Equipped with 6 surge-protected outlets means that you can connect up to various devices at once.


  • LCD Display: Most awestruck feature of the UPS in this range is the comprehensive LCD display which displays battery charge, Power saving function ON/OFF, Overload, Loads in watts & percentage, and much more
  • Multiple outlets: With up to 6 surge-protected outlets, supply power backup for various devices & equipment
  • One of the best UPS for Gaming PC in India: A heavy-duty UPS able to provide all power backup needs to gaming PCs


  • Tall height: The UPS almost seems like a basic monitor in itself. This may cause problems finding a proper space to place it.
  • A bit Noisy: At times the APS Pro BR1000G-IN UPS can get loud which is expected considering its size and power it draws out for backup

5. Artis PS-600VA 600VA Line Interactive UPS

Artis PS-600VA 600VA Line Interactive UPS Best UPS for PC in India under 2500

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Another budget-friendly UPS option in the list, Artis PS-600VA is able to provide instant power backup during power cuts in a jiffy. As the name itself suggests, it has an output capacity of 600VA or 360W.

It is equipped with 3 output sockets and can provide an energy backup of 45 minutes on a single socket and also depending on the load device.

A great feature to look ward in this UPS for desktops and PC is the fast charging which can charge the battery within 4 hours.


  • 2 years of Warranty: An extended warranty for your UPS is always great to have in case of faults in components in the long run
  • Budget-friendly: If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend more, this UPS is best for your home desktop and PC
  • Fast charging & AVR: Fast charging ensures faster recharge for more backup while AVR protects the load device from overvoltage.


  • May overheat: The Artis PS-600VA may tend to overheat from time to time. Keeping it in an open and cold space is recommended like above or beside the table but not under it
  • Bulky: It May seem bulky to some buyers.

Common Features in a USP for Desktop, PC, Laptop

You can go on and find tons of the best UPS and compatible with Desktops and PCs in India. Many of them should have some common features and that’s what should be checked when buying a USP whether online or offline. A bit of research can go in a long way in choosing the best USP for laptops and desktops at your home or business.

Some of the features to look out for are as follows:

  1. LCD Screen/Control Panel – Some of the best UPS for PC in India include an LCD screen which can indicate voltage, battery remaining and all other useful stuff to monitor the UPS itself. This can be an advantage over certain inexpensive UPS in the market as you get all the information there itself without.
  2. Cooling System or Fan – Depending on the size of the UPS, some are equipped with fans to keep things cool. When a UPS comes into action during a power cut or black-out, it generates a lot of heat which is not good for the internal components in the long term. Thus, to provide the optimum long-term performance of the UPS a fan enhances the lifespan of the UPS. Now especially if the UPS is used for desktops and PCs, it is generally placed in a closed environment such as under a desk or table where heat generally gets trapped both from the monitor and UPS. The fan may cause some noise, but definitely a sacrifice for the good.
  1. Lithium Batteries a Perk – Lithium batteries for UPS tend to perform better in terms of longer life, more charge cycles and even faster charging with less degradation to the battery as compared to lead-acid batteries. Basically, try to go for a UPS which has a lithium battery as it helps in the long run and has better endurance. Great for using UPS with desktops and PCs in India.
  2. User-Replaceable Batteries – User-replaceable batteries are a perk not for just a UPS but rather any electronic device or equipment. It gives a sense of freedom to the user without having to visit the service center or technician to perform a task. If you are in for the long term, a UPS with a user-replaceable battery feature makes you change the battery anytime you feel the battery has reached its end. Just pop up the back panel and insert a new battery. You are good to go for a couple of years more. Not to mention, saves lots of money on purchasing a new UPS system for your desktop or PC.
  3. Sound Toggle – Generally UPS are equipped with sounds or alarms to be more precise. These alarms turn on for instance, when the UPS boots up, or when it comes into action during the power cut. This may cause some hindrance to some and so having an option to toggle the sound ON & OFF is great for various situations. Though, it also indicates when there’s power cut just from the sound.
  4. Remote Power Management – This feature is only available on high-end UPS systems which let you monitor the UPS for your PCs and desktop remotely. Several actions can be performed remotely such as rebooting, shutting it down, and even viewing the condition of the UPS like battery remaining and voltage. Definitely spending that extra amount of money for large organizations where downtime can cause disruptions in the day-to-day operations. So yeah, having the ability to wirelessly and remotely control the UPS from the comfort of anywhere ensures everything is going well regarding the UPS.
  5. Efficiency – Using energy-efficient electrical equipment or devices saves bills. Duly checking the star ratings these days gives an idea about the electricity consumption of that particular appliance, in this UPS. Using the best UPS for PC can surely put a load on the bill, but the best one can do is, buying the right UPS which delivers efficient energy.
  6. Overload Protection – One of the crucial features to look out for when on a hunt to buy UPS for your desktop or PC in India is to check whether it has UPS overload protection or not. As what it does is, it protects from harming connected devices like desktops. A thermal cutoff feature can get the job done saving valuable items in case of a power or voltage overload in your home or workplace wherever the UPS is required.

Best UPS Brands in India

Having a UPS from a well-known and renowned brand becomes a crucial factor when you are to connect those with your electronic equipment and appliance such as laptops, PCs, desktops, modems, routers, etc. This is considering the fact that these IT and related devices should be well-protected in case of voltage fluctuation from the power supply through UPS which is durable, has optimum performance, and comes with top-notch quality.

What if the UPS itself breaks down during a power cut, then good luck up and running of connected devices. Worst case scenario when UPS itself can’t take the power load from the mains and in turn damages your devices.

Situations like these certainly no one likes to face and therefore high quality, well-branded UPS in place should be highly considered. These may cost a premium, but all that is worth it to protect your devices such as PCs and desktops from failures.

To make you aware of the best UPS brands in India, we will present to you the top and quality UPS brands that can help you in your buying decision. These are not in any order but just that, you may not face consequences. Of course, manufacturing and quality defects are present in any product and UPS are no exceptions.

Best UPS Brands in India


APC by Schneider Electric is a notable manufacturer and supplier of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals, and data center products. APS was founded in 1981 in the United States at MIT Lincoln Lab by three power electronic engineers.

In 2011, Schneider Electric acquired APC and thus the name. This brand is an industry leader where innovative technologies are implemented in their products and are considered a reliable brand. The company offers power backup solutions for homes, offices, business networks, access provider networks, and data centers & facilities. One can get a vast number of options to choose from for any purpose.

One of the unique products APC offers is their Smart-UPS which are line-interactive UPS systems, running their outputs off the inverters only when the grid power is unavailable.

APC UPS are available in India within vast price ranges such as from Rs. 3,000 to up to as high as Rs. 25,000. Depending upon the load capacity and battery size one can choose the perfect APC UPS for their requirements.


Once a home name, always a home name. Microtek was incorporated on 19 July 1989 and since then has been catering to the Indian audience with a wide variety of UPS. It is a brand heard many times and well-known among 90s kids. Many people can relate to the brand because back in the day, Microtek inverters and UPS sold like hot cakes on the shelves as it very well capitalized the needs in the Indian market from the very start itself. With that, it is one of the best UPS brands in India for your PC and desktop.

Having made good grounds in the UPS market in India, Microtek has over 300 service points and 50 service centers across India providing commerce energy storage and backup solutions. In India itself, it has 5 manufacturing facilities and transportation infrastructure to deliver to the market as soon as possible making it among India’s top UPS manufacturers.

A standout aesthetic Microtek offers is that its UPS are generally large in width rather than tower-like UPS offers by other brands. In India, one can get a home Microtek UPS ranging from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 20,000.


Luminous Power Technologies is also one of the top and best UPS brands in India by delivering top-notch quality power backup products such as inverters and UPS since 1988. Apart from that, the brand also caters to the solar power industry by covering residential solar power solutions across India.

Thanks to the success, the brand has been able to set up 7 manufacturing plants, made a presence in over 36 countries that serve more than 60,000 channel partners. Every 90s’ kid remembers those iconic Sachin Tendulkar ads back in the day, yes this was the brand – Luminous.

Many Luminous UPS offer WiFi integration which lets you monitor and control functions of the UPS anywhere, anytime right from your smartphone. This functionality definitely gives Luminous an edge over other brands.

Generally, Luminous UPS in India is available from a starting price of Rs. 5,000. Rest assured you are getting sheer quality and optimum performance.

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power

Hitachi Hi-Rel was established in 1983 which comes under the Japanese multinational conglomerate – Hitachi Ltd. Hitachi Hi-Rel caters to several countries of the world and aims to bring signature Japanese technology to the hands of consumers.

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power among the top and best UPS manufacturers in India. It has two manufacturing facilities situated in Gandhinagar and Sanand near Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India.

The brand also offers top of the line and best UPS for gaming PCs and desktops by analysing their power loads and creating custom made internals for the same.

Amara Raja

Do not let the name fool you for its unpopularity but rather Amara Raja is a large Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Tirupathi, India. It is one of the fastest-growing conglomerates in India with a revenue exceeding USD 1 billion by catering to customers and businesses across the globe.

Amara Raja apart from being the top and best manufacturers of UPS, has also made a good amount of contribution to the solar power industry by providing solutions to homes and large businesses. There, it’s generally sold under the brand name ‘Tribal’.

Now coming back to UPS, Amara Raja sells under the brand name of ‘Amaron’ which is also heard by most people in India. Just as Microtek, Amaron is also a well home-grown name that provides power backup solutions such as inverters and UPS at affordable rates.

Amara Raja or Amaron provides UPS to various sectors according to their requirements. Ranging from load output of 600VA to 1200VA, Amaron has it all for homes, offices, data centers, and more.

So there you go, these were the top and best UPS brands operating and selling to millions of customers across India.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about UPS & Inverter (FAQs)

What is the difference between an UPS and Inverter?

Both may seem similar, as well the purposes are identical but these are actually not the same and perform on different mechanisms. An inverter is a device that sends power directly to the appliances through the connection between the inverter and sockets of a home or office with the help of wiring. On the other hand, a UPS draws out power directly from its battery and supplies it to the appliance (in this case desktops and PCs) connected to it. This also means that when in no use, UPS is easily portable and its location can be changed.

Other technical differences include that an inverter converts the DC to AC which implies a wall current supply to the appliances; on the other hand, a UPS draws power from the battery till the energy is drawn out completely.

In simple terms, for the purpose of keeping up and running of PCs and desktops, a UPS is best and just gets the job done whereas an inverter is connected to various devices and further load can be put onto it with a massive device such as a desktop or PC.

Should USP be connected to heavy current usage devices/appliances?

Definitely not. A UPS shouldn’t be used to power backup supplies to heavy appliances such as LaserJet Printers as these use a very high amount of power which may lead to an overload of your UPS. At times, even damage the UPS therefore not recommended to plug devices like Laser printers into the outlets of your UPS.

How to choose and go for UPS for a Computer?

To choose and come to a conclusion to go for a UPS for connecting to a computer is by determining the capacity of the UPS and the total wattage of the equipment or in this case Computer to connect with.

In short, go for a UPS which has 25% more capacity than the wattage configuration of your PC or computer, and that UPS will be best for PCs in homes. Generally, 300-500 Watts supply UPS is just perfect and enough for a single computer in the home.

Should I go for a UPS or an Inverter for my Computer at home?

Ans. Both may actually seem similar but perform on different bases for different purposes. A UPS can be dedicatedly utilized for equipment such as computers whereas, on the other hand, an inverter is a sort of permanently connected to appliances in your house such as necessary ones during power cuts such as lights, fans, and just a few sockets to which a couple of appliances are plugged into.

A heavy machine such as a Computer can definitely put a load on the inverter considering all the other equipment it runs during a power blackout from the mains, so having a UPS in place and keeping your computer running for a couple of minutes is the best solution. Not only just computers but other equipment too. Therefore, an inverter for important devices and a UPS dedicated connection for the computer during power breakdown or voltage fluctuations from the mains.

Which are some of the leading UPS brands for Desktops in India?

To name a few there are several best UPS for desktops and PCs in India which are:-
iBall – An Indian manufacturer brand making it big in the UPS industry
Zebronics – Some of the best quality UPS in India for your desktop at affordable prices
Artis – Providing 15 to 20 minutes of backup for your PC at budget-oriented rates.
APC – A well-renowned brand since 1981 providing one of the best UPS all around the world
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How to connect a UPS to a Computer system or Desktop?

You can get started with connecting a UPS to a computer is just few simple steps:-

Step 1

Unplug the CPU’s power cord from the mains socket

Step 2

Attach it into UPS’s outlet

Step 3

Now connect the UPS’s main cord to the socket

Step 4

Switch on the main socket and also push the power ON button on UPS

Step 5

If with some or full charge, a green light will be shown on the UPS indicating it’s working perfectly fine.

Over to you

The guide covers some of the best UPS available online and surely preferred by many looking to purchase the best UPS for their home PCs and desktops.

With all the details in this guide, we can say that UPS is definitely among the crucial equipment for your valuable electronics such as desktops, PCs, and laptops. In a country like India, where the power supply is not consistent in various areas and localities, UPS can come in handy and prevent overloading of your equipment which may otherwise harm the internal components leading to break and making them unusable.

Also, while everyone is mostly in homes these days, UPS is hot selling products getting emptied from the shelves pretty quickly. Hope this article helped you in your purchase decision for a worthy and best UPS for PC & desktops in India.