Mehfil-E-Junoon Open Mic Event

By PNZ Staff Jun 26, 2019

On 24th The Open Mic Event Mehfil-e-Junoon was organaised in Salt Water Restro located in Bhopal. Open mic events have become a common cultural and gathering event these days. But this particular even which is organised by an event management company Ariena Group which gave a platform to all the budding talents in the city to showcase their work to audience.

Open mic Events give huge boost to the confidence of participants and they get acquainted with style and what changes they need to do to improve after their performances.

Mefhil-e-Junoon, Open Mic presented six different fields Like Singing, Poetry, Stand-up Comedy, Rapping, Beat Boxing and Story telling. These 6 genre or category of art have almost covered maximum talented pool of people that came to see and enjoy them.

The positive thing about this event was that the company also encouraged the participant for getting paid events which normally you don’t see in open mic.

Over all it was a successful event as people came in good number showed their talent and enjoyed as the event co-ordinator Madiha and Shikha told ProNewsZone.

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