7 Best Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Love in

The most popular Valentine’s Day Gifts are Flowers, Chocolates and Jewellery but sometimes these traditional gifts fails to impress your sweetheart. You have to come up with the ideas that would surprise your dear one and their gift should be quite unique.


Perfect non-traditional Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him or Her in 2021

A gift that is thoughtful, something that gives utility, something not too generic and something they admire a lot. These points are the key to perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day for your beloved. Thus we are here with a list of few perfect as well as non-traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts for your partner.

1-Mug Set

Couples usually spend mornings together and have breakfast or coffee together as for other meals they are away due to odd shift timings. Thus gift your partner a Mug Set one for him and one for you which has a nice couple quote on it which helps you start your day with lots of love. These morning couple mugs will make your mornings more loved and you will have so many morning cuddles with your sweetheart. The mug has printed quotes like love you and love you more, Mr and Mrs etc., to begin your day.

2-Crosley Voyager Turntable

If you guys are madly into music than this is your thing. This is a retro style music Turntable you can groove on and spend lazy weekends together. It has been given vintage look to give you those vibes and so can easy fit into any small space. It also has Bluetooth through which your partner can hear her favourite playlists back home from work. This is sure to light up your moods even on worst days. It has built in speakers and adjustable pitch control knob to listen music at your whims.

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3-Wireless Headphones

This is a really nice choice if your partner is into walking or running for morning exercise. If they go to work walking than they can listen music and reach the office in no time. This has a good battery life and as you are from this younger generation bid goodbye to the wired headphones. These Headphones provides you seamless music with noise-cancelling technology. It is also the best to spend some me time and helps a lot for work purposes too. It has cushioned ear cups so it wouldn’t hurt your ears. Buy Valentine’s Day Flower along with a gift and wish your partner Happy Valentine’s Day.

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4-Basket of her favourite things

Gift Baskets are safest and one of the best Gifts as they will get lot many things as gifts instead of just one. This basket can contains all her favourite things like perfume, nail paints, and make up items, snacks, her favourite magazine’s issue and chocolates. Even though these gifts are tiny but they will melt her heart because you have given utmost attention to her liking. You can wrap these gifts in a gift basket and adorn it with pretty ribbon to make it attractive. These efforts will take you ahead in your relationship and she will be delighted.


Millenials are most fond of clothes, so gift your partner with his favourite designer’s shirt and tuxedo. You can take them for Valentine’s Day shopping and let them choose according to their choice. This way you will be able to spend the day together and in the evening ask your partner to wear the same apparels you guys bought. For your beloved you can buy a nice black dress or a dress of her favourite colour and pair it with high heels to gift her whole outfit. You will surely win her heart with this gesture.

6-Mushy Gift

Girls love cute little teddies so give your sweetheart a combo of chocolates and teddies. These teddies need not be very big; they can be of little size which can be used as show piece in your bedroom. Thus a cute couple teddy would be the best which will remind you guys of yourselves and your relationship. Along with that there are two heart shaped red in colour fragrant candles which will give you perfect Valentine’s Day evening. You can write a little love note and keep it inside the gift and make it more special. Order Valentine’s Day Gift online to get number of romantic gift options for your sweet heart.

7-Valentine’s week long Gift Combo

Your partner is really special to you so go an extra mile to surprise your partner for Valentine’s Day. You can order online a gift hampers that includes gifts for the whole Valentine week which starts from 8th Feb. Your girl or partner will be overwhelmed to receive such lovely gifts week long. This gesture will do wonders to your relationship. The gift hamper contains a different type of gifts like love letters, cake, roses, teddy bear, balloons and other romantic gifts. Thus convey your feelings to your beloved with this Valentine’s week surprise.

We hope these Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas blossoms your relationship and your partner appreciates these gifts and you guys have lovely day.

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