Kabir Singh Movie Review Starring Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani

By Apoorv Agrawal Jun 21, 2019

Film starts with a story like, flash back to past and in between present. The general view point is long. In the initial first half the movie is long and things show in the movies are exaggerated. A total deflection from real. Over hyped.

Nothing much of handwork is shown, actor is shown as spoiled brat yet having all competence.

The Star actor’s looks are however better, but if compared with the previous works like “Haider” the acting can’t be compared. For girls may be looks would please.



A regular story nothing really new, story lines can be compared on something like Aashiqki 2 or Sanju, on some common grounds.


Music is something that have actually saved the movie to become something unbearable. The Music is apt and melody at various scene give sensation to your heart. Thumbs up for that.


Dialogue delivery is good. Some dialogue are original and delivery is just perfect, but only for a fraction.


Comedy is tried by lead and supporting in various interval of the film.

By Apoorv Agrawal

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