Watch these shows on ZEE News to stay up-to-date during elections


Lok Sabha 2019 election’s buzz is at its peak. It is all over the news. However, one channel that has been prepping up its viewers for it beforehand is ZEE News. It is quite impressive that so many shows have been coming up for the election season from their end. But, the more the better! In times like these, information is key and insights from reputed sources can really go a long way in the decision making process.

To understand which shows are these and how they cover the intense election season, let us look at the impressive list of shows on ZEE News.

Ballot Train: As the name suggests, the show takes place inside a train where the reporter asks fellow travellers their views on the candidates of the region. The train forms as an interesting backdrop for the show, as in general too, passengers tend to pass time by discussing political matters among other things.

Thal Thok Ke: This is an intense debate show that usually takes place in an open space in the midst of a considerable amount of audience. Following the debate show format, most of us are aware of, the host brings forth the biggest topics of important during elections. To answer the questions of the host and the audience, there is a panel of debaters from various political parties and other organizations who engage in insightful yet intense debates.

Deshhit: An evening show, it explores the biggest issues in politics that surfaced during that day and analyses the subject from various aspects. Highly informative and engaging, the show is known to cover topics from different parts of India.

Apart from these on-going shows, there were a number of politically relevant shows that ran for a limited period on the ZEE News channel.

Bhai vs Bhai: Hosted by two brothersShehzad and Tehseen Poonawalla, the show uses the duo’s analysis into the current political scenarios to educate the viewer about the real picture. It is incredibly fun and educative to see the brothers debate and share the individual and collective opinions on television. The show comes across as a good attempt to mirror the debates and arguments everyone has with their own family.

Pariwar Ki Baat: A show similar to Bhai vs Bhai is Pariwar Ki Baat, which gives us a glimpse into real debates that take place between family members. In many families, politics are a preferred topic of discussion and Pariwar Ki Baat is an attempt to popularise the practice further.

All the aforementioned shows have a clear purpose in mind – educate the viewer about current-world politics in an engaging manner. In our day and age, grabbing someone’s attention is easy. However, sustaining that attention, especially in case of politics, is a herculean task. Hence, kudos to ZEE News for continuing to make news engaging and informative. With the option to access the channel on the online platform ZEE5, keeping regular tabs on current affairs has become incredibly easy.