Famous Radio Jockeys (RJs) of Bhopal


Hello, Wishing you all Radio people a Very Happy World Radio Day. Remember those days where there was no Youtube, how would people get the information, it was possible because of the amazing communication mode, that is Radio.

We often know about radio jockey who is the life of the Radio Channel of a city. They play a role behind the camera. As we know there is no picture available in Radio. However, with the advancement in technology and many modes available be it youtube or Instagram to communicate or spread information. But Radio will always be dear to us.

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Radio Channel and Radio Jockey in Bhopal

So we will start in ascending order fo the frequency yes! Radio work on the Frequency Modulation for transmission of information and Frequency Receiver to make those signal informative. Well, that is way more technical, let’s skip this and find out cool and amazing radio jockeys of Bhopal.

PS: If someone is missed to ping to add them.

92.7 Big FM Bhopal

So you might have heard of Dhun Badal k toh Dekho, this jingle of Big FM, which is composed by Ajay Atul and the theme song sung by Sonu Nigam.

RJ Anadi and RJ Pihu are the ones that are most known in Bhopal. Very Experienced RJs.

Check Out RJ Anadi!

She is an amazing person, having vast pool of talent.


RJ Pihu

She is a very cordial person.


93.5 Red FM

Red FM is one of the famous radio station in India widely known from the charater of Bauaa of RJ Raunak. Tagline of RedFM is Bajate Raho, RJs of Red FM Bhopal;

RJ Ekta


RJ Shezzy


94.3 MY FM Bhopal

MY FM Bhopal radio station is owned by Bhaskar Group. The Theme of My FM Bhopal is AAJ Kuch Achha Sunte H! Let’s check out MY FM Bhopal Radio Jockies

RJ Adhiraj


98.3 Radio Mirchi Bhopal

Radio Mirchi, Tag Line, Mirchi Sunne Wale Always Khus, yes! Radio Mirchi is well recognised by RJ Naved’s Pranks. But the RJs of Radio Mirchi Bhopal are very popular amongst Youth, yes! Let’s find out.

RJ Sukriti

It’s difficult to put emotions in limited words for people with good hearts.


RJ Bani


RJ Kullu


Instagram Radio

Sanya Ka Radio

And on this day I would add one amazing person who have redefined the concept of Radio using the available medium that is Instagram. Sanya Ka Radio, so she uses instagram to run a live Radio which is India’s First Online Instagram Radio.

Well, we wish all these amazing Radio Jockeys of Bhopal who keeps on entertaining and provide information to us in our hustling life. We wish happy World Radio Day for their indisputable role in society to bring change and create a feeling of togetherness.

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