Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing

By Neeti Yadav Apr 15, 2020 #Fashion

Casual wear is one arena of clothing that every person practices the most in his or her life. No matter what your lifestyle consists of, you have to have some clothing for your casual outings and gatherings. Athleisure is a new and the comfiest trend there can be in terms of clothing styles.


So what do you mean by athleisure wear?

Athleisure wear is all about styling gym wear or activewear in such a way that it can be worn on casual and general occasions too. It is a relaxed and cool style that combines comfort and fashion at the same time (“pretty” not necessarily hurts)  As such, this effortlessly stylish apparel movement is here to stay, so it’s time to invest.

It is time to think out of the box and wear those sweatpants not only at the gym or at home but also anywhere else. 

Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 1
Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 2

Slay with jogger pants

These joggers are an investment for you, giving you that effortless yet edgy look. They are the first to come to mind when thinking about athleisure wear and also can be styled in so many ways with almost everything in your wardrobe. 

Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 3
Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 4

Girls, make cycling shorts your friend

To all those girls who love wearing denim shorts, try cycling shorts ! they can become your holy grail as they offer a more chic look to the whole outfit and comfort they offer is of the next level.

Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 5

Guys, basketball shorts deserve a place outside court also

Those knee-length shorts can be styled with a lot more than just a T-shirt. Give yourself an edge over others by styling them a little differently, don’t feel shy to experiment with your looks after all fashion is all about having your own unique way of wearing the regulars.  

Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 6

Straight fit regular pants are noteworthy

Don’t underestimate those regulars that seem too simple or too common for your taste, if styled properly they can make you look polished and different from others at the same time, often simpler things have more room for modifications and experimentation.

Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 7
Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 8

Layering can be a Game-Changer

Layering always makes things better. You can layer up this athleisure wear with anything and everything- long coats, puffy jackets, shrugs, denim jackets etc. and add a twist to your whole look.

Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 9
Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 10

Co-ords for that “whole” vibe

Co-ordinate sets are surely a head-turner. Anyone can rock them with least amount of accessories and just your raw confidence. Glam in them!

Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 11
Discover the “Athleisure” style of clothing 12

Accessorize it well

Fanny packs and a good pair of sneakers can complete your whole look. Always try to choose accessories that compliment your look, they can make or break your entire look and vibe of your overalls. You can surely try and experiment with different accessories, go for what works for you and agrees with your taste of clothing. Girls, you need not forget your heels in this kind of style, they can make you look so chique. Boys, go chunky on your sneakers, let them do the talking.

This kind of style is so apt for almost any purpose- travelling, casual meetings, clubbing, concerts and whatnot. They are outfits that you can rock with the whole day and then also go to sleep in them. There is no looking back once addicted to this style of clothing which gives you the best of both worlds (comfort with fashion).  

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