Quality Times Cafe Bhopal


What comes to your mind mostly when you think of cafe these days? Especially in Bhopal, where you see a slump in cafe’s that are being open now and then. Normally when I think of cafe I mostly encounter, a dark ambiance with smoke all around, so might you be ?

Well this was only till the time, when a Cafe with Name Quality Times Cafe was not opened. But now that time is now more as we have got a new stop for the city wanderer who can have a real and quality time.

The Food and beverages served are tasty and worth every penny. Also the best thing which we already mentioned about this cafe is the smoke free environment, some of us really don’t like smoke all around and this place gives that environment.

The cafe has good lighting and seating which not only attracts youngster but also people of different ages. Away from daily routine, someone does want to take a sip of coffee or tea in such a place to get rid of anxiety and stress.

Quality Times Cafe will soon be adding a lot board games so people can revive their childhood and enjoy amongst their friends and colleague,

Well if you looking for some place for quality time, this cafe is sure go! No matter if you are individual couple or professional there is space for everyone.

Some of the Items that we tried and liked.

Quality Time Cafe Bhopal