10 Best Wireless Mouse in India: Review

10 Best Wireless Mouse in India: Review

This is the twenty-first century and no educated person is there who does not possess a laptop. With a laptop a mouse is necessary. Among other integral parts of the computer, there are RAM and processors but the mouse is a very important accessory for your computer. Like the keyboard, you cannot opt-out mouse as it helps you to work with the computer and if you are using a laptop, then also, the external mouse helps you to work better than the touchpad.

A stock mouse that we use and that comes along with any computer package is not always preferable. Some are small and others are big. Some does not work smoothly and others are too heavy. So to get the job done you better use a separate mouse which will work as per your convenience. That can be a wired mouse or a wireless one. A wireless mouse is one of the most useful gadgets and it can be used with your PC or laptop. But before buying the right kind of mouse you must know what the parameters of a mouse are and which characteristics you should look out in it.

If you use the internet moderately then a mouse with an average three-button will be good for you. These are smaller in size and fits your palm.

Mouse Buying Guide

Also, it will fit your laptop bag.? If you wish to choose the best wireless mouse then look for the below criteria:

  • Comfort is the key. When you will be using the PC or laptop for long hours you will be using that mouse throughout the time. So the thing must be comfortable and easy enough to hold and move. It will help you to work continuously and thus your performance will be enhanced.
  • DPI or dots per inch is another prior criterion. If you have more DPI it means you will have less need to move the mouse. If you are working on software like Photoshop or Corel then you must be able to handle a high level of precision. The lower DPI your mouse is just perfect for such kind of job. If you use a laser mouse, then you will find that it can track more than 2000 DPI and an optical mouse can track between 400 and 800 DPI. Games and graphic designers also check the DPI of the mouse as that effects their job.
  • The programmable buttons in a mouse help you to increase your productivity. The mouse will help you move back and forth on a web page. This also helps you to customize the buttons as per your requirement. You can do that with external software though.
  • A good battery life is mandatory for a good mouse. It means you can work continuously without any hassle. The mouse you will buy should be of a good brand and thus you will be sure of getting good battery life for your mouse.

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Top 10 Wireless Mouse in India

Now we will start discussing the top 10 wireless Mouse mice which are best in the market.

1. Logitech M330 wireless mouse

This is one of the top brands for manufacturing hardware products. This mouse is one of their best products and you can trust it with any brand of laptop or PC.


This mouse is ultra-quiet and you will not hear any sound while working with this mouse. The click sound has been reduced to 90 percent in it but the feel of click will be the same. So the sound will not distract others while you are working on the mouse. This is the best option if you work from home or in any café. The special technology helps you work quietly.


  • This mouse has a 2 years battery life, which is pretty good.
  • It goes to the auto-sleep mode when you are not touching it for a long time.
  • The design is ergonomic thus your finger or palm will not be affected or any kind of pain will be felt by you.
  • The mouse comes with 1000 DPI which is great for the photo editors or web designers.
  • The range of the mouse is 10m so you can work with this mouse from this distance.


  • This is a mouse for right-handed people.
  • Those who are left-handed may not feel comfortable while using this.

2. HP Z3700 wireless mouse

This is another top brand in the manufacturing of hardware products. HP has been reining the market of computer and computer accessories for a long period. This is a budget friendly mouse with a really slim body and good grip. The mouse measures only 25 mm in height.


This is a super slim mouse and it comes in various colours to match your PC or your mood. The DPI is 1200 which is great. This has 16 months battery life and it works with Blue LED technology that enables it to work on any surface.


  • The mouse is so slim that the beginners, as well as professionals who work with minute detailing, will find it handy.
  • The DPI is pretty good and that also is great for image editors or video editors.
  • The Blue LED technology helps the mouse to work on any surface.
  • The 1 AA batteries lengthen its life.


  • This one is a bit expensive but the parameters are not that high grade.

3. TeckNet Raptor Prime wireless mouse

This is one of the most popular brands of hardware. The mouse that they built comes with the same look and feel. The mouse is great for gamers. Now gamers need something outstanding in term of a great DPI or good hold. They seek battery life as they can play for hours without interruption.? This one also is a budget mouse and you can trust it with its potential.


This one has cool design for the gamers and the grip is good. This has up to 4000 DPI. The grip is also fabulous. The design is ergonomic so the gamer does not feel the pain in his or her fingers after a long gaming session. The mouse comes with a total 12 months battery life and there is a low battery indicator which is a novel idea. This one has 5 DPI settings so you can change the option to play different games. The mouse comes with a total 8 buttons.


  • The low battery indicator helps you to understand which time you need to replace the exhausted battery.
  • This will save you from the situation where you are in the middle of some game and suddenly the battery goes off.
  • Also, the DPI changing option is a great thing and it lets you work with this mouse for various purposes, as not all the time you need to work with 4000 DPI.
  • There is a total of 8 buttons which means you can use the mouse at the most and it will function efficiently.


  • The gaming buttons are not always programmable and at times, the mouse works slower than expected, which means it works with a slight lag.

Best Wireless Mouse under 1000 INR in India

4. Logitech M275 wireless mouse

This is a top mouse in this list and it works pretty well for the non-professional and professional users. This one costs a bit too much but the functionality is pretty good. This model of Logitech looks much similar to the M330 one, but this one has different features. Also they are different in shape and size as well.


The mouse comes in ergonomic shape to keep your fingers healthy. This one has 18 months of battery life which is great. There is one year warranty on the hardware of the mouse. The mouse works with 1000 DPI. It has been pretty much liked by the users.


  • The hardware warranty of one year on this mouse is great as the users are really satisfied with this product.
  • The DPI is good for the non-professional users and the grip is goo.
  • The ergonomic design of this mouse helps to use this one for long hours and it does not harm your fingers.
  • The mouse is a functional one and does not disappoint the user.


  • The mouse is a costly one and is perfect for the right-handed people.

5. Havit HV-MS976GT wireless mouse

This brand is not as famous as the earlier mentioned ones but this one is quite practical in the products that they make. The wireless mouse that we are discussing here comes with all the practicalities that one can expect from a mouse.


This one comes with changeable DPI settings and it can go up to 2000 DPI. The transmission range is 15 m and it works with 250 Hz polling rate wit 20G maximum acceleration. The design is totally ergonomic and the auto-sleep mode saves power when you are not working with it. There are 5 buttons on this mouse and this is how the mouse is totally user-friendly.


  • As it is an ergonomic mouse it saves your finger and hand from pain.
  • Also, your wrist does not strain if you are working for long hours.
  • The DPI changing setting helps you to work on different mode and on different software or games using the same mouse.
  • The auto-sleep mode saves battery life and increases functionality.
  • There are 5 buttons to work with this mouse as it offers much more preferences to work with.


  • This one is designed for right-handed people and it is difficult for a left-hander to work with this mouse.
  • The battery life is not great.
  • The 2 AAA battery cells are used here which are not famous for their efficiency.
  • People with small palm will face problem while working with it.

Best Wireless Mouse under 1000 Rs

6. TeckNet M002 wireless mouse

This one is again a gaming mouse and it works great for other users too. The brand we mentioned here is great in functionality but is not as famous as Logitech or HP. People have found it most professional and thus it has already owned a client base among non-professional as well as professional users.


This one works within 15m range and it has 5 changeable settings. The DPI range is set at 2000. It comes with 18 months of battery life. The battery used in it is 1 AA cell. It works with Tru-Wave technology and thus you can depend upon it for extreme precision. This one has smart cursor control and it can make the mouse work smoothly over any rough surface. This one also has Co-link technology and that helps the mouse to re-establish the pairing after a signal loss or shutdown. The battery level indicator makes you aware of the time to change the exhausted battery. It has passed 5 million keystroke test. There are 6 buttons in the mouse which are non-programmable.


  • The battery is long-lasting and it helps the mouse work for a longer period.
  • The mouse has passed the test of 5 million keystrokes so you can trust it for functionality.
  • The battery changing indicator helps you to change the battery on time.
  • It also has the Co-link technology so it saves your time of pairing the mouse to the computer after the machine is shut down or the signal is lost.


  • According to some users, it lags in cursor movement sometimes.

7. Dell WM126 wireless mouse

This is undoubtedly the most famous brand in technological equipment and thus this mouse can easily gain attention only by its brand name. This one is a budget mouse provided by this brand.


This mouse enables you to connect devices with a single receiver.? This one can be used both by left as well as the right hander. The mouse gives you a good tactile feel on the buttons. The mouse has an impact-resistant design which claims to save the gadget from the damage of all kind. It will be saved if it falls off the heights of a desk. The mouse works with 1000 DPI.


  • The mouse is damage safe by the impact-resistant technology which is a great thing because it is a common scenario to the users to drop the wireless mouse from the desk while working.
  • This one gives the good tactile feeling and the best part is it can be used by the left-handed as well as the right-handed people with the same ease.


  • The longevity of battery life is not mentioned on the package.
  • Some of the users complain about the problem of connectivity with this mouse.

8. Lenovo N100 wireless mouse

This one is famous for the laptops but few people know that they also make a wireless mouse. The smartphone, tablets or computers are really famous but they have also created a few computer accessories. This N100 mouse comes in water droplet shape which is quite unique and very handy.


This mouse has an anti slip surface which helps you to handle the mouse in a better way. The matte finish gives the mouse a great look and also it helps to keep the fingerprints on its body away. The mouse has an auto-shutdown process to save the battery. It can work on any surface.


  • The matte finish helps to keep the mouse clean and not prone to dust or fingerprint.
  • The mouse can move on any surface which is great.
  • The anti-slip surface also lets you grip strongly and you do not drop it often while working.


  • You need to remove the top to store the nano receiver and that way you can insert the battery too, which is a complicated process and the top gets loosened in this process.
  • The mouse is not compatible with Mac OS.

9. Portronics POR-689 Puck

This brand is in the market for a long time. You can trust this brand as it has been serving people for such a long time. Definitely they know what the users want. They offer ergonomics mouse with a lower price range which is great.


The mouse has 3 DPI settings and the maximum range is 1600 DPI. This one allows you to place your wrist in a comfortable position so the pressure on the carpal tunnel area of the hand is reduced. The nano receiver works with USB 2.0 port and it allows faster interaction.


  • The mouse is great for the ones who work for long hours as the pressure on the wrist is lessened and there is less chance of getting any pain on that area.
  • The USB 2.0 port of the nano receiver helps to get the mouse connected easily and interact fast.
  • The price of the mouse is pocket-friendly which is great for such a useful product.


  • This one is too designed for right-handed people and left-handed ones will find it difficult to operate.
  • This is not comfortable for users with small hands.
  • It only takes 2 AAA batteries and no particular battery life is mentioned for this item.

10: Redragon M613 wireless mouse

If you want to get a wireless mouse in a shoestring budget then look no further, here is the right product for you. This brand called Redragon has come up with this cheapest wireless mouse in the market and they have also brought many computer accessories within a budget price.


The mouse has 3 DPI settings and the highest range of DPI is 2000. The mouse comes with a power-saving mode which is a greatly beneficial aspect. This one has passed the 10 million clicks test and that proves its efficiency. This mouse works on all kinds of surfaces and it is smooth on any surface.


  • The mouse is super budget-friendly and it works on any and every surface with the same smoothness.
  • This one has 3 DPI settings which can be changed depending upon your requirement.
  • This has passed the 10 million clicks test and its performance is guaranteed.


  • The package does not include any battery.
  • The mouse is smaller and if you are accustomed to handling the big mouse, it will be initially a bit problematic.
  • The mouse has been reported for malfunctioning after a few months by some of the users.
  • The precision is lost with time.

Which one is better- Bluetooth or Radio Frequency (RF)

Nowadays wireless mouse works with two different technologies. It can be either with the RF system or working with Bluetooth. These two models are separate. It is difficult to choose between these two models. RF mouse needs to work on Radio Frequency and that seems possible with the help of an external receiver. Bluetooth mouse works on Bluetooth. RF mouse comes with a USB dongle that will be connected with your laptop or PC. If you need to use two or three devices together, like a pen drive, keyboard and printer at the same time, then you cannot put the mouse dongle to your PC or laptop. To sort this situation you need to use an RF mouse.

The benefit of an RF mouse is you can just insert the receiver in the USB port and the mouse will be connected to the laptop. In case to Bluetooth mouse, you have to follow a few extra steps which will initiate the process of working through the mouse from your PC. Now you can open your PC or laptop and whenever you will open it you can start working smoothly. But before starting to work you have to wait and give time to initiate the process. The problem that the Bluetooth mouse users face is that the waiting time to reconnect the mouse to the PC. It will not start working immediately if you woke up your laptop from sleep mode as it takes time to get connected again. RF mouse, on the other hand, starts responding immediately.

FAQs on Best Wirless Mouse

Which wireless mouse is best?

Best Overall – Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse. Best Budget – Mi Portable Wireless Mouse. Best Battery Life – Dell Mobile Wireless Mouse MS3320W.

Are wireless mouse durable?

Wireless mouse are most durable as they are built with great plastics to last long.

Which brand is best for mouse?

Logitech, HyperX, Asus, Dell are some of the best brands for mouse not just in India but all over world.

Which mouse is better Bluetooth one or radio frequency?

RF or radio frequency mouse are better if you need fast and responsiveness.