Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000 in India 2022

By Apoorv Agrawal Aug 10, 2022
Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000 in India 2022

gaming is not just like Timepass, Gaming is becoming the passion of this new generation of the youngsters. They are not only Enjoying the gaming but also thinking to make it as a career option.

And Iknow that you have clicked into this Article then Gaming is one thing that you like most even more than your Girlfriend. So that keeping in mind about how you become a pro gamer we have found the Best Gaming Headphones under 5000 for you.

Look if you want to become a pro gamer you must have to passionate about gaming, Any distraction can make your Gaming skill so poor. So to remove those distractions You need some Best Gaming devices like Gaming mouses, Gaming Headsets, and some more devices.

While Playing Games mostly Battleground games You just need to be more attentive towards the sound, the footsteps of your enemy so that you monitor them easily and destroy them very perfectly.

To get the more perfect sound of your gaming you must need a Good gaming headphone. That’s why we have selected the Best Gaming Headphone that every pro gamer use for Gaming.

Now you are eagerly wanted to know the Best Gaming Headphones under 5000 that will help you in enhancing your Gaming experience.


A quick overview of the Best Gaming Headphones under 5000

Note that this list is generated randomly this means that no 1 is the perfect or best among all we have just find the top 10 Best Gaming Headphones under 500. So you should look all at after that select perfect one for yourself.

  1. Kotion G2000 Edition Gaming Headset.
  2. Hyper X Cloud Stinger Gaming Headphone.
  3. Logitech G430 Gaming Headset.
  4. Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset.
  5. Logitech G331 Gaming Headphone.
  6. Redgear Hellfury Gaming Headphone.
  7. Boat Rockerz 510 Gaming Headphone.

All the Above listed Headphone are featured packed Headphone for Gaming, You will get good sound quality, Better noise cancellation, Low latency rate, And Good Build quality.

Difference Between Normal Headphones and Gaming Headphones.

There is a myth in the mind of many peoples that they think there is not any difference Between the Normal and the Gaming headphone, If you are a gamer then you can experience the Difference.

The normal Headphone has only a mic and a speaker which provides you good sound technology. But the Gaming headphone also has a mic but not that common one it came out from the Upside that helps you to talk very clearly while gaming, also their speakers are more powerful and gives you the perfect noise cancellation so that you can catch every footsteps of your enemy in Gaming.

They are some extraordinary built quality, Gaming headphones has RGB lighting that gives you the real gaming feeling. Not only that the Gaming Headsets also have the Lowest latency than the Normal headphones so that there will not be any sound lag occurs while Gaming.

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Best Gaming Headphone under 5000 Complete Review

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset. (Built for Battle headphone)

Corsair HS50 Stereo Gaming Headset

Key Specs Of Corsair HS50 Gaming Headphone

  • Corsair has 50mm of neodymium Sound driver.
  • Compatible with all gaming devices.
  • Equipped with an optimized noise reduction microphone.
  • Connect with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.
  • Built For Battle Gaming Headset.
  • Good quality 1.3 metres long Cable.
  • Weight 540 g.

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Complete and Detailed Review of Corsair HS50 Gaming Headphone

Corsair HS50 is the most valuable gaming headphones under 5000, It is compatible with all gaming devices like PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, nitendo gaming switch, iOS and also with Android.

It offers you the legendary built quality and is totally have the Metal build quality that ensures the long lasting uses without any problem.

Its neodymium custom-tuned 50 mm of sound drivers offers you the Best sound output quality which makes you every gaming moment have more goosebumps.

For your comfort, it has adjustable memory foam ear cups which makes you feel so cozy on your Ear, while using so that you totally focused on the Gaming. Also, its control is very easy you can adjust the volume and mute the volume very easily.

It has optimized unidirectional micro phone which reduces your surrounding noise and gives you enhanced voice call quality.

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


  • Supports all types of Gaming Devices.
  • Well optimized for Gaming.
  • Confortable on your Ear.
  • Good sound quality with noise reduction while using the mic.
  • 2 years of manufacturing warranty.


  • slightly heavy because of Metal build quality.
  • No multicolor lighting option.

Hyper X Cloud Stinger Gaming Headphone

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Key Specs of Hyper X Cloud Stinger Gaming Headphone

  • 7.1 surround system.
  • Active Noise Cancelling Microphone.
  • Lightweight and Comfort Design.
  • 50 mm Sound Driver size.
  • Metal Build Quality.
  • 2 years of Warranty.
  • Long 1.7 meter long Aux cable.
  • weight: 213 g

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Complete and Detailed Review of Hyper X cloud stinger Gaming Headphone.

Hyper X Cloud Stinger is also the stand in the list of Best Gaming headphones under 5000, because of its best sound output. It has a virtual 7.1 mm surround sound system that gives more optimized in Game sound.

It has 50 mm of sound driver that enhanced the Bass and keeps the in-game sound more clear and balanced.

For comfort, it is a lightweight designed headset with breathable ear cushions so that you feel more comfortable and relax while playing your Game.

It has adjustable steel sliders that make you position it according to your need. Also, a simple control option from which you can control the Volume or Mute the mic.

It has extraordinary features in its mic which provide good noise cancellation and also you can easily mute it by just pushing it upwards no need to touch the buttons.

It has 90 degrees of rotational ear cups which makes it more comfortable and more stylish.

Its Ear cups are designed so well that it will block the outside distraction sound and provides you only the In-game sound.

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


  • Comfortable Earcups cushion.
  • Easy to control with its swivel to mute features.
  • Virtual 7.1 surround system.
  • 50 mm of Sound driver size.


  • Audio is not so loud.

Redgear Hellfury Gaming Headphone

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000

Key Features of Redgear HellFury Gaming Headphone

  • 7.1 Surround Sound System.
  • 2.2 meter long Wire cable.
  • Cool Led lighting.
  • Extra Soft Earcups Cushion.
  • Comfortable Headband.
  • weight: 640g

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In Detailed Review of Redgear Gaming Headphone.

Red gear is one of the best brands for Gaming accessories. They are majorly famous for its Best and good quality Gaming equipment.

Red gear Hellfury is one of the Best gaming headphones with lots of top features like 7.1 surround sound system which allows you to listen to your in-game sound more accurately.

It has a long 2.2 m Braided cable with an Inline controller to control everything like Volume, microphone, and Led light with just your fingertip.

The Best part of this Headphone is it’s Comfortable to use, It has extra soft and soft-touch comfort ear muff and its headband are also adjustable for different head sizes.

You can retrace the microphone to position it according to you. Also, it has good noise cancellation features so that you will stay concentrated on your Game.

It has Amazing and stylish blue color led Light effects that make you feel the real games

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


  • Long 2.2-meter Braided Cable.
  • Cool lighting effect.
  • 7.1 Surround sound system.
  • Confortable and adjustable according to head size.
  • Fully Metal build Quality.


  • Slightly bulky because of metal build Quality.

Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

Logitech G430 Gaming Headset.

Top Features of Logitech G430 Gaming Headset.

  • Dolby 7.1 Surround system.
  • Lightweight Design.
  • Compatible with all gaming Devices.
  • Weight 227 g.
  • Warranty 3 years.

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Detailed review of Logitech G430 Gaming Headphone

Logitech is the Brand that mainly focuses on making the best gaming accessories. And in this Best gaming headphone under 5000 Logitech would be one of the best choices to buy.

It offers you the Dolby 7.1 surround Sound system which gives you of 360-degree sound field so that you don’t miss any in-game sound.

This best gaming headphone build for comfort, it is lightweight, its earcups are made of very soft cushions so that you feel so cozy to your ear.

It has 90-degree swivel for so that you can fit its earcups very easily and according to your desire. It has long 3.2-metre cable.

Its mic comes with Noise reduction features that reduce the outside gaming or your surrounding noise and gives you the clear in-game Sound. Also, you can rotate it up and down for proper adjustment.

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound system.
  • Active Noise cancellation features.
  • Build for comfort.
  • Compatible with all gaming devices.
  • 3 years of warranty claim.


  • Plastic Body Design, so not more Durable.

Kotion G2000 Edition Gaming Headset

Kotion G2000 Edition Gaming Headset

Top Features of Kotion G2000 Edition Gaming Headset

  • 50 mm of Neodymium driver.
  • Ambient Noise Isolation.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight design.
  • Braided cable, Tangle free.
  • 1 year warranty.

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Detailed Review of Kotion G2000 Edition Gaming Headset

Kotion gives you the Quality assurance of this product, to be the Best Gaming headphone under 5000. Also has a good rating on Amazon by the buyers.

Built for confortable and Stylish gaming it emits the colorful Led light which makes it more attractive. Also, it is a very lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjustable Gaming headset.

This earphone is very flexible it is made of malleable Materials and gives a good build quality.

It has powerful and well-optimized 50 mm of neodymium sound driver which gives you the more enhance sound quality than the normal drivers and makes you isolates from the surrounding noise.

It is totally adjustable and foldable, you can adjust it according to your head size.

It comes with the inline controller through which you can control your sound volume with very ease, and also you can mute its mic. Its mic has also Active noise cancellation features.

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


  • Powerful and optimized 50 mm of sound driver.
  • Active Noise cancellation.
  • Comfortable and totally adjustable according to you.
  • Best under Bdget.


  • Not metal Body Design, But good and flexible body.

Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Gaming Headphone

Boat rockerz Gaming Headphone

Top Features Of Boat Rockerz Gaming Headphone

  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphone.
  • Super sonic Bass.
  • Very comfortable Build materials.
  • Battery backup upto 10 hours.
  • Aux cable support.
  • Lightweight Dedign.
  • Weight 230 g.

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Detailed Review of Boat rockerz Gaming Headphone

Boat rockerz 510 is one of the best Gaming headphones under 3000, It offers you the wireless connection, and also gives you Aux cable support so you can use it with wire or wirelessly as you feels perfect.

Boat rockerz 510 has a good 50 mm Sound driver which offers best sound Quality wih super sonic Bass. You can use it for gaming or for daily work also.

With its Bluetooth version 4.1 It gives you good range of connection of about 12 metre, and also faster connection.

It has large battery which gives you battery backup of 10 hours and also you can use it with aux cable after the battery gets Discharge.

It has multi functional control on its ear cups from which you can play/ pause , move forward, attend your call very easily.

It is also compatible with Smart assistant like Google assistant, Siri or alexa.

The Best Gaming Headphones Under 5000


  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphone.
  • Good Sound quality.
  • Easily controllable.
  • Very comfortable and Light weight.
  • Up to 10 hours of Battery backup.


  • Neck bands are not flexible.
  • No fast charging option.

Final Conclusion on Best Gaming Headphone under 5000.

So guys these are the top 6 Best Gaming headphone under 5000. So never think that these are always be the Best, We will definitely make this list updated with the new launches so that you will get all the Latest and top trending Gaming Devices.

Now, After reading this Article of Best Gaming Headphones under 5000, I am damm sure that you will decide your favourite one. for your easiness there is also a link from ehich you will get all the details about these Gaming headsets from Amazon And if you like it you can also buy it from there.

If you are a pro gamers or wanted to become pro gamers hen you can also see our post on Best gaming mouse, just buy the some best and perfect gaming devices and starts your Gaming career Now. Many research has proved that in that upcomig time Gaming has good scope in India.

So that’s It from us Now, And i hope that you have enjoyed this article and got the good knowledge about the Best gaming headphone under 5000. but if you have any query then you can definitely ask from us by commenting down Below. We will surely help you.

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