Best Trimmers in India 2021

Best Trimmers in India 2021

We brought another guide on your lifestyle needs. This is something most sought for men in this lockdown phase. Yes! the Concern of Growing beard to trim it. Local Shops of Barber are closed what to do in that case? Right? No worry here in this post we have to make sure to list some of the best trimmers that you can buy in India in 2021

Ideally trimmer are used for beards but they can also be used to trim your hairs as well yes! We will add them in this post itself some of the trimmer which you can use for hair cutting at home.

Best Wireless Trimmers in 2021

Clean shaves may come and go but stubble lasts forever. If you are a city guy with an office job and need to shave every day and too lazy to attempt a clean shave every morning. And you are in hunting for a best wireless trimmer and ready to invest for the dedicated trimmer.

Here we introduce you ten trimmers after having a complete review and testing on the gadgets.

The male grooming market is been awash with innovative gadgets such as shavers and it is been difficult to select one. The trimmers introduced to you below are of excellent rating and with great options which makes your money worth.

List of Best wireless Trimmers in 2021

Product nameFeaturePrice
Braun Series 9-9095cc2.6 poundsCheck Price
Braun Series 7 790cc1.95 poundsCheck Price
Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5.44 poundsCheck Price
Philips Norelco Shaver S5370 1.05 poundsCheck Price
Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3 3-Blade1.2 poundsCheck Price
Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4.44 poundsCheck Price
Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s6 poundsCheck Price
Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star.50 poundsCheck Price
Philips Norelco 1150X/46Shaver 61001.2 poundsCheck Price
Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3.737 poundsCheck Price

1. Braun Series 9-9095cc

If you are expecting the best shaving experience, you will want to try the Braun series 9-9095cc. Braun has the distinction of being “the world’s number 1 foil shaver brand”. Brons is one of the efficient and comfortable shavers for skin (proven on 3 days beard).

It has an Intelligent SyncroSonic technology, the synergy of 4 specialized cutting elements and Intelligent Sonic Technology with 40,000 cross-cutting actions powered by sonic micro-vibrations to remove more hair than any other shaver.

It has Direct and Cut Trimmer aligns and cuts hair growing in different directions(HyperLift and Cut Trimmer lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs from problem areas like the neck and chin area).it is designed to capture the different type of hairs. It includes Quadruple action cutting system which enables maximum facial adaptability.

It uses opti fuel to perfect closeness that lasts longer. It owns World’s only 5-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge, Hygienically cleans, changes lubricates, selects cleaning program and dries at the touch of a button. It only requires 1 hour to full charge and it can be used for about 50 minutes. It is installed with a LED battery display for battery status it also had a hygiene indication plus travel lock indicator.

The company provides a 2-year warranty for the product.

The shaver is installed with a pivoting head and flexible cutting element is mounted on the pivoting head. The micromotion combined with macro motion provides more skin contact, it makes sure maximum face adaptability and makes sure the most thorough results.

The Braun series 9 is 100 percent waterproof. It can be submerged in water up to 5 meters is fully washable and it can be used during a shower for a refreshing shaving also guarantee the safety to use in the shower with foam or gel to give you a moisturizing experience without the slightest compromise in performance.

The shaver itself measures 6.1 x 2.7 x 8.7 inches and had a weight of 2.6 pounds. Lithium-ion batteries are used in the shaver and they come with full warranty.

The Broun series 9 cost around $260.Comparing with other shavers the cost is bit high because this is for those who want the best shavers in the market(it must be remembered that half the money is for cleaning and charging station, also the features included)

Different trimmers installed in the same provides different uses

  • Hyperlift and cut trimmer are used to cut flat laying hair(they usually lift the hair and cut it).
  • Direct and cut trimmer are used to capture the hair growing in the different direction.
  • Optional provides super closeness that lasts longer(it is one of the best foil structure)
  • Sonic technology in Braun with 10000 micro vibrations per minute read your face and adapt your beard

Braun clean and renew part of 4 is available at cost around $25.One cleaning cartridge can last about 1 month. Since they are sold in the pack of 4 we must need to replace it in every 4 months.

  • Extra features which strike the product are
  • multi-head lock precise shave with five adjustable angles.
  • precision trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn shaping.
  • hygienic and travel lock indicator on the led display.
  • rechargeable.
  • 5-minute quick charge for one shave.
  • productive travel pouch available with the product.
comfortable to us.It has an intelligent synchronizing technology.quadruple action gives a very close shave.Worlds only 5 action clean and charge station.The cost is comparing with other products.blade get fade fast.replacement foil head is not the same quality as the original.

2. Braun Series 7 790cc

If you’re willing to spend more money on an exceptional shaving experience, the Braun Series 7 790 may just be what you’ve been hoping for. Braun is a well-respected electronics and personal product maker. It launched with innovative Sonic and AutoSense Technology.

braun 7 790 is a smart shaver that can read and adapt your beard more effectively. The shaver contain 4 synchronized shaving elements, they help you to shave at in one stroke while others do it in two(proved on three-day beard in ipi research institute).

The sonic technology used in shaver helps to capture even hard to catch hair, using 10,000 micro vibrations. ActiveLift trimmer captures flat-lying hairs in problem sensing motor used in shaver helps to shave in dense beard condition with ideal efficiency.

The 5 turbo/sensitive modes given in shaver help to adjust the shaver for extra power or gentleness at the push of a button given.

The Braun Pulsonic has been called as the “worlds no.1 shaver brand “by leading market research institute. They guarantee you a shaving result combining both closeness and skin comfort.

4 unique shaving elements

The shaver is installed with three cutting elements and 1 protective element. Each element is specialized for the different types of hair. It even helps to cut the fallen hair and also protect the skin at the same time. Fewer stroke and less irritation is the special feature that the company provides you.

The 4 elements include

  • 2 optifuel at either end used to perfect closeness and lasts longer
  • Active lift trimmer helps to capture fallen hairs.
  • a protective skin guard smoothens the skin for exceptional shaving.

Sonic and auto-sense technology
The shaver is installed with adaptive shaving motor help to capture more hair in every stroke, even on dense also provides 10,000 micro-vibrations.

8-D Contour Adaptation
It has an eight-dimensional flexible shaver head help to shave at problematic contour. It has individually floating foils and trimmer that is mounted on the pivoting head with Micro- and macro motion. It provides a skin contact as close as 0.05mm.

5 Turbo-/Sensitive-Modes
The push button given on shaver provides 5 personalize shaving modes for extra power and gentleness.

Precision Head
The precision head allows you to reach any areas of your face(even the smallest area under your nose and hardest on your neck).

Shver is 100% waterproof so you can clean it with running water. It can be submerged in up to 5 meters deep in water. It can be used with water, foam, gel or even under the shower for a better experience.

Clean & Charge
They provide you 4-action alcohol-based Clean & Charge station that helps you to lubricate the shaver automatically and also help to charges your shaver.

7 790 provides a fifty minutes cordless shaving. The shaver is provided with a lithium-ion battery that never loses the performance and fully recharges in one hour. A premium display is provided at the front that helps to indicate remaining battery time with 3 different steps. The shaver includes the feature of 5-minute quick charge that is more than enough to use it once.

the dimension of the shaver is 10.1 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches and has a weight of 2 pounds.

Give very close shaving.waterproof.It is quiet compared to other shavers.It has a muscular and attractive shape.It has a high price.It cannot be replaced.

3. Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5

Panasonic has a great line of personal care stuff, Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 is a codeless rechargeable shaver offer a close, comfortable shaving experience. It is one of the most advanced men’s electric shavers that include the features like five precision-honed, ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic Nanotech blades, a high-efficiency 14,000 CPM linear-drive men razor motor, Arc 5 Multi-Flex quick-pivoting shaving head and active shaving sensor.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 include a 5-blade shaving system with precision-honed 30° blades that gives an outstanding closeness dimension of 65 mm height, 28 mm width and 21 mm length. The shaver is installed with a Power Source AC 100-240V (Automatic International Dual Voltage Conversion).

The shaver comes with a hyper performance linear motor which is one of the fastest and most powerful one in the category of motors. The hp motor delivers 14000 cuts per minute that it comes across 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute using 5 blades that give you fast and efficient shaving. The ARC-5 consist of shaving sensor that monitors the difference in beard density and automatically adjusts the cutting power of a shaver provides a great shaving experience.

The Multi-Flex pivoting head of the shaver enables electric razor to glide over the face, chin, neck, and jaw smoothly. the foil of the shaver gently conforms to facial contours for best shaver comfort.

The ARC 5 provides automatic a premium automatic cleaning and charging station. You can clean dry and charge the shaver with a touch of a button, that makes the machine clean and fresh for next use.

The shaver consists of a pop-up trimmer that provides a quick sideburn of beard and mustache. It can be used in both wet and dry condition so that you can use it while your shower(for more comfortable shave you can use gel, foam and other types of soap and cleansers.

The shaver has a musculin shape that fit in our hand with maximum comfort and gives us more control while shaving. It is easy to grip in your hand so that you can’t easily drop it while in a shower and damage it. It promises better shave that all the other Panasonic shavers.

The ARC-5 consists of a 10 stage LCD display at the front and it shows different shaver functions.

5blade system
panasonic says that the award-winning 5 blade shaving system with precision blades (angled at 30 degrees) will deliver outstanding closeness and comfort. The electric shaver consist of a large head and 5 rows of the blade. It is the first electric shaver come with 5 blade system. blades used are ultra sharp and ultra-thin nanotech blades.

The blades are horned and forged to 30 degrees to give a cut of more cleanly and efficiently at the roots.

Active Shaving Sensor
active shaving sensor help to monitor the facial hair density and adjust the power. It accelerates the blade where the blade is thick and softens where it is not.

Male Grooming Performance
It consists of a Multi-Flex pivoting head and multi-fit outer foil to glide, fix and pivot along contours of the face, jaw chin etc. smoothly in any direction.

Flexible Micro-Foil Patterns
It consists of three flexible foils that capture, hold and cut different types of hair that make up your beard. The lift-tech foil used gives a reverse-tapered edge to raise the fallen hair for cutting. The slit blade foil grabs and cuts the long hair grown in opposite direction. The finishing foil finishes shave and capture thick and stubborn hair to ensure a smooth even result.

Linear Electric Razor Motor
The ARC5 consist of an hp linear motor of 14000 cycles per minute. That provides a fast and efficient shaving. The Panasonic also ensure peak performance throughout its battery life. Comparing with 10000 CPM shaver it works 1.5 times faster than it with twice the cutting force.

Wet and Dry condition
The shaver provides the feature of using it in both wet and dry condition. If we hurry and have no time we can even use them while our shower.

Automatic Cleaning and Charging Station
The shaver comes with an automatic clean and charge station. It is easy to use, you place the shaver head down into the cleaning unit and press the button it will clean and dry and then charge it up for the next use.

Ideal for Male Grooming
Since the shaver is waterproof it is perfect for travel with universal voltage, it comes with a travel safety lock and travel pouch. panasonic also provides an AC adaptor.

5 blade system gives you fast and efficient shavecheaper than Braun serieswaterproofa powerful motor is usedit has shorter running timeit has noise than Braunit causes irritation to men with sensitive skin

4. Philips Norelco Shaver S5370 

Norelco Electric Shaver S5370 also belong to personal care products made by the Consumer Lifestyle division of Philips. Norelco S5370  is installed with turbo powered shave technology. The turbo technology used help to shave fast through dense parts of the beard with ten percentage extra power.

Norelco S5370 belongs to the aqua touch family of Philip trimmers. The aqua touch technology enables you to use the trimmer in both wet and dry condition, thus you get a refreshment wet shave. The product also contains a smart clean system gives ten times better wash. It also has LED display with 3-level battery indicator.

The shaving head provided have the ability to move in five different directions, that the shaver ensures you closer skin contact for a faster and closer shave. Norelco is provided with multiprecision blades that can raise and cut even the small hairs. Facilities provided by the shaver helps to shave even on the neck and jawline. The smart shaver always keeps your new.
The box includes Shaver S5370 , SmartClick Precision trimmer, SmartClean system, power cord and travel case.

While activating the turbo mode application given by Phili you will experience a shave even faster through dense parts of the beard even 10 percentage extra power.

The multiprecision blades installed in the shaver gives you a much better shaving experience and they provide you fast and close shave. The multi-precision blade raises and cuts the fallen hair. The smart movement of head and efficiency of blades helps to trim the remaining stubble in just a few strokes.

Five direction flux head
The head inbuilt has a 5 directional moving system which moves the head independently in five directions to ensure skin contact. the system gives you a faster and closer shaving experience.

Aquatic wet and dry
The aquatic seal provided on the shaver makes it 100 percent waterproof. You can use it in the shower with your favorite shaving gel or foam for extra skin protection. You can also have your shave naturally in dry condition. After the shave, you can simply pop the head open and rinse under the tap to clean your shaver easily.

smart click
After the trimming to finish your look they provide you a skin-friendly precision trimmer. The skin-friendly precision trimmer is used to maintain your mustache and trim your sideburn.

One hour charging
The shaver consists of a lithium-ion battery. It takes only one hour to get fully charged and it can be used for 45 minutes that’s about 15 shaves. If you are busy and the shaver is not having charge don’t worry it will only take 5 minutes to have quick charge by which you can have one shave.

Lift and cut
The dual-blade Super Lift and Cut Action provide you closer cut. The first blade is used to raise the fallen hair and the second blade is used to cut the raised hair comfortably and this gives you a smooth result.

Smart clean
The smart clean system consists of ultra-convenient cleaning cartridge system. The dual filter and smart clean effectively cleans hair, foam, and gel and maintain the excellent performance of the shaver. The alcoholic free, skin friendly formula used in shaver guarantee you a fresh and hygienic shaving. One cartridge guarantees you 2 months of convenient cleaning and cares for your shaver.

Turbo mode give 10% more powermulti-precision blade system5 direction flex headled indicatorswaterproofless battery life compared to other trimmerscannot be used when plugged inMultiple strokes required in the same area.

5. Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3 3-Blade

Panasonic has introduced their shaver with Japanese blade technology. The shaver gives a close and comfortable shave with its blade of extraordinary strength and performance. The Japanese blade technology is famous for its strength, sharpness, and precision.

multi-blade shaver machine precision of Panasonic arc3 combines pure shaving power with the gentle comfort and convenience. The floating 3 blade system in the shaver gives you quick and smooth shaving experience.3d multi-flex pivoting head of the shaver glides smoothly over the face, chin, jaw, and neck.

The shaver is installed with hypoallergenic stainless steel blades that give you a clean hygienic shave. The blade is installed at an acute angle of 30 degrees which help to give a close cut. The pop-up trimmer engages on the cordless shaver to cut stray hairs and to detail sideburn and mustache. The linear motor drive system with 13000 CPM speed the thugging and pulling that can occur with slower shaving machine.

The shaver maintains its peak charge right up to end of the charge. The shaver can be used in both wet and dry condition, it is 100 % waterproof. Arc 3 can be used while your shave for the more fresh experience. The box includes ES-LT3N-S Arc3 Electric Razor Wet Dry, AC Adaptor for Rechargeable Shaver, Travel Pouch for the Rechargeable Shaver.

Arc 3 blade system
The Arc blade technology introduced by Panasonic makes the trimmer unique. three blade system maintain a pure shave velocity along with multi-blade precision to have a cut gently and perfectly along the face. The blades used by the system is ultra nanotech blades which are forged from premium stainless steel. Each blade is honed to a 30-degree acute angle for outstanding durability and comfort.

30-degree blades
The Panasonic arc 3 is installed with stainless steel blades. Advancing the Japanese art of crafting exceptionally sharp and durable swords, Panasonic has applied state of the art blade technology to the Panasonic arc3 series shaver. The blades used are nanotech blades and they are also hypoallergenic that give you a close cut without any irritation for sensitive skin.

The shaver includes a 13000cpm linear motor. The quiet liner high-speed motor delivers the power you need for fast, effective shaving. Until the end of each battery charge, the shaver will maintain its speed without any compromise.

Ultra-thin foil system
three contoured, microthin hypoallergenic foil used in the shaver hold and cut all type of the hair that makes your beard and give you a close and comfortable shave. Long hair grown in opposite direction is grabbed and cut by the quick comb blades used. The ultra-thin foil helps to cut thin hair and give you a clean, even result.

Shave sensor
advanced shaving sensor installed in shaver automatically identify the difference in density of beard along cheek, jaw, and neck. The power of the shaver is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the beard.

3d multiflex head
The muli flex head of the shaver will glide over the cheek, neck and face effortlessly. the head has the ability to move up and down, side-to-side, back and forth so that it can trave the contour of your face, neck, and jaw and give you a comfortable close shave.

Pop up trimmer
After your shave, you can have a perfect finish by ultra sharp 45-degree blade pop up shaver trimmer. It also helps you to detail of sideburn, and beard.

The shaver is also installed with sure grip shaver. The grip helps you to hold the trimer in your hands without slipping from your hands while you are shaving during your shower. The shape of a trimmer is such that you can hold it in both hands comfortably.

LED indicators
LED indicators are provided at the front make you easy to read the functions like battery power level, recharging status, travel lock on/off and more.

3d multi-flex pivoting head give you a clean shave100% waterproof so you can use it both wet and dry conditionhigh-speed linear motorLED indicatorstravel pouch includedLess battery life compared to other shavers

6. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4

One of the most important parts of man’s grooming routine is smooth, clean shave and Panasonic introduce you ES-LA63-S Arc4 To Frustrated Shavers. Panasonic ES ARC 4 is an electric razor with 4 blades and a dual motor shaving system.

The shaver includes blades honed thirty degrees and the blades used are nanotech blades which give maximum durability and sharpness. The shaver also includes a powerful hyper performance dual motor with 14000 CPM, thus it gives 56000 cross-cutting actions per minute by the 4 blades.

A second motor is provided for the shaver head to move up and down which help to lift and hold hair for a smooth, efficient shave. As the previous model arc3, the arc4 is also installed with a multi-flex pivoting head that helps the shaver to glide smoothly along the individual contour of the face, chin, and jaw.

You will also experience a comfortable shaving experience by the multi-fit arc foil installed in the shaver.

The built-in pop-up trimmer in Panasonic shaver details sideburn and mustache. The shaver is 100% waterproof and so it can be used in both wet and dry conditions that you can have quick comfortable shave during your shower. Per full charge approximately 14 shaves and also provide quick shave property that 3-minute charge give you one shave. The shaver is installed with a 1o stage LCD in the shaving machine handle to easy check of power status.

The LCD display also includes charge indicators, cleaning and replacement remainder for blades. It took 1 hour to get the full charge.

Panasonic arc shave
The Panasonic arc 4 consist of micro-thin stainless steel foil. It helps to capture, lift and fold the long hair. The 4 sharp 30 degree honed blades help to cut the hair smoothly on the base for a close shave. It reduces the shaving time and gives a comfort and thorough high-performance shaving. The shaver can also be used by the peoples with sensitive skin because it is installed with hypoallergenic blade and foil.

Multiflex pivoting head
The shaver is installed with multiflex pivoting head which ensures smooth uniform motion along contours of our face. A precision trimmer is also included in shaver to give sideburn and mustache the perfect finish.

Multi-fit arc blades
The head of the shaver is designed in such a manner that it can have circular motion. The head of the shaver is gently curved help it to move easily over the chin and jawline.

Nanotech blades
The Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 has nanotech blades that are honed at 30 degrees that help to cut effectively and smoothly through the roots. The blades are also hypoallergenic that is giving you a clean shave.

Wet-dry electric shaver
Panasonic arc 4 can be used in both wet and dry condition. If you are so busy and no time to waste here arc4 is ready when you are. You can have a fresh shave during your shower with gel or foam you prefer.arc4 assures you 100% waterproof guarantee.

High-performance motor
Panasonic is installed with a quiet high-performance motor which gives you quick comfort shave. The shaver is installed to give 14000 cycles per minute. They also assure you full power performance up to the end of the battery. Comparing the arc 4 with the 10000rpm motor it will work at 1.5 times faster. The slit foil used in arc4 help to capture long hair.

Peak performance
The Panasonic arc4 will maintain the high performance until the end of the charge. It also gives a smooth and clean shave. Its function includes universal voltage converter and a travel lock.

gives you close shaveinstalled with LCD displayIt is 100 % waterproofit is much easy to cleanIt consists of the heavy shaving headIt has pricey foils & blades

7. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Men’s

If you are in search of valuable shaver with a good brand name you should go for Panasonic ES8103S Arc3.Panasonic ar3 is installed with three ultra-sharp nanotech blades and ultra-thin arc foil which helps to effortless movement of the head through facial contour for both quick and comfortable shave.

Panasonic arc3 men’s shaver has a flexible pivoting head which can follow the facial contour of the face, chin, neck, and jaw. The Panasonic trimmer makes use of high-performance linear motor drive which can give 13000 cuts per minute. The shaver also maintains the peak power up to the end of the battery charge and also give you close and even shaving.

The arc3 also contain pop up trimmer that helps to detail mustache, beard, and sideburn. The shaver is 100% waterproof and can be used in both wet and dry condition. The 10 stage LCD given at the front of the shaver gives the details of the battery charge. The sonic vibration cleaning mode in the shaver helps to remove the stubbles inside the blades.

The trimmer can also be cleaned under running water. The trimmer took approximately one hour to get a full charge.

Pivoting head
The flexible pivoting head used in the Panasonic arc 3 provide up and down movement along with side to side movement which helps the pivoting head to move along the contour of the face effortlessly and give you smooth and comfortable shave.

Stainless steel
The trimmer is installed with nano polished blade which is honed at 30 degrees that give a cut at the base of the hair for outstanding precision. The blade used in the trimmer is hypoallergenic and so it can be used by those people having sensitive skin.

Linear motor drive
The trimmer is having a linear motor drive which can deliver about 13000 cuts per minute and so you can have a fast and close shave. The shaver also eliminates pulling, tugging, and irritation.

Multi-fit blade
The Panasonic arc3 electric shaver for men is installed with three independently floating blades. The floating blades can move smoothly through the contour of your face, chin, and neck.

Pop up trimmer
The pop-up trimmer in the shaver is mainly used for grooming your face mustache and sideburn. This gives you a perfect trim.

Wet-dry shaver
The Panasonic arc3 men’s electronic shaver is 100% waterproof. The arc 3 can be used in both wet an dry condition. and thus it gives you comfortable trim.

LCD display
LCD display shows you 10 stage battery meter and cleaning reminder. the LCD display also shows you the charge of the battery and the mode of the trimmer.

After removing the foil from the arc 3 turn on the turbo mode to rinse clean and renew the blades under the running water for best cleaning. Sonic waves are produced by the shaver when the sonic mode is on which gives you extra cleaning power.

The shaver is having a flexible head which gives you perfect shaveThe trimmer is 100% waterproof and so it can be used in both wet and dry conditionNanotech blades used in the trimmer provide you a close shaveThe battery life of the trimmer is less compared to the similar trimmers of other companies

8. Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star

Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star introduce you a quite durable trimmer. The trimmer is also made of the strong casing for those who travel along with their equipment. The trimmer also includes a number of features that help you to give different modes of cut. The features installed in the trimmer helps shave your face, chin, neck etc more comfortably.

The trimmer is perfect for shaping sideburn, mustache. The trimmer can be used for any type of the hair. It works smoothly for both thick and fine hair.

The shaver provides you with a safe and comfortable cutting. The trimmer is usually not used for both shaving and trimming long hair. The trimmer has made to trim 3-day stubble and gives a perfect result. The trimmer has become the trending section because of it outnumber the cons by its pros.

For a better experience, you can use the trimmer when your hair and face is wet. You will experience less irritation if you wash the area with good soap before you trim. Usually, people like to shave twice just to get rid of the stray hairs that get left behind.

Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Series Shaver Shaper is not able to have you a clean shave in one trim. For better experience shave against the grain for the first time and along the grain in the second time.

The charger is been provided inside the box of the Wahl professional 5-star shaver. The main advantage of the shaver is that it can be used while you are charging. The company provides you with a one-year guarantee. Using the device correctly give you a better experience and also provide a superior shave compared to other devices.

The trimmer will work faster and more accurately compared to other products which are now in the market. The trimmer gives you a better experience and less irritation. You should not run with it while trimming the difficulty area.

The results were faster and more accurate as well, at least when compared to the other products like it on the market. Cutting and shaping caused minimal irritation, especially when the user refrained from rubbing with it while shaving difficult areas.

You should also remember to replace the foil on the head of the device after a while. The replacement parts only cost $20 which can be affordable for you. The Whal gives you full guarantee for the device so that defective parts are replaced at no charge.

The trimmer is light in weight so that it can be used more easily.It weighs only half pound which too low compared to the power it produces.The trimmer is cordless and can be used more comfortably and also provide you with more options.The trimmer is installed with the small cell but gives you can use the trimmer for a longer time.The trimmer makes us of hypoallergenic foil over the top of the blade and that gives you less friction and irritation.The ergonomic design used in the shaver gives you a superior result while shaving.The trimmer seems to be costly compared to other trimmers off the same features.The battery life provided is less compared to the other trimmers on the marketEven though it can be used while charging, it is having a short wire and so it feels difficult.

9. Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

The Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 (formally called as sensotouch 2D)can be your shaver of choice if you want a hassle-free razor that gives you smooth finishes but also rechargeable. The aquatic technology provides you with the soft touch technology that delivers you a smooth shave.

The company assures you a complete waterproof technology. The shaver is designed to handle the contours of your face and also give extra skin protection. The Gyroflex 2d technology used in the shaver helps to adjust easily through the curves of your face and minimize the pressure and irritation.

The dual precision head is equipped with slots which can shave both long hair and shortest stubble, this gives you a close shave that is easy on the skin.

Shaving Performance
If you need a smooth and effective shaving experience you should give Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 a try especially in a wet mode. The shaver can be used both in wet and dry condition. Other than wet and dry functionality, the shaver enables you a shave with water, gel, and foam.

The shaver is installed with a lithium-ion battery, that provides at least 40 minutes of a shave. the shaver also provides a quick charge system that enables sufficient energy for a cordless shave.

The shaver gives a closer shave by the Skin Glide shaving surface provided. The Skin Glide shaving surface enables the head to move smoothly over the face and neck. The precision trimming system used in the shaver has the ability to trim sideburns and mustache.

The packet of the shaver includes the shaver, the charging stand, trimmer head, power, brush and protective cap.

The sensor touch 2D has an aesthetic design. The shaver has a futuristic head and a curved body. The front of the shaver is blue in color. The shaver has a slim and curved shape that helps you to hold it easily and use comfortably. The rubber grip provided at the engine gives you firm holding.

The front of the shaver is installed with three indicators( 1)low charge 2)charging 3)control lock status ), it also has a single power on button. The control lock button is provided to disable the power button or otherwise, there will chance of getting power on accidentally during travel. The saver can be kept down only by its side never by front or back due to its shape.

Using the shaver along with soap or gel is a little bit tricky it can slip from our hands can be burdensome. The dropping of the shaver can be avoided with the help of the blue plastic casing that has rubber ridges along the edges.


The box includes an electric shaver, a cleaning brush, a power code, a travel pouch and a charging station. The shaver has a weight of 1.2 pounds. The Beard. trimmer and sense touch technology are another two accessories available with the shaver that gives you a smooth and efficient shaving.

Even the company provides both facilities with their other shavers, buying the Norelco 6100 will help you save money because they don’t provide you unnecessary items that you don’t need.

Norelco 6100 is a cordless shaver. The battery can be charged or portable. An hour of charging guarantee you of at least 40 minutes of use. The Norelco 6100 has a special feature of three-minute charging (when you are busy and you need to have a shave this feature helps you to shave).

The shaver includes the indicators to show your battery is running low, the shaver is also a portable one. The indicator also a low battery alert before the battery gets fully drained. You can clean the shaver easily by running them underwater. Crannies can be cleaned using the integral brush provided with them. The shaver can be disassembled so that you can shave every blade.

Technologies provided
The shaver provides you a smooth and effective shaving. The Norelco consist of lift and cut technology that helps to lift the flat hair and cut them off. The blades of the shaver snip of the hair and so there will be no discomfort or irritation.GyroFlex 2D superior technology helps the shaver move along the facial contours, flexing and they move through the skin without any friction.

fast chargingit has a soft case so that easier to chargesmoother operationcan be used in the wet and dry conditionless battery time compared to other modelsyou have to attach the trimmer manually

10. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3

Braun is a German brand offers you high-performance hair removal and hair care product. ProSkin 3040s Men’s Electric Razor is an iconic product of Braun series. The Braun series is a globally recognized brand and always try to bring out innovative ideas in their product.

The proskin rechargeable electric foil shaver you a comfortable and faster shaving. The proskin 3040 is having the micro comb technology that helps to capture more hair and gives you faster shave compared to other products. The trimmer is also having other functions such as triple action cutting system, 2x SensoFoil, Middle trimmer.

The pro skin 3040 is 100% waterproof and so you can use the Series 3 ProSkin with water, foam or gel for better gliding and a smoother skin feeling. The trimmer is installed with nickel metal hybrid battery.

Triple action cutting system
Brauns advanced triple action cutting system contains 3 individual cutting elements work simultaneously. It cut both short and long hairs easily.
It gives you an outstanding closer shave in fewer stroke. The senso foil in the trimmer gives safety from the ultra sharp blades

Micro comb technology
The micro comb technology used in pro skin 3040 helps to capture more hair from the first stroke and gives you a faster shave with great skin comfort. They also assure a closer shave.

Sensitive blades
The Braun series 3,proskin 3040 men’s electric shave use pressure sensitive blades which automatically retract can protect your skin.

The proskin 3040 men’s shavers are having a brilliant design. The head of the trimmer is designed with small size and thin so that it can be moved through difficult areas such as under the nose.

Wet or dry shave
The Braun series pro skin men’s shaver is 100 percentage waterproof. The trimmer can be used in both wet and dry condition. You can shave while you are taking a shower and you can shave using foam, gel or water what you prefer. The trimmers are waterproof up to 5 meters. You can have an easy and hygienic cleaning just by keeping it under the running water.

Premium battery
The trimmer is installed with nickel metal hybrid battery which is rechargeable. It only takes one hour to get fully charged and it can be used for 45 minutes. The trimmer is also having a quick five-minute charging facility which gives you one shave. The trimmer is installed with the led display at the front. The led display notifies battery charge of your shaver.

The advanced triple action cutting system give you a gentle and close shaveThe micro comb technology used in the trimmer gives you a perfect shave.Pressure sensitive blades is been used and so it can be used by peoples having sensitive skinThe trimmer is hundred percentage waterproof and so it can be used in both wet and dry conditionLED display gives you information about battery levelThe battery life of the trimmer is low compared to the other similar trimmers

These are best trimmer in India you can get in 2021

Which is the best beard trimmer to buy in India?

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15,Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair

Which is better Braun or Philips trimmer?

The Braun BT3040 beard trimmer features two AAA nickel-metal hydride re-chargeable batteries that required 8 hours of charge time for 60 minutes of use. … In listening to the hum of these devices side by side, it’s clear that the Philips Norelco Series 5100 beard trimmer is the stronger contender power-wise.