7 Best Smartphone Buying Tips & Guides of 2021

t Best Smartphone Buying Tips of 2019

As you’re aware, every now and then a new smartphone is getting launched in the Indian market so need to consider some smartphone buying tips. As many are yet to come in coming days. Moreover with the addition of some extra feature in every new cellphone that advent’s make the mob to get a new phone.

Many a times there are situation that we intend buying a new smartphone but not paying heed to our need we tend to buy wrong one and repent for the mistake after buying. Many a times we even think if we’d aware of some buying tips. So If you have decided to buy a new phone taking care of certain things that you can avoid buying the wrong gadget. Today we are going to tell you some special yet best smartphone buying tips

Get Best Smartphone Buying Tips of 2021

1. To display the size and quality check:

So, be careful if you want to buy a new smartphone screen sizes to suit your convenience. The phones trends in the Indian market is buying much larger screen size, but often due to excessively large, smartphones are difficult to use with one hand. In addition, they  often just pick up the large-screen phone having poor display-quality. Display quality is particularly dependent on resolution. The higher resolution display quality will be as good.

How To Select resolution:

If you want to buy a low budget smartphone screen quality you can get it. 720 * 1280 pixels in low budget market (HD) resolution of the smartphones that are available. Less HVGA (480×320), VGA (640×480), FWVGA (854×480) resolution, such as phones are popular in the market, but they are low in terms of display quality. If your budget is more full HD (1920 * 1080 pixels resolution) makes the best. The phone can be purchased in the mid-range of full HD large screen and better quality can be better for gaming or watching videos.  

2. The choice of operating system:

Well in the market be it India or Around the World the three major platforms who have placed their feet strong are Android, iOS and Windows Operating System. Furthermore, Cyanogenmod, Firefox and many are available in the market nowadays in smartphones that uses these too. Whereas iOS is just limited to just the iPhone, so if you choose any of the popular OS Android or Windows, then note which version of the smartphone is present.Android and Ios latest version-   The latest version of Android operating system in the Indian market has lollipop that is Android 7.0 +. In addition, talking about the general on the Android operating system for smartphones nougat android are present in the market in almost all the new devices. Before you buy a version of the OS it is obvious to by latest but also find if it will be further upgradegable to coming versions because there are many which don’t get future updates. Ios is also one of the leading yet expensive software and os to run these days.  

3. Processor and RAM:

Before buying a new phone, be sure to choose the processor and RAM configuration. Octa-core processors in the market can be seen in the market today that takes less RAM per processor. In addition,opting for quad-core processor, with less RAM will not do well. So If the processor and RAM will be good that there will be no such problem with the phone to hang. At least 4GB RAM should be there if it’s a quadcore processor while you are planning to a buy a new phone in 2015 ensuring it will not lag or hang. In addition, the quad-core or octa core processor and 2GB of RAM will the right choice too.  

4. Memory:

Buying a new phone, the phone’s memory should be taken care of so as you get the best. You may find many smartphones in the market having 16GB or 32GB of internal memory while they also have memory card slots. So it is essential to choose the right memory variants. Suppose you have a phone with 8GB or 16GB internal memory and the memory card can not be taken. The 8 GB out of which 6.2 GB or less is only available for overall use and in 16GB memory will get reduce to 12.4GB for use to users. So make the right choice when buying the phone memory of the smartphones too. Better go for one whose memory can be expandable with card slot.  

5. Camera:

If we talk about camera than on comparing IPhone’s 8 megapixel rear camera and a smartphone of Micromax having 8 megapixel front camera but the camera quality is arguably better of iPhone. Camera quality doesn’t matter much on how many pixel it has. The camera quality is dependent on the sensor and extra camera features. Sony’s CMOS sensors in the market over the phones are sold. Before buying any phone camera to focus on quality not on quantity. As you might be aware of best camera quality that till now is provided by Nokia and Sony.  

6. Connectivity:

SIM GSM or CDMA and 3G or 4G supports is important to pay attention to these features. Many times after a having Dual SIM phone there may be issue with the network if it is 3G in just a sloh which in second SIM slot its 2G so for some users that will be a problem. Better confirm. In addition, there are issues with micro SIM or Mini SIM slot which should also be looked and checked.   Since in 2019 all the 4g features that too with VOlte support is their now the edge will be in buying those phones in which dual volte is supported.  

7. Battery:

Complexities are increasing features are increasing durability in batter is thus a major thing to be kept in mind. Gone are those days when you use to have a Nokia 1100 phone with long lasting battery for day, nowadays it hard to run a phone a single day. So there is much in need of batteries in smartphones. if you travel over, then  the phone if you select can be having removable battery that could be replaced when the battery turns low or if you have a portable charger for non removalable batter that will do your work. Also, battery with 2800 mAh power would be convenient to buy that has least 7 hours talk time.

KNOW: THE BEST Smartphone OF 2021 under 5000 INR So I guess these were some tips that you shall consider before buying a new phone If you have a budget or want to make the best use of your hard-earned money. Well these were some of the best tips before we suggest anybody to look in a smartphone before buying. These tips work best to get you a value for money gadget. Loved sharing? Do Bookmark Pro News Zone’s Gadget Section for Upcoming mobile deals