Why are news channels more important now than ever?


When you have time in hand, consider conducting this short experience. Ask some millennials whether they watch news on TV or not. The answer would not be surprising since the advent of the internet, the younger populace has been veering towards online content, even when it comes to news. As a result, prominent news channels like ZEE News are going online to reach out to their audience. However, many from the younger populace are steering away from news altogether, citing lack of interest. Considering the rapidly evolving world we live in, there are many reasons why news channels are incredibly important today. In this article, we shall be discussing those reasons in brief. 

Information overload – Too much to choose from

News first began circulating in newspapers, then radio and finally TV came into the picture. But today, the advent of the internet has massively expanded the number of mediums for news. While many from the older generation still prefer newspaper and TV channels, the young generation is getting news from apps, websites, social media and search engines. With such an overwhelming number of options, it can get confusing to keep a tab of relevant news online. Hence, news channels do seem like a good option as the regular news bulletin covers all important topics of the day in a short and systematic manner. 

Rumours spreading like wildfire

Every morning we wake up to find all social media icons ready with notification pings. While some do catch the eye, many of us simply scroll on finding a forwarded message, especially those written as ‘supposed’ news. While social media is built upon the idea of sharing ideas and sentiments, rumours have exploited this facility to flourish. It is not a laughing matter anymore as these rumours can warp people’s minds with needless fear. Hence, when WhatsApp launched its first TV campaign, they chose to tackle this issue head-on. So, always cross-check facts before forwarding any message you receive henceforth. One great source of fact checking is news channels as journalists spend hours fact-checking information to share the correct piece of information with you. 

Too many crucial events occurring to ignore

When online, one usually spends time binging online content or spending time on social media. But then hours pass by doing this activity and it is time to hit the bed by the time you realise. But, in this flood of information, the sound of news that needs to be heard often gets drowned. Like for example, many are aware of Chennai’s water crisis from social media. But how many are aware of the fact that 44% of India is facing a similar crisis today. Some news catches up online because of various trigger factors. But when it comes to news channels, many of them report from the actual location to give you an in-depth picture of the ground reality. Also, the news bulletin is a saving grace even here, as major news from the country and worldwide is explored. 

Hence, news channels may come across as boring to some, they are just as useful and required even today. So whether you watch it on TV or online, news channels surely seem to be here for a while.