Whatsapp Forward Gone wrong.. Threw Lyching..??

Must watch...


In this video you found the problem by whatsapp. Whatsapp is the biggest plateform of our country. Everyone using whtsapp in our country. Whtsapp is the best source for communicate people and share much things.

But in wrong way people misguide by fake massage and propaganda.
We all have to aware from fake whatsapp massage. This type massage make mob Lynching and people gets killed. We all have to stop whatsapp forward other wise we will become killer. Like digital killer.
In this video I m talking about some lynching by whatsapp massages which gone through the death. This type of work very harmful for our country and society. Any simple man/woman can be lynched by people. Hope you understand this. I’m talking about solution too how together we can stop these type massages and make people safe by our awareness.

There are 250 million user in India of whatsapp such a huge population and we are top 1 country in use of whatsapp. In year 2020 we will reach 450 million population. So this is very difficult to stop fake news in this level.
All we can do is awareness. So in this putting my work threw this video. Hope you like this and share this with everyone.
Thank you.