Best 6 Delicious Foods to Eat in the Rainy Season

By feeba Jul 5, 2019 #Food in Rains

Food is one of the things from every person’s life which changes according the cravings. Isn’t it? Food can change your mood; every mood has its own taste. The taste buds like different foods according to the changeable weather which all depends on our moods and we crave for every moment. Monsoon is the perfect time with climate, not too hot and not too cold. The moderate temperature combination with the smell of rain droplets formation with the soil. It gives an immense craving to have something matched with the climate.


Pakora / Bhajiya (Fried snacks)

Pakora / Bhajiya (Fried snacks) Rains
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The most loveable item in monsoon is pakora or bhajiya (fried snacks) which is identified as the food of monsoon. When the cloud pouring down, all you can call for the sizzling hot pakora or Bhajiya, with the taste of chutney and hot chilies along with it. Ah!! That experience makes it all great and joyful along with a chai/Tea which gives the complete feel of monsoon.

Samosa/ Kachori

Samosa-Kachori in Cold Temp

The hot and crunchy item yet again to lighten your mood in the monsoon. The fried pockets along with hot spicy chutney and chilies are enough to give you the experience of out of the world.

Bhutta / Corn

Bhutta-Corn in Rainy Season

Corn / Bhutta is a traditional cooked item which gives you the feel of monsoon, its burnt flavored topped with tangy spices such as lemon juice, red chili powder, salt and pepper which give the combination of sour and sweet taste to the corn. It’s enough to enjoy during the rain its worth experience.

Cutting Chai / Tea

cutting chai in rains

The typical tea or ginger tea, the most craved drink in the monsoon. Its spiced flavored perfectly blend with its taste which improves your mood whether you’re in your house or somewhere outside in the street. This drink beats all the other in monsoon and gives you the feel of comfort.  

Chatpatte Chaat

Chatpatte Chaat in Rainy Season
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All the street food lover is worth knowing the crave of Chaat during rainy season. These spicy snack items are sure to give best experience, from pani puri to bhel puri or chaats all these goes well with the climate.


Soups in Cold Season
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The cold climate gives the best mood to feel comfortable through the hot boiled soup flowing down through your throat which gives the warmth to your body. It’s very healthy for your body in the rainy season to give a perfect experience.

Over to You

I hope that all these items you go through, you already add some of your items in the list to eat in the monsoon. I feel glad to recommend some monsoon foods to enjoy all your cravings in this monsoon.  

By feeba

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